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Taunts hats for tf2
Items (5)
Jackhammer Rodeo
Created by The Winglet
In-game demonstration:

A new controllable looping taunt for the Engineer!

The Winglet: Animator, Texture
XB33: Concept, Model, Backpack icon
Zxo ...
Lazy Lounger
Created by Populus
It's the Sniper's Rancho Relaxo! Including an un-robotized chair, a 50%-off barely used cooler, and hopefully a non-lethal umbrella!


A rancho relaxo style taunt for the Sniper for all his relaxin' and cam...
Taunt: The Facepalm
Created by ToxicWeasel
All class taunt to show your team mates how terribly bad you think their combat skills really are.

(Please note that all voicelines are for example only)...
The Grilled Gunman
Created by Hypo
Who won the most prestigious award of Single Best Killer of 2016? You did! Wait, where's your trophy? I'm sure your competitor wouldn't mind lending his head.

Hypo - all animation, video, promo art, backpack icon

Donhonk ...