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Bear With Me

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100% Achievements Walkthrough - Episode 3
By Hanen
A complete step-by-step spoiler free walkthrough & achievements guide..
This guide contains no spoilers, only main actions walkthrough and achievements guide nothing story related, so everything else is entirely up to you. If you missed or still need to unlock episode 1 and 2 achievements, you can find them in my other guides..
You start the game as Amber. Inspect the following items for a clue to unlock the door mechanism: chalk Sigil, lower and upper boards, take the Umbrella and use it on the painting. The arrow underneath it is randomly generated. Inspect the cardboard.
If you couldn't solve the puzzle follow this order: Southeast, West, East, arrow direction, North.

SAVE YOUR GAME! Start a new game, and start the Door mechanism puzzle straight away, do not take the umberlla. Now that you are familiar with the puzzle, it should be easy to solve it, if not: Southeast, West, East, any other direction except North, North. Retry until you unlock the door.

I'm not sure if you can unlock both achievements at once as I've done them seperately.
Load your save. You're now Ted, pick up the Matches from the ground. Enter Tigren's Lair. Take the candle on the Chalk Sigil and the Glass Slide on the ground. In the backroom, Inspect The voodoo deer, voodoo doll, voodoo chair and Pazuzu.

take the second Glass Slide from the bottom shelf near the voodoo stuff, and the third Glass Slide from under the table. Take Laterna Magicka and put it on the table. Use the candle, Glass slides and matches on the Laterna.

Open your map and go to Westpaw Casino. Talk to Blabbermouth and the officers. Talk to Blabbermouth again and then the officers and choose "I work over at the paper city general". Once more talk to Blabbermouth then the officers and choose "Cardboard Ville"

Back to Amber, take the Fishing hook and Sailing Rope and combine them. Go to the backside, take the Bucket and Zen Rocks. Use bucket on the well, rocks on the bucket, hooked rope on the wine cellar entrance and tie the ropes together then click on the bucket.
Back to Ted. Keep clicking on the duck until you unlock the achievement.

Talk to Sharky and give him your orange juice.
Go to the backside and take Earth Key from broken vase. The Fire key is behind the loose brick in the fireplace. take the fireplace tongs and use them on the fish bowl to get Water Key. Click on the sofa.

Go to the Study. Click on the Zeppelin and take the Air Key. Click on the painting. 4 books will get ejected. You must inspect all of them first then click on them in this order:
Middle right book, Middle left, top, bottom.

Take the key from Reef King. You should now have 5 keys. You can save your game here just in case if you wish as for the next achievement you need exactly 12 clicks.
The Vault Mechanism locks are numbered from top to bottom.
Air key goes in the Lock #1. Water key in lock #2. Earth Key in lock #3. Fire Key in lock #4.
Solution: Lock #1, #4, #2, #3, #2, #3, #1, #4, #3, #1, #2, #4

Take the King's suitcase.

Take the other suitcase and go back to Sharky.
Go to the police station. Go to the interrogation room. Choose these dialogue options:
- "He got you!"
- "Oh snap!"
- "Get me a Nerve-Wreck Double Special"

Go outside and talk to Blabbermouth & Brian. Go to the evidence room. Click on the hat on the top shelf in front of you.

Inspect every item in the evidence room before you pick up CBG's belt.
Items list: Flour bags, mushroom, leather hat, pokeball, bowlingball, nitro crate, buster sword, master sword, rifle, assault knife, handgun, sorting hat, abstract painting, telescope, master sword, gas mask, red shell, knight armor, old clock, boxing gloves and utility belt.

Open the map and go to paper city tunnel. Click on Mugshot Boys. Take level 6 sword.

Go to Paper City Sky scraper. Take Walkie-Talkies from the bad cops. Pick up newspaper on the ground. Walk to the right. Wait for the bad cop to look away and put newspaper on the cannal. Wait for him to look away again and put a walkie-talkie on the newspaper.
Use your knife on the fence. Go forward. Left. Right. Forward. Left.

Take Syringe and Needle. Combine them. Take Vial. Use your knife to open it and combine it with the Syringe. Give it to the doctor.
You have to pick Mugshot boys toy and any other 2.

Next puzzle is a little bit complicated, I'll try to explain the simplest way possible. You have to follow this in order to unlock the achievement, no mistakes!
- Enter second room to the right. Speak to Amber.
- Go back to the first room on the right. Speak to Amber and choose "15D"
- Enter first room to the left. Choose "He had the cutest cat named Dinah"
- Speak to Amber in the hallway and choose "Mr. Morgan?"
- Enter second room on the right and choose "Cinnamon"
- Go to the last room on the right and choose "umm... she passed away"
- Enter Second room on the left and choose "The Long Gone Day?"
- Enter last door on the left and choose "He had a bit of a drinking problem"
- Speak to the other you in the hallway.

Two ending's here. Choose an action then reload and choose the other one to unlock both achievements.

Next achievement is only for players who haven't unlocked it before episode 3 release.

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Intelligent Aug 18 @ 9:21pm 
Thanks for guiding. This game is not so bad.
LoneWolf Aug 4 @ 1:37am 
Great guides. :ss13ok::cybereye:
Thanks for the info.
Tylarion Jun 8 @ 5:56am 
For "It's Not Gonna Rain" you can Save > Pick up umbrella > Check arrow > Load > Do puzzle without having to guess.

For "Voodoo People Puzzle People", "Bookworm" and "Girl Scout" you have to do the correct order on the first try in order to get the achievement as I didn't get them on my first playthrough.
AnorhiDemarche May 3 @ 7:55am 
Thanks for these walkthroughs. I probably would have been stuck on some of the puzzles and acheivements without them!
AnorhiDemarche May 3 @ 7:54am 
hamekei the arrows are in that order. Floor, sign, sgin, arrow on wall behind painting, mechanism.
Hamakei Mar 20 @ 3:21pm 
*stares blankly at the "schematic" on the back of the painting*

Nope. What exactly am I supposed to be looking at here?
StreuneKatze Mar 7 @ 9:22am 
Thank you for all your guides!
Latsk Nov 24, 2017 @ 7:56am 
Also missing the vodoo hat :robocat:
parkerstark Oct 17, 2017 @ 1:25pm 
On the achievement 'Voodoo Jones' you must also inspect the voodoo poster on the wall :)
Helevorn Oct 12, 2017 @ 10:14am 
oh god thanks a lot for your guide!!! i had uninstalled this game for months!! thanks!!!