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Conan Exiles

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Fashionist v4.2.2
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Fashionist v4.2.2

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Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best!

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Supports all DLC armors.

Hint: to wear DLC armor or to use it for the style you don't have to own the DLC. It is enough to know someone in the game who can crafte the armor/weapon pieces.

  • Armor Style
    • With the possibility to completely hide the individual armor parts (can also be deactivated server-wide)
    • Extended settings e.g. for pvp server to allow re-styling, but only on identical armor classes (so light style only goes on a light armor part, medium only on medium and heavy only on heavy)
  • Weapon Style
  • Warpaint Style
    • Incl. color picker from all available warpaint colors
  • Weapon/Tool visible on character
    • With lots of options to control which weapons/tools are displayed how and where on the character
    • rp settings: hide weapons when sitting or riding
  • Fashionist Armor Stand
    • Acts as a storage for your style sets
    • Complete styles can be easily transferred to the player or thrall (see Thrall Outfitters Bench)
  • Thrall Outfitters Bench
    • Styles for all your thralls. No matter if profession thrall or placeable thrall like fighter or archer
  • Color Picker with thousands of colors for your armor
  • Full integration of CharEditLite (see for a detailed description of CharEditLite features)
  • Easy to access configuration menu for both admins and players
  • Admin Only: exclude single items from the "weapon/tool visible on character" and "armor/weapon style" functions. useful if an item from a mod does not work as desired
    • Predefined lists of items from the base game and various mods that are already known to be problematic

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