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*TEXTURE PACK* - NieR Automata
By GPUnity
HD texture pack purposed to upgrade low quality assets.
Texture Pack creator: GPUnity

I modify video-game graphics and am responsible for the Arkham Asylum & Arkham City texture packs (guides soon). I started working on NieR: Automata's texture pack due to a significantly noticeable amount of low resolution textures (and because i love the game). This game was originally optimised with PS4 in mind, which could explain the textures. Keep in mind that this texture pack is in alpha, so you may notice many textures are not yet modified.

This Texture Pack requires Fix Automata Resolution mod.

Refer To Aemony's Guide For Texture Pack Installation
Check out FAR installation section and the 'Texture mods' section:
Screenshots Comparison

Video Comparison
Current version:
V0.27 - 09/10/2017:Added screenshot showing changed tires/wood textures. Textures now assorted into subdirectory folder called 'TexturePackV0.27'.

A2's body to be overhauled. Some amusement park textures updated. Textures will be divided into different folders based on texture type. New video showcase.

Previous version:
V0.25 - 03/10/2017: Released texture pack for FAR. Added 4 screenshots and video showcase.
Latest version:

V0.27 (640mb when extracted):

Texture Pack V0.27 .Zip format - 400mb
Texture Pack V0.27 .Rar format - 353mb

Previous versions::

V0.25 (611mb when extracted).:

Texture Pack V0.25 .Zip format - 380mb
Texture Pack V0.25 .Rar format - 336mb
View changelog section for more details
Q: Some textures are still low resolution -_-
A: It's in Alpha. It also takes a while to identify a texture out of 1000s of dumped textures. Share a screenshot of said textures to make me aware of any textures i might miss.

Q: Why aren't you using Resorep?
A: Two reasons.
1: Most players already use FAR mod (Fix Automata Resolution) mod and it's convenient to use its texture injecting option for easier texture pack installation. Many users struggled to install my previous texture pack v0.13 that used Resorep.
2: Resorep (as of version 1.7.0) and Reshade aren't compatible with each other.

Q: New texture resolution?
A: Mostly 4096x4096 aka 4k textures for now (usually updated from 512x512). By the time the texture pack nears completion, i may do some optimisation to keep the final texture pack at a minimal size. This means lowering the resolution to say 3072x3072 or 2048x2048 if it proves adequate.

Q: How often will you update this texture pack?
A: It usually depends on my mood and how busy i am. It's too difficult to make an approximate but i would definitely take more than a month in between each update. I also jump between different games quite a bit.

Q: How many textures do you intend to cover?
A: My goal is between 200-300 textures. Goal can change depending on if i find many more low resolution textures.

Q: Requirements/Performance impact?
A: If you have a decent amount of ram on your graphics card, you shouldn't have any performance impacts. At 1080p, v-ram usage is generally under 2gb. This could change in the future as more textures are covered. It is also best to have the game installed on your fastest storage drive.
- I use a 4gb GTX 970 (heavily overclocked), which can mantain 60fps most of the time at 2560x1080. This is with global illumination set to medium, and ambient occlusion/bloom set to native resolution in FAR. Blur and MSAA are disabled.
Final Notes and donations:
I'm always welcome to reasonable criticism. It only helps the final results so feel free to comment your opinion.

Want to help with the texture pack? Add me on Steam and message me.

To support this project, you can donate here:

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GPUnity  [author] Nov 17 @ 4:52am 
@claudio718 Should be released by the end of the year at the latest.
claudio718 Nov 17 @ 12:41am 
When the next update will be released?
Thanks for your work!
DAOWAce Nov 15 @ 6:01am 
Take a long break from the game, come back to find out someone's made (and still making) a high-res texture pack.

This is awesome.

Shame some of the textures are a bit different, and there's a fair amount of grain applied to them, but I guess I'd take them over the 2001 crap in the game that completely detracts from its beauty.

Thank you for making this. And nice to see another 21:9 user!
GPUnity  [author] Nov 2 @ 9:23am 
@Man Ray No. Performance should remain mostly the same as before, as long as you have sufficient graphics card memory. You can change global illumination settings in FAR's control panel if you want better performance.
Hanzo Shimada Nov 2 @ 6:55am 
hi, does this mod improve fps?
imperator-sky Oct 23 @ 11:32am 
Thx a lot for the work
Reyxco Oct 14 @ 11:30am 
Ok, that makes sense. I'll double check the format if I'm working on something else now that I know the format can be different
GPUnity  [author] Oct 14 @ 11:16am 
FAR tells you the texture format of what you're dumping, so the settings always depends on the format. For example:
DXGI_FORMAT_BC1_UNORM_SRGB (diffuse textures) is the same settings you listed for photoshop, you got the settings right.
For normal maps, it's DXGI_FORMAT_BC1_UNORM (non srgb), so you change 'sRGB, DX10+' compression settings to 'linear' in photoshop.
Reyxco Oct 14 @ 11:01am 
If you wouldn't mind me asking one more thing, can you confirm what export settings you use to save your DDS files from PS? What I came up with was:
Texture Type: Color
Compression: BC1 4bpp (sRGB, DX10+)
Mip Maps: Auto Generate

Thank you again and I'm kind of a rookie at all this but if there is anything I can do to assist you please let me know
Reyxco Oct 14 @ 11:00am 
Welp, I think it's time to give up on GIMP. Tried multiple compression settings, downloaded sRGB colorspace profiles and plugins, different conversion methods and nothing worked. Perhaps I'm missing something but unless I'm wrong, GIMP is just not able to apply the sRGB properly.

I downloaded the 7 day trial of PS, installed the plugins and on the first try it worked. I swear, the heavens opened and trupets played when 9S emerged from his refrigerator and his jacket was still black lol I've been working on this for days. Based on what you and everyone else I've asked has told me, my settings should be correct. And in PS they are but still GIMP was unable to apply the sRGB.

Thank you very much for your time and also thank you for the great Texture Pack you released, everything looks awesome! If you want to try messing around with GIMP and figure out what went wrong I would like to know what needed to be done differently but if not don't worry about it.