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AIZ Enhanced 2
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Oct 4, 2017 @ 1:11pm
Jun 9 @ 12:28pm
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AIZ Enhanced 2

***AIZ Enhanced 2 = AIZ Enhanced updated to support 38.x and new vanilla map, also included all extra maps from AIZEnhanced SP/SPlitscreen version. St Lamb and Drayton Rebuild moved + more connecting roads added***

Adds community maps to default map as All in One, also connects them better with new roads, fixes TWD Prison door crashes, fixes Grove Beach crashes and adds extra initial zeds to Grove Beach, Knox County MP and both ND:RP maps, since they have very low (or no) zed spawns at the moment.

Supports Survivors! & Super-Survivors! mods as well. When playing with these mods, you will also find a ton of special survivors all around the map areas, both friend and foe. NOTE: When using either mod above, delete the 'maps' folder in it, since there can be overlap with this mod's maps.

NOTE: ALL CREDITS GO TO THE ORIGINAL MAP AUTHORS (SEE BELOW), AND TO INDIE STONE, this mod merely connects them together within vanilla map and fixes some bugs. Thanks for all your hard work.

This mod is essentially Atlas1205's 'All in Zomboid Map Pack' mod but with even more community maps, combined with my 'All in Zomboid Map Pack Enhancer' mod.
So there are also new roads to connect all the custom maps with the base map and each other better, as well as fixing TWD Prison door crashes (and similar crashes in any other map).
It also includes New Denver 'fixed' and working with Rosewood Prison (not overcovering it anymore).
Also fixes Grove Beach crash due to a PZ bug with the custom tileset. It also fills Grove Beach and 'Knox County MP' maps up with more zeds, since they have extremely low counts otherwise.

See the text and png files at the root of the mod folder 'AIZ Enhanced' for configuration, usage and detailed information.
Multiplayer Compatible (see below)

New Denver (XeonyX), California (TheCautiousOne), Dreadwood (Pridelost), Downtown (Z3759xy), Bedford (ringod123 + community), Drayton Rebuild (Jela331), Kapput (BeWater (Chef Boy R Ust)), Phoenix (MonolithicBacon),
South Muldraugh (Firechaser), TWD Prison (Frodo), Louisiana (TheCautiousOne), Vine Grove (Suomiboi + community), West Point Strip Center (Rodjah), Homely House (Le Chevalier d'argent), La Casa Del Lago / Lagoon's House (FuryWolf[300z]),
Hilltop Survivor's Camp (Capt_Paradox), Valley Station Military Outpost (Capt_Paradox), BallinCoolin (Pat_Bren), New Hamilton (Chris808), Peanut Packaging Plant (Viceroy), Manhattown (Z3759xy), Saint Lamb (Mr.Guwawo), Grove Beach (Thuztor), Strip KY (FinchEz), Knox County MP (port by Le Chevalier d'argent), Challenge Map 1(port by Le Chevalier d'argent), McDonalds (Neutz), The Limited Area (Blackbeard)
Medieval Zomboid (Woldren), East Bridge (Woldren), Over the River (Woldren), Monroeville (Blackbeard), Survival Island (paynolob), Next Day:RolePlay Maps (Wasteland), Orell KY (FinchEz), Asylum (Viceroy), Winter is Coming (Woldren), Brandenburg (Woldren),
[Harrison memorial hospital and cdc,Tavern,Hershels farm, Woodbury, Prison, Terminus, Alexandria, Sanctuary, Hilltop, Oceanside, The Kingdom, Trading Post Area + Arena](Woldren), East Muldraugh Nature Reserve (Fetzen), Challenge Map 2 (Indie Stone), Chaparral (VikiDikiRUS), CaliforniaExt (GuiGuiK), Eerie County (AtoxWarrior)

Increase allocated memory from the default 1G (1024M), to whatever is reasonable for your system. I have 16G of RAM. So I set this to 8G (8192M) . Go into your Project Zomboid install directory find ProjectZomboid64.json and change it there. Disabling VOIP in audio settings also helps performance.


!!!!!!!!BE AWARE!!!!!!!!
'Downtown' map spawn points have caused problems, so are removed (in MP & SP).
California, (and maybe Louisiana and maybe Dreadwood) does have problems with some of the stairs on the map, where you can fall through and fracture a leg. See
When the author updates the map, I will add the update. For now when playing in California, (and maybe Louisiana and maybe Dreadwood), I would recommend staying only on ground level in a serious game, and only use California, (and maybe Louisiana and maybe Dreadwood), for raiding/exploring, not base building or anything else really. Or have Cheat Menu mod enabled just in case.
Also South Muldraugh airfield and Kaputt military base both have the same bad building, that has some game-broken doors on the outside, and a stairs you can fall through. In those areas, if there are some outside doors that do not work, then beware of the stairs inside.
New Denver had map lot data removed for cell 25x39 which overlapped Rosewood Prison.
I playtested spawning there and played in SP & MP and it seemed stable and OK, along with Rosewood Prison.
I have included the 3 removed files in another folder within the mod if you want to put them back (but cover the prison).

