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[WotC] I'm the Commander here Extension
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Oct 6 @ 2:44am
Oct 7 @ 6:11am
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[WotC] I'm the Commander here Extension

Ability Extension-mod for [WotC] I'm The Commander Here:

This is a pure INI-mod (at the moment) which utilizes functions from the base-mod to add things like
  • new TC choices for herosoldiers as well as removing some
  • Adding abilities to the eligable crossclass-list or remove existing ones
  • I'm working on adding the Longwar Perk Pack abilities as TC talents

  • Phantom, added
  • Fan Fire, added
  • Conceal, added
  • Blastpadding, added
  • Fortress, removed (This is way to OP for Templars imho, feel free to deactivate it in the config)
  • Implacable, removed (was previously added by myself, but caused wierd behaviour with Momentum)

  • Serial, added
  • Death from Abvoe, added
  • Run and Gun, added
  • Ever Vigilant, added
  • Killzone, removed

  • Shadowstrike, added
  • Rupture, added
  • Demoliton, added
  • Suppression, added
  • Volatile Mix, removed
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Malidictus  [author] 1 hour ago 
Does your custom class not HAVE a random ability deck? If that's the case, what are you trying to respec about it? Because anything that's not random you can just use the regular Training Centre "retrain" option for.
Ser Lancelot 3 hours ago 
Okay, if there's no deckname, I cannot add a custom class by just adding the first part?
Ser Lancelot 3 hours ago 
Where would the line be found in the .ini? I found the first part there, but the second part? Ah, the power of ctrl+F...but, nonetheless, thanks!
Dare  [author] 11 hours ago 
you have to check the xcomclassdata.ini of said mod, if he has a deck defined then it is in there, but the code itself would be correct.
Ser Lancelot 15 hours ago 
Trying to understand how to add custom classes...for instance, I've got Lucubration's Infantry class, which I found out to be:

+SoldierClasses="Lucu_Infantry" but how exactly do I add this class? I understand the first part, but the second, as in the decknames? Would it be "Deckname="Lucu_InfantryXComAbilities"?

Thanks, I love this mod!
Coolio Wolfus Nov 18 @ 1:29pm 
There is a modders mod for giving Templars pistols*, guessing their default minigun isn't classed as a pistol for fanfire tho.

* http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1196623510
Malidictus  [author] Oct 19 @ 7:27am 
RedScreen sez: "Fire action failed to play animation FF_FireMultiShotBeamA for ability FanFire . This is an ability configuration error! @gameplay"

Well, I'm out of ideas. There's nothing in the 'FanFire ability configuration which controls what aimation gets played when using it. It seems to defer to the weapon's firing animation, which SHOULD redirect to the proper Fan Fire animation. Pistols do, Sidearms don't, and I have no idea why. That's the extent of what I can do, unfortunately. I'll see if someone on the XCOM 2 modding redit can help, but don't expect miracles.
Malidictus  [author] Oct 19 @ 6:46am 
I tracked down the culprit. All of the pistol templates (their actual X2WeaponTemplate objects) have a line which specifies the use of a custom animation with the Fan Fire ability:

Template.SetAnimationNameForAbility('FanFire', 'FF_FireMultiShotConvA');

Here's the weird thing, though - that exact line is also present for the Templar Autopistol (called as 'sidearm' in the files). So in theory, whomever developed the Templar Autopistol already made the necessary preparations for that gun to be used with Fan Fire. If that doesn't work, then the problem is in the animation and I have absolutely no knowledge or understanding in animation creation whatsoever.
Malidictus  [author] Oct 19 @ 5:50am 
Unfortunately, I don't know how to work with the game's animations. I might have to look through a few existing animation-fixing mods, though. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be my free week turned out to not be so free so I haven't had too much time to tinker. I'll try and have a look at it today or tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.
RedCrow Oct 19 @ 12:59am 
Hi @Malidictus. Is the mod able to fix Fan Fire's animation :)