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Oct 3, 2017 @ 2:16pm
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Version 2.5.0

Older versions
Rimworld b19 version (0.19)[github.com]
Rimworld b18 version (0.18)[github.com]
Rimworld a17 version (0.17)[github.com]

This addon adds new locking door system.
  • Doors can be unlocked to allow enemies and prisoners to pass by (only races that have inteligence "humanlike" or above).
    Note: In order to unlock/lock door, colonist must "flick" the door. Unflicked door will work as unchanged for enemies and prisoners.
  • Doors can exclude visitors (wanna lock some traders?).
  • Pet doors for small animals can now be added to doors.
  • Doors can be assigned to colonists (you can simply restrict rooms to specific colonists without allowed area manager).
  • New Flicking job: Locking/unlocking doors, it has higher priority than normal flicking job. ("Flicking" doors is needed).

How to use
Select door and left click "Lock" command if you want to unlock/lock door.
Right click for more options.
Alternatively you can use "Lock" inspector tab.

This mod has almost zero impact on performance. It's quick and light.

Why do I need this?
I've created this mod to allow prisoners walk through doors while keeping temperature indoors with Prison Labor mod.
You can use this mod to create heat/cold killboxes, lock traders inside, keeping base safe from animals but avoiding destroying doors by pirates.
Also you can lock bedrooms for specific colonists. When that colonist will be in second camp-like base, nobody will sleep in his bed.
You can lock areas from dirty vistors, or lock them when horde of manhunter animals is waiting outside.

  • You can enable this mod to old saves.
  • You can disable this mod from saves, but you need to clear all locking/unlocking job first (all semi-transparent locks shouldn't be visible).
  • There can be compatibility issues with mods that add custom doors with custom security mechanics.
  • For DoorsExpanded use this mod.
  • Lockable Doors mod compatibility - as long as you DO NOT assign any pawns through lockable door menu ("set unlockable"), doors will apply to this mod mechanics.
  • Clutter Structure mod compatibility - this mod leaves management to Clutter Structures, expect you can now "unlock" doors with Locks.

Github project[github.com]
Report bug[aviuz.wufoo.com]

Discord server[discord.gg]
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Apr 13 @ 12:06pm
Prisoners not exiting cells into common area after door unlocking.
Angela™ ᚲᛃᚱᛁᛖᛚ᛭
Jul 11 @ 8:58am
Bug: Animals not passing through "unlocked" doors, only locked ones.
Nika [KWSNi]
< >
eg7560251 Jul 30 @ 10:58pm 
Have been experienced this load error. I tried removing the mod Clutter Structures and I got this exact same error as before. Help!

[BetterLoading] Exception occurred processing mod finalize events! Details: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Locks.Initialization' threw an exception. ---> System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: method
at HarmonyLib.HarmonyMethod..ctor (System.Reflection.MethodInfo method) [0x00016] in <20181e2d55204880a56a9120ef04a53d>:0
at Locks.CompatibilityPatches.ClutterStructure.Init () [0x00032] in <20092d80c64b4510a9793fc766d94e86>:0
at Locks.Initialization..cctor () [0x0000d] in <20092d80c64b4510a9793fc766d94e86>:0
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at (wrapper managed-to-native)
Darc Clan Jul 29 @ 10:31am 
So is there any fix for the issue with pathfinding being stuck for rescued pawns and animals (not guests from Hospitality, or traders visiting), it seems that anyone you rescue from crashlandings who do not decide to stay basically get locked in the room and cannot leave, even if the door is set to allow visiters to use
Vazzaroth Jul 27 @ 10:47am 
Can anyone confirm if I can lock animals out of my houses w/ this? I'm ok with them going into storage, etc, for food but not my kitchen! Keep your filth out!

Always updating allowed areas gets tedious fast.
TheBlueLeafeon Jul 23 @ 5:03am 
Can I use this to prevent traders from entering MY food stores and eating MY food? Because a trader group totally just raided my freezer and I am livid.
smitty_the_smith Jul 20 @ 9:59pm 
About your comment "Without prison labor mod, prisoners wont go outside cell. Vanilla game limitation." Why can't you just copy the bit of script from Prison Labor mod to this mod and have it inactive when Prison labor is installed? Seems a simple bit of copy pasta.
I do love your mods by the way. Thank You.
Farbott Jul 13 @ 2:41pm 
Visitors allowed: Check, Visitors? Dont go through
Cato Jul 13 @ 10:02am 
This mod gives me stuttering, presumably from animal pathing. Only starts when I have door unlocked and stops when the door is locked. It's enough for me to drop the mod.
Death_dx Jul 12 @ 8:42am 
Seems to be kinda hinky with animals. My warg puppies (and adults) starved because they wouldn't enter the corpse locker (locked to my bloodluster pawn) despite having a pet door. Maybe this is semi-intended behavior? Odd though since I think they can all use the locked (pet door enabled) perimeter border doors to my base.
JoBirdie Jul 9 @ 9:23pm 
Pretty good mod my only problem was rescued strangers unable to exit. I had to unlock a path for them to leave on their own, does "allow visitors" fix this issue? Haven't seen anyone to rescue to test.
Evil Star Jun 30 @ 2:54am 
Is there a reason why this mod would not work with the plant human mod?