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Weapon Upgrades Expanded WotC
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Oct 5 @ 6:45pm
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Weapon Upgrades Expanded WotC

Rebalances some Basic and Advanced weapon upgrades and adds late-game Prototype weapon upgrades. WotC version of this mod.

Early-Game Weapon Upgrade Rebalancing
  • Basic Laser Sight increased to +10% crit
  • Advanced Laser Sight increased to +12.5% crit (UI only shows 12%)
  • Basic Scope increased to +10 aim (+15 in no-cover)
  • Advanced Scope increased to +15 aim (+20 in no-cover)
  • Superior Scope increased to +20 aim (+25 in no cover)
  • Basic Hair Trigger increased to 10% chance
  • Advanced Hair Trigger increased to 12.5% chance (UI only shows 12%)
  • Basic Repeater increased to 10% chance
  • Advanced Repeater increased to 12.5% chance (UI only shows 12%)

Prototype Mods
  • Prototype Laser Sight - Grants the Marked ability, which gives 15 aim to all allies firing against the target
  • Prototype Scope - Grants the Headshot ability, which guarantees a crit
  • Prototype Hair Trigger - Grants the Rapid Fire ability
  • Prototype Stock - Grants the Ever Vigilant ability
  • Prototype Expanded Mag - Grants the Hail of Bullets ability
  • Prototype Auto-Loader - Grants unlimited free reloads
  • Prototype Repeater - Grants the Chain Shot ability

Known Issues
  • None

  • Upgrades can be applied by Resistance Weapon Upgrades
  • Currently incompatible with Grimy's Loot Mod
  • Overwrites the LateADVENTWeaponUpgrades, MidAlienWeaponUpgrades, and LateAlienWeaponUpgrades loot tables
  • No class overrides

  • PrometheusDarko - created the original idea and mod
  • TheMediator - helped out before I came along
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Dragonheart013 11 hours ago 
If you set the Prototype Expanded Magazine bonus to 0, does it give unlimited clip size, like setting the auto loader to 0 gives unlimited free reloads?
Jim Raven Nov 6 @ 2:42pm 
NVM i believe i found it.. inside mod folder..
Jim Raven Nov 6 @ 2:41pm 
i found like 4 Such files by searching on my windows NONE of em had Basic 10 ( all were 5 as is in vanila) are you sure that the right ini? If so where is that? In the Xcom WOTC folder? In My Documents config one?
BTernaryTau  [author] Nov 6 @ 2:11pm 
That's a change to the vanilla XComGameCore.ini file.
Jim Raven Nov 5 @ 5:39am 
i want to Nerf scopes from this mod to 10 12 15 from 10 15 20 how can i do that. the ini file only says about the prototype one..
Qmonster Oct 21 @ 11:00am 
I think the Prototype Auto-Loader is incompatible with the Free Reload Anytime mod. The Free Reload button doesn't appear on the weapon, and the standard reload button acts like a normal reload costing 1 action. This is probably due to how Free Reload Anytime seperates out reload types, and I'll probably just remove that mod. Thanks :)
kat Oct 11 @ 2:28pm 
thanks for the hard work! hope you can figure something out
mynameactually Oct 11 @ 11:06am 
Cool. Hope it's patched soon.
DeValiere Oct 10 @ 8:05pm 
Thank you for your efforts
BTernaryTau  [author] Oct 10 @ 7:58pm 
I tried an ini fix, but I couldn't get it to work, so I'm going to see if I can use the Community Highlander to patch the loot tables if both mods are present.