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Ultimate Chaos
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Oct 5, 2017 @ 8:28am
Mar 14 @ 4:33pm
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Ultimate Chaos

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Ultimate Chaos; a total overhaul of the Chaos Faction!
The mission is to make Ultimate Chaos a DLC level mod in terms of quality.
Please be aware that you must also subscribe to the Ultimate Chaos Texture Pack and Ultimate Chaos Models Pack for this mod to work.
You will also need the Ultimate Chaos Texture Fix Pack to get the Textures looking correct.

Do I need to say more-more?
Get now!

Download Ultimate Skaven

If you like this mod and appreciate all the time that’s gone into it please consider supporting me so I can continue insisting to my wife that I don't need a real job and can continue making Total Warhammer content instead of doing boring stuff for money.
Thank you!


Lords and Heroes of all four Chaos Gods including Daemons, each with custom artwork, icons, models, and skillsets!
Ditch those boring Exalted Champions and recruit Unique champions dedicated to each god with their own skills, playstyles and powers - or go old school and play with the original undivided hero, now with Chaos Marks - or.. do both!
New Mounts for Lords and Heroes!
Immortality for the Servants of the Dark Gods!
Rivalry and animosity between the gods!
New Vortx incursions for all four Chaos Gods with a Daemon invasion for the final ritual!
Fully optimised for custom battles with four armies of the gods to use!
Completely new Chaos tech tree based around the star of chaos, with paths for all four gods and improvements to custom units.
All new revamped building tree with special god paths and unique chains for all the added custom units.
Full warmachine batteries for all races for war engines!

Over 100 new character skills to use with custom artwork.
Customise your undivided heroes with powerful Marks of Chaos.
New innate abilities and skills themed at each different god for their lords and champions.
A whopping 120 new effects used for improving your troops, heroes and hordes.
Over 50 new units! All re-balanced and edited for conformity with all descriptions properly added in.
New Chaosified load screens.

Counter the Enemy Agents and see great distances with your Tzeentch sorcerers scrying the future. Use these heretics to further boost your research efforts plunging deep into the forbidden lore of Chaos, or obliterate your enemies in battle by outmanoeuvring them or blasting then with torrents of arcane bolts from these masters of magic!

Unleash great plagues upon the enemy armies sapping their strength and morale, grant diseased boons to your own troops with vile potions to keep the horde on its feet, or wear your enemies down in battle with poisoned weapons and infinitely regenerating, vomiting lords and heroes!

Dissolve your enemies will to fight with these depraved warriors, fast, deadly and armour piercing, these fighters are expert at dealing damage and moving quickly to smite down enemy heroes. Devotion to Slaanesh means these warriors won't be breaking from combat any time soon and with the lure of Slaanesh their enemies wont either...

Take the direct approach with these unsubtle but excellent killers. Slaughter enemy Agents on the campaign map to earn the blessings of Khorne, decimate your enemies in battle with frenzied murderous killers that excel in dealing pure damage. Lots and lots of damage!

Here is a list of the sub-mods I’ve designed to be plugged on top of Ultimate Chaos.
They are not required for it to work, but are recommended.

A great deal of effort has gone into this mod, really hope you enjoy it. It wouldn't have been possible at all though without some of the great mods created by the mod developers below. Be sure to check them out! Ado's Retexture Packs by AdoPotato Chaos Water by SableDrake Chaos Divided by Daemon Spider Glory mod Chaos by Major Spankage Chaos Cultists by Hardrim Marks of Chaos by duckbird Building Progression icons by Spartan VI Aisriyths Skill Points
Thanks guys!

Q: Will you make this compatible with "X" mod?
A: I will no longer be actively attempting to make Ultimate Chaos compatible with any specific mod, however it will continue to be written with maximum compatibility in mind and that's as far as I'm taking it. Other mod authors have taken this attitude and unfortunately I must now do the same or risk going insane.

Q: Can I use your tech tree/building tree/models/some other chunk of this in a different mod?
A: I actually got asked this within an hour of it being out.
Basically the idea of this mod is to create a big and chunky all in Chaos experience that you can then compliment by plugging in smaller mod-mods on top. Lifting chunks of it would defeat that purpose.
Prior to this mods release I checked with the author of Chaos Divided that he was actually okay with this going public and that the other mod developers didn't mind their assets being utilised where applicable. If parts of it start getting split up, specifically the db tables it’s going to cause a real mess as many of the tables require the other tables to function correctly. So basically, No, please don't.
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Known Issues
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Plecy Mar 17 @ 9:42am 
Would it be at all possible to make this mod apply to the two Chaos factions present in the Eye of the Vortex campaign? They can both be viewed by using the faction unlocker mod, both share the name "Chaos" but have different leaders and starting positions. The units and (Most) buildings from this mod function with them, but those two factions cannot recruit any of the new lords or sorcerers. I'd love to try a co-op campaign with my friend as Ultimate Chaos on the vortex map. Let me know if this is at all possible!
The God of Laziness Mar 16 @ 3:14pm 
I really adore this mod, i love chaos and you really enhanced the gameplay with this mod. But there are a few things: for first pls buff galrauch. He is insanely expensive but in many regards far weaker then a star dragon of this pitty elfes - i cant see how galrauch gets beaten up by one of their lizards they call dragons. Just give him armorpiercing and like 580 or 600 weapon strength, buff meele attakc and defence by 5 and hes fine again. An over all many units lack armor piercing, even the units of slaanesh are barely better tna average non armor piercing untis. And i cant afford chosen swordmasters in every army xD Anyway its a great mod! I love it! (btw several quests didnt started, sigavlds and the eye of sheerian)
[-ODM-] Reym Mar 16 @ 8:25am 
@Steelb_I_ade Thanks to have change it this quick :D
Steelb_l_ade  [author] Mar 16 @ 6:08am 
@Adders it wouldnbt have that effect, if you restore your mod list to what it was when you wer eplaying it'l work fine.
Adders Mar 16 @ 1:46am 
Oh no! Removing those mods to test has ruined my campaign - always crashes now even if I put the mods back on or use and older save!
Adders Mar 16 @ 1:29am 
Hey, I removed all other mods (only using Ultimate Chaos) and tried a custom battle. Doomfire and Pleasure Cannon batteries still have only cannon so it's not a mod conflict. Weird.
Steelb_l_ade  [author] Mar 15 @ 7:41pm 
it will work if you go and check out the discussion on the subject
Prospect Mar 15 @ 7:14pm 
the work around was going to be me as clan moulder, him as WOC, im a sad panda
Prospect Mar 15 @ 7:14pm 
i gotcha, i tried the faction unlocker+ but it doesnt seem to work with ultimate chaos and ultimate skaven
Adders Mar 15 @ 7:13pm 
Hi Steelb_l_ade, thanks for fixing more of Sigvald's skills. Only concern left is pleasure cannon battery is still only giving me 1 cannon. Will have to work out which other mod is causing the conflict.