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Flame Viper - WotC
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Flame Viper - WotC

She's back with a few new tricks and a shiny new Inferno Rifle in an updated version of the original!

1 New Enemy: The Flame Viper (comes in 3 types)
1 New Research Project: Flame Viper Autopsy
2 New Ammo Types: Inferno Rounds, Viper Rounds
1 New Armor Vest: Flame Scale Vest

This mod adds a new enemy to the game; the Flame Viper. A fiery variant of the Viper, the Flame Viper breathes fire, tongue grabs, and sets herself ablaze to increase her own combat effectiveness. In addition to that, she carries an Inferno Rifle into battle.

This mod adds its own unique templates and config file entries to the game. It DOES NOT alter/override any base classes or config file entries. As such, it "should not" have compatibility issues with other mods, but Mod collisions can occur even when completely unexpected.

Make the Flame Viper as easy or as brutal as you want. Just about everything is configurable including alternate LoadOuts to remove tongue grab and a flag to enable/disable Seething (default enabled). Changes to suit your own preferences can be found in the following files:


Be sure to make a backup of any changed file in case this Mod gets updated. You'll need to reapply your changes once you've taken the update.

French: Provided by sebkulu

Enable the Flame Viper when you intend to start a new campaign. Enabling it for existing campaigns can result in unintended behavior. If you decide to do so, back up your save files first.

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TerrorDragon Oct 13 @ 9:34am 
You ever think that armour in the viper head and neck are just inplants so they can be kepted under control?
Wolf-Rayet Oct 10 @ 11:11pm 
Ok - Thanks for looking into it. I found a mod to change the armor and vest stats to balance out the items so all is good. I'm playing the game with the difficulty up real high so I need a little help.
Ashlynne_Lee  [author] Oct 10 @ 10:11pm 
@Wolf-Rayet: Hmm, build cost for the Flame Scale Vest is one of the few variables that's not available in the config file so there's no way currently. I do need to post an update to include the French localization files so I can move the supply cost and corpse cost into the config file then. After that it would be a simple edit, using notepad, to the following file:


The variables will be labeled clearly so you just change the numbers.
Ashlynne_Lee  [author] Oct 10 @ 10:00pm 
@Lucian: Yep, I'm working on the Black ICE Codex now! She's got a slightly new look and her abilities are coming along, but there's quite a bit of work left.
Ashlynne_Lee  [author] Oct 10 @ 9:51pm 
@Bdbrown6900: Yes, you have to do the autopsy first. Here's the code requirement for the Inferno Rounds and the Flame Scale Vest:


I can't reproduce your issue. I did some testing and it's working as expected so you may have a conflict in your environment somewhere. I wouldn't know what that is because I don't know your Mod list or config history. You can try the steps under 'Delete the configs and cached shaders folders and Verify Local Cache' and then start a new game.

Wolf-Rayet Oct 10 @ 5:39pm 
Can I ask how to change the build cost of the Flamescale vest? I want to make it more difficult and expensive to make. Great mod, thanks for adding this great content to the game.
Lucian Oct 10 @ 5:39pm 
all at's left should be Black Ice Codex...No?
Bdbrown6900 Oct 10 @ 4:12pm 
I have just started a new campaign and I am seeing the ammo and vest in the buld screens from the start. I need Flam Viper corpese to actually build them, but I thought I would also need to do the autopsy first.
sebkulu Oct 10 @ 11:50am 
@Ashlynne: Yup, they're cool, I like their look, and their style ^^

You're welcome, it's always cool to give some help to happy modders :-p
Ashlynne_Lee  [author] Oct 10 @ 7:26am 
@sebkulu: Awesome! Thank you. I really appreciate the help! Hope you're enjoying the Mod.