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A Better Everything
There are quite a lot of different "A Better X" mods going around these days, so it's no surprise that people have been asking me for a sample modlist. Luckily, this is actually a lot easier than it seems at first, provided the following are given:

1 - You have War of the Chosen. It's required for my current breed of mods.

2 - You are willing to accept the Better series of mods as your centerpiece. ABA, ABB and (in a smaller capacity) ABC are mods that are impactful and change a lot of stuff. By running the complete package, you will limit your options with regards to other mods, but in exchange you get almost a complete overhaul out of it (work in progress :P). Leave your 20 extra classes and Grimys Loot mod out of this, they will either conflict or not fit in with my mods, especially ABB.

The mods in this list are the core you can build the rest of your list around, with the usual mix of QoL, dressup and voice mods.

A few words about each of them:

**The modular overhaul**
A Better ADVENT: Overhauls the enemies and their AI.
A Better Barracks: Overhauls the player classes and their items.
A Better Campaign: Changes to the strategy layer and mission/pod generation.

**Essential prerequisites**
Missing Packages Fix + Resource: WotC forces modders to include some of the vanilla assets into their mods to work correctly. This fix includes many of these assets, so other modders don't each have to include them. It's a prerequisite for many mods, you should always have this subscribed.
X2WOTCCommunityHighlander: This fixes many bugs with the base game and provides hooks for modders to do things they wouldn't be able to do just with the base game. This is going to be a requirement for some features in A Better Barracks.
Mod Config Menu: Many mods allow easy configuration when you have this installed. Squad Select is the most important one and on its own enough reason to have MCM installed permanently.

**Strongly recommended QoL mods**
Robojumper's Squad Select: Does two important things. One, it makes the squad select screen so much better. You can see all the things your soldiers carry and change them fast. You can display perks, stats and all kinds of good stuff. Two, you can use it to increase your own squad size, if you want to use A Better Campaign PLUS instead of the regular one.
Additional Icons: Has one very important feature that other healthbar mods don't have: Nametags. Seeing the names of enemies displayed right there is a huuuuge deal when you have A Better ADVENT throw dozens of new enemies at you.
Yet Another F1: Not as important as Additional Icons in my opinion, but this is a very useful mod to check the abilities of unknown enemy variants and the like.

Finally, a note on A Better Campaign PLUS:

If you want to play with bigger squad and pod sizes, that's something you can do. Just use ABC PLUS instead of the regular ABC. This will increase pod sizes. You can increase squad sizes with Squad Select, i suggest +2 soldiers. I want to mention that i consider the vanilla podsizes the 'default' 'official' way of playing A Better Everything, but it shouldn't be a big deal.
Items (13)
A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen
Created by DerBK
-- A Better ADVENT --
-- Enemy Overhaul for War of the Chosen --
-- by DerBK --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: none
Requires other mods: none

FAQ, General Info and Troubleshooti...
A Better AI: Chosen Tweaks
Created by DerBK
-- A Better AI : Chosen Tweaks --
-- Mod by DerBK --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: none
Requires other mods: none

FAQ, General Info and Troubleshooting for my mods can be found here:

A Better Barracks: TLE
Created by DerBK
-- A Better Barracks --
-- Class and Item Overhaul --
-- Mod by DerBK --
-- 2D art by .vhs --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: Tactical Legacy Pack
Requires other mods: X2CommunityHighlander, New Promoti...
A Better Campaign
Created by DerBK
-- A Better Campaign --
-- Plugin for A Better ADVENT --
-- Mod by DerBK --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: none
Requires other mods: A Better ADVENT:WotC

FAQ, General Info and T...
ABA: Better DLC
Created by DerBK
-- ABA: Better DLC --
-- Mod by DerBK --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: Alien Hunters, Shens Last Gift
Requires other mods: A Better ADVENT: WotC

FAQ, General Info and Troubleshooting for my mods can ...
A Better Militia
Created by DerBK
-- A Better Militia --
-- Mod by DerBK --


Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: none
Requires other mods: none

FAQ, General Info and Troubleshooting for my mods can be found here:
Missing Packages Fix + Resource
Created by ∑3245
For some reason unbeknowest to us, some packages (FX_, dev packages, clearcoat) are not loaded in WotC, or rather, do not exist at all, breaking a lot of mods that use Particle Systems. This is intentional to reduce the size of WotC.

