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Bombtown [72hr]
Created by AlexCookie
Capture the flag map in the frontline theme.
Made for the 72 hour jam in 72 hours.

To play type "map workshop/732379555" in game console (Without quotation marks).
And don't forget to rate!

Created by GuttyKreum
A new Frontline! ( ) themed A/D map aimed at 6v6 play.

cp_haddou RC2! (Nov.16th)


-Added a second exit from the Blu spawn to help prevent choking hazards.

-Reduced cap time on first point by 10 seconds.

-Removed ...
CTF 2Villa
Created by Don'tAsk4470
Vaguely Frontline themed map.
Capture the Flag, in a villa.
That's about it, really.

TF2Maps link
Created by Arhurt
Disclaimer: This is a very old map, I'm slowly... *SLOWLY* ...working on a new version, but don't expect any updates for a long time. I did not have plans to upload it to the workshop until GregoryTheGamer1112, a fellow TF2 player, uploaded it himself. Tha...
Created by basilhs333
A Frontline Themed Map!
Its A Snowy Theme Map.
Discover The Secrets That This Map Holds And Try to Steal The Enemy Intel From Their Base!
the map Encludes Many But Many Exploding Barrels , Mines And More. but dont step on them.

Also If you Want to Test It...
Created by Tuaam
RED's brand new pipeline facility is nestled deep intp the New Mexico badlands, where large walls and mounted guns guard the perimeter at all costs. A war has broken out between RED and BLU, calling mercenaries to arms as they fight between large expanses ...
Created by AsG_Alligator
Welcome, to Charles Darling's Triassic Preserve!

The past - today!

Enclosure is a three-stage payload map inspired by your favorite dinosaur movie.

Current version: RC9b

Current contributors: E-Arkham - Antiquity banyan trees
Pear - plants from Overgr...
Iglesia - A frontline KotH map!
Created by PestoVerde
//To be noted: the map is in Beta as for now, the layout and the details may change heavly in the future!//

It's time to bring mayhem to a costal town somewhere in southern europe, in a map with an out of the ordinary king of the hill layout!

Please comm...
Karma Frontline! (Target Practice)
Prepare Private! You've joined the War cause, but first you have to go to the bootcamp and get yourself in form for the warzone that awaits you right outside the door!

Koth Vizard
Created by Mimas Torres
IMPORTANT: This nav file is required for the AI on this map to work properly. (place it in your tf/maps folder)
you can also make your own nav file by loading the map and typing "nav_generate"...
Created by GuttyKreum
Now an official 4s map in the TFCL:

A big 'Thank you!' to all those who have been helping test and those who have been commenting and rating.

This map has been made for the "Frontline!" Community Effort.

A Frontline! themed ...
Created by thirteen
A PLR map, where you push the tank to destroy the other team's boat.

The tank however is a little over powered. When it fires, dont be standing in front of it.... or next to it... or behind it.

The boats each take 3 shots before they will sink and y...
Koth_ZeBunker [A9X]
Created by Triiodine ✇
I honestly don't know what to put here.
It's a koth map born out of frontline and the 72hour Jam.

Monday, August 8th, 20:19 - [A9X]

Updated the map due to popular demand. Interior section is now textured, but relatively barren. The trenches are now fully...
Created by BigfootBeto
Almost a year in the making, Luftangriff is a Rottenburg-Themed map created for the Frontline! Community Update.

The Frontline reaches this "peaceful" German town...
After the control point is captured sirens go off, and, well, if you translate "Luftangr...
Created by Berry
Welcome to sunny Mochville; beautiful views, hills that do not have bombs being dropped on them, and cheap house costs (for some reason)!

It's a Frontline/Alpine Arena 2CP arena map, currently in beta 4 after a few months testing within the TF2Maps comm...
PL Champany
Created by Don'tAsk4470
Frontline themed map.
Push the tank so it can blow up RED's booze stash.
Oh, it also shoots rockets.

TF2Maps Link :
Created by Dannyboyy
A koth map in space! Choose a team and fight over who gets to keep the ominous space rocks! Final Version
Credits: dewm assets
my_world - Omega Flowey boss battle
Created by Alex Turtle
[!!!] If you are subscribed and you want to play it on your own, you must have the devlopper console open, then type "map workshop/763910224" in.

