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Heroes Backstory Comics [SPOILERS]
By Yaroslav1987
In case you didn't already see, there are backstory comics of every hero of Darkest Dungeon. They are published every month and still few of them missing, but still - they're cool and explain heroes genesis, motivations and fears..
Bounty Hunter
Grave Robber
Plague Doctor
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Black Axon YT Nov 28 @ 7:52am 
Thanks for compiling all these together, always wanted to read them all. It's nice how most of them have the Stress/Sanity symbol portrayed around their heads in different ways, really cool.

Graverobber is the first I think, the tree branches in the window of final panel.
Hellion has the marks on the tree bark in the final panel.
Highwayman has the glass in final panel.
Houndmaster has it with the girl strapped up, her contraption is shaped like it around her head.
The doorway Jester stands in at the end.
Leper doesn't really have it? Maybe the gate and portcullis at the end.
No man at arms one that I can see.
Musketeer has the feathers and slight lines above her head in the 2 last panels.
Can't see Occultists
Plague doctor has the blood from her professor at the end.
Shieldbreaker has the broken wheel behind her.
Vestal has the plants growing beside her in last panel.

I guess they are all at the moment the character "breaks". Like when they become afflicted.
Unwilling Participant Nov 22 @ 6:21pm 
NGL the bounty hunter got the only comic that didn't end with him experiencing a loss at all.
BogeyOnTheRoof Nov 7 @ 3:19am 
@Selmevias Because that's how the comic portrays it. Look at it. Look at the colors they use to represent his gradual change, look at the angles he's drawn at. This comic doesn't portrays a man transforming into a righteous hero, fighting the darkness to protect the weak. The comic clearly portrays a man turning into a monster. He doesn't even have a face anymore, he's an armored automaton on a mindless crusade his sword stained with blood not of eldritch abominations but of people. These games don't portray soldiers and war in a good light and the Crusader is no exception.
Selmevias Oct 27 @ 4:35pm 
Or maybe that he got a greater calling in life, something bigger than him, like fighting the many, many eldritch horrors, cultists and extreme injustice in the DD universe, that he cannot stay idle while so many suffer, that he can't have a family and a happy life while monsters still draw breath, that to protect the peace and love that his family enjoys, he have to keep going, whatever he wants it or not is irrelevant, it. must. be. done.
I don't know why everyone seems to assume that being a "Paladin" is somehow bad, that violence and death is bad, violence and death can be righteous, as shown by the Crusader, it's how and why violence and death is done that give it context and purpose.
Illuma Jun 15 @ 12:44pm 
@Donald Trump fan 13 52
I'm assuming he was a normal man or a soldier of some kind, doesn't really matter, but experiencing so much violence and death, he thought he wasn't the man he used to be back when he lived with his family.
Either he's feeling some kind of guilt for killing all of these people that he doesn't think that he can continue a normal life, or he's become so bloodthisty that living with his family turned out to be not what he wanted anymore, so he sought out something else...
FoolishGamer Apr 28 @ 7:14am 
The highwayman always hits different for me.
ZURAZURA Oct 19, 2020 @ 1:48pm 
To answer Quickshooter's question, I believe that the Flagellant's increasing positive attitude towards being beaten up is starting to creep out the drunkard, so much so that he's begging for forgiveness from this clearly unnatural man.
Yaroslav1987  [author] Oct 19, 2020 @ 11:48am 
Lepper was a King or some kind of ruler, but due to diesese he decided to look for a glorious death (also reference to Kingdom of Heaven movie - King Baldwin IV was a leper).

Regarding the Crusader he left his family to join some war, and spent a lifetime there and after that he realized that there is no coming back to his family and he is a different person forced to continue his quest.

That is how I understand this.
Donald trump fan 13 52 Oct 18, 2020 @ 5:03pm 
could someone explain the leper and crusaders backstory? im not that imagitive
Quickshooter Jun 23, 2020 @ 10:00pm 
Bounty Hunter is such a chad
i'm not really sure what was the story behind the Flagellant
his blood is holy or something?