This ...
Created by x2communitycore
What IS the X2CommunityHighlander

A Highlander is a XComGame replacement, which replaces the code of the Vanilla
game, without requiring any ModClassOverrides to do so. As implied by the name,
there can only be one Highlander, so it's importa...
[WotC] Mod Config Menu
Created by guby
Tactical Legacy Pack compatibility update

My testing is showing that Mod Config Menu is compatible out of the box and should be safe to use with no updates. I will continue testing over the next several days, but, as far as I can tell, everyone should b...
WotC: robojumper's Squad Select
Created by robojumper
My personal take on a vanilla Squad Select Screen! Completely built from the ground up!

The very basic idea is that all slots are arranged on some kind of ellipse and you can scroll (infinitely in either direction) when you have more than 6 soldiers to ...
[WOTC] Additional Icons
Created by Alketi
This mod is solely a port of Grimy's "Additional Icons" mod to work with WOTC. ALL credit for its creation goes to the original author (Grimy). If Grimy returns to XCOM modding and wishes to resume ownership of this mod, then t...
Yet Another F1
Created by robojumper
This mod is compatible with War of the Chosen.

Adds an XCOM EU/EW/LW style unit information screen to the game. Stats. Equipment. Equipment Stats. Abilities, Passives, Buffs, Debuffs!

How do I use it?
Press F1 (or press the left cont...
[WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default
Created by MoonWolf
This will only work with War of the Chosen!

War of the chosen has two promotion interfaces. The old and trusted two column one and the slick new horizontal one that you get for Resistance Heroes and from the Training Centre....
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Oct 6, 2017 @ 5:57pm
Mod recommendation for Beta Strike ABC+
< >
Hattrick 9 hours ago 
Thanks for the reply, shame about no Hidden Potential but oh well. Point based NCE sounds interesting, my only fear is that it also affects faction heroes and since you only get one of them per campaign I'm okay with them having "vanilla" stats, the thought of rolling an 11 mobilty Templar doesn't sound fun.
DerBK  [author] 12 hours ago 
I use Point-Based NCE in my own games and can recommend i:

I do not use Hidden Potential, so i am not sure which one would be the one to run these days. Last time i checked (which was easily a year ago, maybe more), i think they were mostly not working with custom classes which put me off.
Hattrick 13 hours ago 
Hey man, first of all thanks for all the work you did on your mods, they are one of the many reasons why I have so many hours sunk into this game.

Having said that I was planning to start yet another campaign but wanted to have Not Created Equal and Hidden Potential since I always liked them and was surprised to see Firaxis not have them natively in the game menus. So, what mods do you recommend that add both these settings and are compatible with ABB ?
DerBK  [author] 22 hours ago 
Here's a recent answer i gave to the same question on reddit:


ABE makes up the bulk of my gameplay related mods, but i run a few additional ones. MEC Troopers and World War L are the big ones. Also i run a ton of cosmetics on the side.
TimberWolf91 Nov 12 @ 4:18pm 
Seen some LP's of these mods and they look awesome!

Do you have any other mod recommendations or advice to a newbie of these mods?
DerBK  [author] Oct 28 @ 1:10pm 
The miising packages fix has no meaning for fps .

This modlist is for 4-6 soldiers, but by switching out A Better Campaign for ABC Plus, you get the 6-8 version. See the description for details.
Tripitaka (HUN) Oct 28 @ 7:22am 
can I have another question? am I supposed to play this with squad size 6 members, or will it disrupt the experience when I add a mod that providdes me with 8?
Tripitaka (HUN) Oct 28 @ 7:14am 
Is missing packages fix necessary? I mean that WoTC does is by making everything smller made the game run for me from 20 fps to 40.... if I disable that with this mod, it will be laggy all over again...... or will it?
DerBK  [author] Oct 26 @ 4:12am 
If you encounter pods of 2 then ABC+ doesn't work. with ABC+ there are no 2 man pods outside of maybe story missions.

Go through general troubleshooting (clear inis, revalidate), if you still have the problem you likely have a mod conflict going on.

Run only one of the ABC mods, never both.
Court of Autumn Oct 26 @ 1:52am 
Hey DerBK, a question; I have Better Campaign PLUS to add the extra pod sizes, but I'm still encountering 3 man, sometimes even 2 man, pods. I'm playing on Veteran because I haven't played the game in a god awful long time. Should the difficulty I choose effect things? Or so I need a Better Campaign in addition to Plus?