[!] Non Workshop version:
Put it in your ...
MVM Highrise
Created by Anomidae
Highrise is a special little MVM map that takes place on top of a skyscraper

-Small, compact design.
-2 bomb setup - each bomb has a 15 second timer
-Bot Sniper and Bot Spy Support
-EXPLOSIVE bomb pit :^o
-Support for one tank

No Mann's Land (A1) (5CP)
A rather casual and depressing 5CP map created for the "Frontline!" Community Effort.

Most walls are climbable. Walk towards the wall and jump. You'll get the hang of it.

Planned Improvements
-Improved visuals
-More visibility
-More dug-outs
Created by bakscratch
Payload Race map in the frontline theme, Made for the 72 hour jam.

Escort the cart full of priceless art to your helicopters to win!

If you want to play the map -
Open Console and type: "map workshop/731560565"...
Created by Tim 'YM' Johnson
Ququmannz is a traditional single-staged payload gamemode through the ancient jungle ruins. The Blu team are trying to make off with an ancient and precious artefact, while the Red team try to stop them (to steal it for themselves no doubt!)

Made by May...
Rooftop (Mann vs. Machine)
Created by [G.E.W.P] Rissy
Mvm_rooftop is a mvm map mode (quite logically), where you have to defend against robots on the roof of one of the main buildings of the BLU corporation. To be honest, the idea of ​​this map came from Left 4 Dead, because I did not have any ideas. The map ...
Created by UEAKCrash
A king of the hill map in the Frontline! theme.

Created for the 2016 Summer 72hr TF2Jam!

Play this and Shoreleave @

Custom assets by the Frontline team.[]

To load this map in single ...
Terrorlict (MvM)
Created by Sntr
When the Witching Hour draws near and the bones are rattling in their tombs,
It can only mean that Halloween has come again! *Thunder sound effect*
Darkness falls across the land, trees shed their leaves (in fear) and the cold, terrifying air is filled wit...
Created by UEAKCrash
Single stage Payload map with the arctic theme and unique submarine attacker spawn rooms and dynamic track elements.

Formerly pl_crash.

Originally created for the 2014 Winter 72hr Contest.

This map is one of my very early "okay" maps. ...
Created by ThePlayaJam
Remember: This map isn't meant to be realistic. It's meant to be a joke map.

Here is another map in the collection of stretched out TF2 maps. Have fun trying to cap now.

To run the map, open the TF2 console and type: map workshop/900610283...
Created by thirteen
A medieval King of the hill map.

"Blimps blow up, so no guns. Not even a little one, Scout."

This is the first version of the map, so consider it an alpha release.

The two teams each spawn in their own Blimp spawn room. Each team must then navigat...
Slender Fortress - Five Rounds at Freddy's
Created by Glubbable~ ❥
Five Rounds at Freddy's is a Slender Fortress map that is based on the game, Five Night's at Freddy's.

The aim of this map is to survive the night shift, from the moment the call ends and the camera is picked up. A charm will be played when it is time to ...
Slender Fortress - Return to Freddy's
Created by Glubbable~ ❥
Return to Freddy's is a Slender Fortress map that is based on the game, Five Night's at Freddy's 2.

The aim of this map is to survive the night shift, from the moment the call ends and the camera is picked up. A charm will be played when it is time to esc...
Slender Fortress - Underground
Created by Simply Delicious
Underground is a Slender Fortress map that takes place in a massive abandoned subway station that has been left to rot by society and is now home to some truly horrific residents.

The goal of this map is to find and collect 8 fuse cables to bring power ba...
Sludge Puddle
Created by squ1rrel
Note: Due to the amount of people adding me (which is nice 'n all) I will no longer accept friend requests unless for specific reasons.

A king of the hill frontline/WW1 themed map. Yes- lots of trenches for you to crawl around :)
For bots to work pleas...
Spookeyridge (Stoneyridge_event)
Created by UEAKCrash

Halloween reskin of cp_stoneyridge, with added underworld version of the map (inspired by Stranger Things), and coffins that kill you, unleashing your SKELETON onto the map. Drop a big brutal spike on the bombinomicon and blow that smug grin off ...
Karma (Target Practice) (Final)
TR_Karma, created for KarmaCharger and his weapon demonstration videos.

Now approved by the official tf2 wiki!
[Fixed Version RC 1]

Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
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