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Second Wave: Delta Strike [Standalone]
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Oct 6, 2017 @ 5:32am
Oct 18, 2017 @ 4:35pm
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Second Wave: Delta Strike [Standalone]

Now with Theta Strike too!
For those of us who enjoy the idea of Beta Strike, if not the execution. Delta Strike is a toggleable Second Wave option that increases the durability of the aliens and XCOM alike, but through a mix of armor, shield hp, dodge, and perks instead of just HP like in Beta Strike - and this is all configurable! If you think it's too rough, it's just an .ini edit away to your liking. This will apply changes to any and all aliens, even those added by custom mods such as DerBK's ABA. Theta Strike is Delta Strike except without inflating HP - it'll take vanilla values and straight convert HP into armor/shields.

ATTENTION: For those of you who are using my classless mod, this is already incorporated (and kinda updated, I'll need to test it out more to see if I like my reimplementation better there)!

Because Beta Strike nerfs the vanilla classes disproportionately - Grenadiers feel bad other than as cover destruction since grenades don't scale at all, and ditto with Specialist Protocols. Delta Strike aims to change that - grenades are still super useful, as even though their lethality is greatly decreased, they still have immense shredding potential. And their status effects have new importance - many of them can turn off the defensive abilities granted by this mod > ie. burning turns off things like a new 25% HP regeneration mechanic for Berserkers. Specialist Combat Protocol remains an armor-piercing way of dealing significant damage, as opposed to tickle damage to endgame mechanicals. Ayys aren't just all giant bullet sponges - you can deal with different kinds in actually different ways, as opposed to the tried-and-true shotgun to the face.



Start a new campaign, and be sure to check 'Delta Strike' in Advanced Options or load a midcampaign save into the strategy layer - a prompt should come up that will allow you to enable Delta Strike midcampaign! Then feel free to edit XComSecondWaveDeltaStrike.ini as you see fit - I've left plenty of notes on what each variable does!


No overrides. Compatible with every and all alien mods.
Will attempt to modify XCOM armor stats, if toggled.

You sure can! If you want to deal with 80 HP, 16 armor Sectopods. That sounds a little miserable to me, but I won't discourage you from trying if that sounds like your jam!


These numbers have not been heavily playtested - all of these numbers are my initial theorycrafting. These numbers may not be to your liking at all - feel free to change them and offer feedback on what numbers you think might be better suited for a default setting!
This does not increase mission timers - highly recommend turning on Doubled Mission Timers for now.

Image above is Gatecrasher on Legendary.

UPDATE 10/18 - Added more configs, added Theta Strike
UPDATE 10/11 - Fixed armor issues, added more controls for the Chosen in particular
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bstar Aug 12 @ 10:20am 
In my game, the assassin only has 3 shield hp. The armor values are correct though. Any idea what might cause this?
peef Jun 16 @ 1:45pm 
Does this have compatibility with the Mod Config Menu?
eyeburn101 May 14 @ 8:56am 
To add to my previous comment (1000 character limit)

I've reached *normal* sectopods and they have 11 armour, certainly able to kill them easily but takes planning if you don't have your A team out.

I am playing on veteran difficulty, so seems to be about right in terms of armour, gatekeepers are on equal footing to sectopods.

The viper king and archon king appears to be buggy. Yes they return with their 100 hp and 29 armour (at veteran difficulty, what?) but they come back with different values.

In random missions such as council missions or when you try to block dark events they come with the 100 hp and 29 armour

However, whenever you assault an alien facility, I saw that the viper king had 11 armour instead and 50 hp. Something tells me that these alien rulers are bugged whenever they are encountered outside of an alien facility assault.
eyeburn101 May 13 @ 5:16pm 
And so I started a new campaign with the option "Theta Strike"

Julian's Sectopod at the end of this DLC mission had 50 HP and 29 armour, wait, what? Oh, and on a mission so early in the game that you only have ballistics.

Later on in the campaign the Viper and Archon each had 100 HP and 29 armour. They ran, but when I saw them again they had fully healed themselves.... 100 hp 29 armour again.

The rest of the campaign, however, looks pretty good. I'm up to gatekeepers now with their 11 armour and they are a pain to deal with but you can still kill them in one turn. I have yet to meet a sectopod....

Julian's Sectopod needs tweaking, also the two alien rulers needs tweaking as well... if they just simply carry over their vanilla behavior and not regenerate their hp/armour after escaping...
Type1Ninja May 8 @ 4:29pm 
Yes to Chosen and Alien Rulers; they get shields and armor and possibly extra health. I don't think the Lost are affected.
Starsaver May 8 @ 8:35am 
Like this idea here. Does this affect The Chosen, Alien Rulers, or The Lost?
p6kocka Mar 7 @ 3:24pm 
Could somebody explain me how to edit the mods ini? I want ONLY enhanced xcom soldiers armor and WON'T touch the armor and HP of enemy. How to do that pls
p6kocka Mar 7 @ 2:39pm 
Delete XComGameData_SoldierSkills.ini in modś config
Ghost Feb 26 @ 1:32pm 
i just wanted some sheilds and armor while also having normal health but not to decrease weapon damages and boost high health enemies with armor and sheilds like rulers and sectopods, can anyone help me?
FriendGaru Feb 16 @ 5:25am 
I started a campaign with Delta Strike and really liked it at first. For those early enemies, it struck a really good balance as an alternative to Beta Strike. But around midway through the campaign the enemy armors just started scaling up way too much, especially with the alien rulers. It feels like I need to dedicate my entire team to shredding to have any sort of chance. I didn't mess around with the .ini settings. I like a lot of what the mod is doing, but it definitely needs some tweaking, I think. Things start getting a little goofy when armor is absorbing more than half of an attacks damage.