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SPARK Launchers Redux
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SPARK Launchers Redux

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Tired of being shot at from beyond LOS by enemies? Now you can deliver the same pain to ADVENT, with Heavy Launchers of your own! (Fits into the utility slot, Metal over Flesh adds this if you don't have another mod that adds a utility slot to SPARKs)

XCOM starts off with the Heavy Smoke Launcher, letting any SPARK equipped with it to fire two rounds of smoke coverage during a firefight.

The Adapted Shoulder Launcher, a combat variant equipped with one round of micro missiles, is available to be built individually after the ADVENT MEC autopsy is completed. 30 Supplies per launcher.

The Heavy Support Launcher, with three rounds, longer range, and the ability to switch between flashbang and smoke rounds on the fly, ASLs are upgraded to this after the ADVENT MEC Autopsy and Advanced Grenades Project have been completed, and are infinite.

The Archer Launcher, the combat variant of the heavy supporter launcher with two rounds and same range, can be built after the ADVENT MEC Autopsy and Plasma Grenade project has been completed. Costs 75 supplies to be built individually.

To Pavonis Interactive, for making the Long War Alien Pack this mod uses assets from.

DerBk, for the ability code I used from A Better Advent 2.

Robojumper, for providing the new UI images and fixing the extended barrels on the tier 2 launchers.

Sebkulu for providing the French localization.
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Oct 13 @ 3:27pm
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Oct 9 @ 11:52am
Warrior of the future.
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daggerrat Oct 30 @ 2:28pm 
Dragon32: Make that I've given up, even after checking the code and verify everything it still doesn't work, I can't freakin win......arrgghh and the worst part is that some of the stuff for the rockets on the mechs are not supported: Beam Cannon Grenada launcher, commanders choice, pocket fix and tactical rigging ammo/grnd all listed as incompatible even know their suppose to be designed for WOTC, no wonder Long War 2 isn't built anything for this expanison its to buggy
Dragon32 Oct 30 @ 11:31am 
Ah, bad luck chap. Loath though I am to suggest it, it sounds like something to report to 2K.
daggerrat Oct 30 @ 5:36am 
Dragon32: I've tryed that now everytime I start on say the 1st mission where you have to save civilans the game crashes just after the video of your troops getting off the skyranger, and this is even after I started a new game without the mods active and after I uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game I can't even finish this damn thing the last time I had it working well I'd defeated 2 of the chosen and then one of my map mods was removed by the designer and bam the game screwed me up. I've even taken a few mods out I'm close to giving up on this game all together!
kouotu Oct 30 @ 4:07am 
"Micro missile" damage increase of "Rainmaker" isn't applied to the ability. Area expansion is applied.
Dragon32 Oct 24 @ 11:43am 
daggerrat Oct 24 @ 5:53am 
Silly question not related to this mod but still curious one of the mods I had was removed by the designer which messed up the game so I've had to restart but now for some reason medikits cost supplies and vipers it used to be just supplies and unlimited until you research battlefield medicine what ini file controls the build requirements for this so I can change it back? also on a note for this mod since I had to start over I'm gonna see if the launchers work now
lordhood117 Oct 22 @ 6:46pm 
@Daggerrat: I would suggest trying to add the Ammo Pocket Fix and Tactical Rigging mods, as that is what I have currently. As for where to put a launcher, those go in utility slots.
daggerrat Oct 21 @ 5:12am 
Lordhood117: Where should the launchers be installed? and could I be having problems because I add the mod in mid-game? also would I need some other mod on top of the highlander mod?
Sunn brO))) Oct 20 @ 11:13pm 
Flashbang launcher doesn't seem to break concealment.
Kyuubicle Oct 20 @ 5:48pm 
Any chance you could add options to add the Utility item slot and Spark utility item restrictions from from Metal Over Flesh into this mod?