This was built for myself to play, but figured I would share whilst I have some time to mod and play PZ at the moment.
This was built with PZ builds 35 & 36, newer builds *may* break maps, like they did with TWD Prison, which this mod fixes at the moment.

For multiplayer spawn points, in spawnregions.lua, see the Readme.txt in the root of the mod folder.
Or see here:
From runtheball:
"I re-read the posts here and got it working. Here is a summary of all the steps I took to get it working (and I'm starting the game in Host mode):
Opened C://users/myname/Zomboid/Server and looked for a server that I had started earlier today [when I saw it only had the three default map spawn points, I backed out]. Opened the servername_spawnregions file and confirmed that all the maps were listed. There is also a servername configuration settings file - in that file I changed a few settings to the following:
I'm pretty sure thats all I changed in the configuration settings. The process of 'start your game, then edit the config file, then come back in and start again with the changed settings' does seem to be critical.
Of course when starting the game, in the Mods menu item in the lower left of the screen you need to actually have the mod enabled!"

in server ini have:
WorkshopItems=1158053757 (etc...)
Mods=amhghk2 (etc...)
Put your mods in C:\Users\<myusername>\Zomboid\mods
Run it with -nosteam flag and have -modfolders mods set as well.
Also you may want to increase -Xms & -Xmx values for memory. Ironically GOG version may have problems running it as well. I have ran steam version dedicated with the above values fine

OTHER CREDITS: ethanwdp for this Cheat Menu mod which I partly based my lua scripts from. Nolan Ritchie's Survivor mod, Thrandisher, runtheball for QA and feedback, Sitte I. von Strolch for feedback and his cartographer map image.
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Always Neutral 8 hours ago 
does this work for non vehicle build? also @dragonsphotoworks it may be due to zombie density because my game also experiences this lag and has even crashed previously due to this issue.
~Miss B~ Jun 19 @ 5:52am 
This addon is causing me a problem, i cant use it, any reasons we know of please?
dragonsphotoworks Jun 19 @ 12:13am 
Not sure who made the Mall but when you go close to it. It gets extremely laggy. Ill post on authors mod page if can let me know who made it. I live out side of mall so its kinda bad :-( Havent built much at all. So not sure if its map or another mod thats causeing it.
Notchle Jun 18 @ 1:57pm 
Singleplayer works fine, but the multiplayer seems to be broken. When creating a server everything is fine up until you chose your spawn location. Once you want to spawn an error message pops up saying that youve been kicked and that map_zone.bin could not be saved.
dragonsphotoworks Jun 17 @ 7:09pm 
in bedford i just kept following roads. Didnt find parking areas though. spent 20 mins or so looking. Saw bunch of driveways it seemed but no cars. I thought i was just unlucky is all.

Wasnt complaining just so know :-) Ive made mods for 7dtd so i know it takes lot of work to get them stable... then game updates and breaks everything lol

All in all i like this map pack. I get bunch of errors though. Mostly about duplicate items in same cords. I dont have the error logs. It still works just says some thing about duplicatess. So seems more then one file is changeing same maps. Also not sure which mod it is relavant to..... but also have an error abut not finding 2K textures.But that could very well be different mod.
ddraigcymraeg  [author] Jun 17 @ 6:51pm 
looks like bedford falls was updated with some vehicle spawns. and from its author: ""Quick update to fix crash when entering Northern part of Bedford Falls, near the cemetary" Have not had time or motivation to update this pack. Anyone interested?
@veritas6: you may want to see if it happens in the bedford falls map itself latest version. Let me know. If it does, let the author know.

Also cell 27.32 of St Lamb has a crash now. the author is looking into it.
[TECG] Eciah Jun 17 @ 3:38pm 
@dragonsphotoworks what map areas did you check for cars? if this newest update made em start spawning or somethin then ill stop workin on vehics, also just a quick update, adding vehicles to modded maps; Phoenix has vehicles in almost all the parking areas, BallinCoolin has a bunch now too, and we are working on Bedford Falls. First pass of vehicles is mainly parking areas and obvious areas second pass will be areas like driveways and road spawns etc.
dragonsphotoworks Jun 17 @ 11:45am 
for me only that one map didnt have cars. When teleported to another i found cars.
ddraigcymraeg  [author] Jun 17 @ 10:12am 
was there a PZ update recently? Looks like it:

I'm wondering if that broke it? If so I would post there.

I can go back and remove the new file I added, and see if that helps. My change was June 9th, a week ago.
Melchiah Jun 17 @ 9:05am 
Still getting the error "map_zone.bin could not be saved". Yesterday I was playing with no problem.
Amazing job by the way.