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Crynsos' Faction Unlocker+
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Crynsos' Faction Unlocker+

Last Updated on the 3rd November 2019

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Frequently Answered Questions [FAQ]

This mod makes it possible to play any faction in the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns.

Faction Unlocker Update 3. March 2019 (1.12.4)[]
Faction Unlocker Update 10. March 2019 (1.13.1)[]
Faction Unlocker Update 17. March 2019 (1.13.2)[]

Older Version Archive (Google Drive)
If you are having issues with the current workshop version due to it being incompatible with existing save games, you can download the previous version[] of the Faction Unlocker from the Archive. Just put it into Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER II\data and start it up instead of the workshop version.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to this mod, which is the last version just before this one.

If you are not sure which version to get for an older campaign, check the "Read Me!" file in the Archive.

Version Archive[]
How to Install Older Versions[]

Click here to read the full documentation about all things this mod adds, edits and modifies.[]

Recommended Companion Mods:
Cataph's Southern Realms (TEB)
Cataph's Kraka Drak

Also check out my other Mods:
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Instant Quest Battles
Instant Quest Items
Unit Formations

Ultimate Chaos Compatibility Mod

If you do not like the newly added custom factions, you can use this submod to remove them:
Submod - More Vanilla

Known Issues:
? The Vortex bar is currently not present for unlocked factions in the Vortex campaign.
? Multiplayer Only: You will have to temporarily reduce your UI Scale to around 60% in the graphical settings to see all factions.

Troubleshooting Guide for TWW Mods[]

If you crash at turn 2 and see Rogue Armies on the map and in the AI turn list, you are either missing the Community Framework or have another mod which is breaking all of your scripts.
Turn off all other mods and only run the Unlocker and Community Framework together to confirm it works fine with just those two, then add your other mods slowly and test again to find out when it breaks.
Please report the problematic mod in the comments once you found it!

If you are using the modded launcher, then make sure that !crynsos_faction_unlocker is at the top (or just below specific submods made for it with even higher priority like !!) or just don't modify the load order at all.

Regarding reports about Beastmen taking over Naggaroth being caused by this mod:
I do not modify anything about Beastmen, Dark Elves or anyone else in Naggaroth, so stop blaming this mod for what is either a vanilla issue or caused by another mod.

Special thanks to DrunkFlamingo & Vandy for letting me embed their Mod Configuration Tool!

Want to support my mods? Consider donating via Patreon / PayPal! (
Cataph and myself now also host a Discord server for our community and all modders!
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Crynsos' Unlocker + Mixu Legendary Lords issue.
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xarlie 2 hours ago 
i have a little problem, im trying crynsos unlocker with comunity and ui frameworks only but i cant see any new faction, only vanilla factions in the game, im missing something? :S
scenix 8 hours ago 
@Metal but the link to compatibility in the mod description said it works with Crysnos. Is that outdated? Also, I tested the two together and they worked fine. I'm using the OvN overhaul (called "OvN-Second Start")
Metal Izanagi 9 hours ago 
@scenix, if you're referring to the OvN factions mod...that only supports Mixu's Unlocker, and requires it.
scenix 10 hours ago 
Update: No idea what mod is causing this, but when I try to play as Grombindral the White Dwarf, it puts Thorgrim on the map and crashes after finalizing...
The Unlocker and OvN are fine
scenix 10 hours ago 
Okay so I was trying to start a campaign as the dwarves(Karaz-a-karak) and I had other mods involved(all working together previously). I tried to start mutlitple times with and without changing settings. I went back in with only the Unlocker, OvN, and required mods and found no errors. Sorry, I should've checked that before commenting. I'm gonna keep testing to see what it could be...
Crynsos  [author] 10 hours ago 
That way of checking conflicts only sometimes works and even in those cases it is very often misleading and intentional overlap, so you can essentially ignore it.

I need to know what faction you played and what settings you changed in the menu to be able to analyze that in any meaningful way. Also did you try it with only this mod, its requirement mods and OVN or was there something else involved as well?

I'll look into that.
Inquisitor 13 hours ago 
chaos invasion not trigger ı set turns 100-110 but past 111 turn nothing happens :(
scenix 15 hours ago 
Hey Crysnos, I have a quick question. I've been testing my mods over the past few weeks, and I noticed that I crash at campaign start with your Faction Unlocker and shaky river's Old vs New. They've worked together in the past (and Shaky said it's compatible with the Unlocker), so I have no idea what is causing the issue. My game crashes shorty after I hit "finalize" in the Mod Configuration Tool's menu. All I know is that both of these mods are pretty script heavy, so I assume there are conflicts there, but KMM doesn't show any between the two. If you have any idea as to what this may be, that'd be greatly appreciated.
Crynsos  [author] Nov 12 @ 8:41am 
Like I said, you are describing all kinds of symptoms of completely broken campaign scripts and the Moon Mechanic is also entirely based on scripts. Fix that as I told you to and all those issues will be resolved.
Aidsio Auditore Nov 12 @ 1:33am 
@Crynsos thanks for the answer! I managed to made them work by just conquering cities, just their public order are pretty bad so yeah reworking them would be a good idea :)