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HD Texture Pack
By GPUnity
HD texture pack for NieR:Automata - Updates low quality assets + Minor performance impact.

NieR: Automata is one of my favourite games. Unfortunately, it suffers from some blurry textures that hurt the presentation. My goal is to provide a natural restoration to the low-res textures, maintaining the intended look.

This texture pack is complete. Thank you everyone for showing your support throughout this journey, it means a lot. If you liked this mod, consider subscribing to my Youtube channel which features even more graphical mods for other games!

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The NieR:Automata Texture Pack requires Kaldaien's Fix Automata Resolution mod or Special K for the Steam version.

Windows Store users check here.[]

Click on an image for a bigger preview
2B's textures are hand drawn, combined with the dress creases from her SCVI normal map.

A2's diffuse texture was re-drawn entirely by hand.

Some textures re-use existing textures in the game files.
These textures can be found in the beginning of the game

V1.03 (1.13gb download - 1.89gb when extracted):
Texture Pack V1.03 []
V1.03 - Lite (0.56gb download - 0.97gb when extracted):
Texture Pack V1.03 - Lite []
Try Lite if on a lower-end system.
V1.03 - For 1080p (0.53gb download - 0.8gb when extracted):
For 1080p and lower resolution panels.

*Remember to completely delete previously downloaded texture pack version before installing the latest version, this is the only version needed!

View changelog section for more details
This Texture Pack is quick to apply if you already have the latest version of the FAR (Fix Automata Resolution)[] mod installed:

After installing FAR, check the DOWNLOAD section in this guide and download the latest texture pack version. Extract the downloaded file and copy the 'SK_Res' folder to the game's directory. The texture pack should be installed.

Refer to Aemony's guide for FAR installation:

For users running Special K Global (including Windows Store users):
Drop the 'SK_Res' folder here:
(User)\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\NieRAutomata(dot)exe\
- you may need to start the game once with Special K active to create a profile folder

Refer to the Special K wiki guide for more info on the Windows Store version

If you've already downloaded an earlier version of the texture pack, you will first need to delete the version you've installed before injecting the most recent version.

You can do this by entering the game's directory and looking for my texture pack folder:

It's where your game files are stored. You can find it by right-clicking the game on Steam, select properties>local files>browse local files - Steam should reveal the game's location in 'file explorer'.

  • Make sure you use the 'automated' FAR install option, as opposed to 'manual'. - Additional info is in Aemony's FAR guide listed above.

  • Open dinput8.ini/dxgi.ini in NieR: Automata's folder directory. Search for '[Textures.D3D11]' - make sure the below values are the same:

    [Textures.D3D11] Cache=true PreciseHash=false Dump=false Inject=true ResourceRoot=SK_Res InjectionKeepsFormat=false GenerateMipmaps=false

You might experience more stutter than usual as both the game and textures are loading on the same storage drive. You can reduce these stutters by increasing your texture cache, or by running the game on a faster drive (preferrably SSD).

You can increase your texture cache with the slider in SK/FAR’s control panel under the texture management settings. If you have a 6gb GPU or higher, i suggest a value of at least 3.5 gigabytes. Do not max out this setting.

Alternatively, you can inject the textures from a drive location that's different from where the game is installed.

1. To do this, move the SK_Res folder to your preferred location (different drive) 2. Open the newly placed SK_Res folder and copy the directory address, for example: C:\SK_Res or G:\SK_Res 3. Open dinput8.ini (or dxgi.ini) from the game's directory and search for 'Textures.General' (quick search with ctrl+f) - Change the value of ResourceRoot (under Textures.General) by pasting your copied address. For example: ResourceRoot=SK_Res changes to ResourceRoot=C:\SK_Res\ or ResourceRoot=G:\SK_Res\ Save changes and the textures should now load from the newly assigned directory.

Keep in mind the vanilla game already suffers from some default stutters even with an SSD, due to fundamental design flaws. These stutters are true for consoles too, as made evident in tests by Digital Foundry.
Current version:
V1.03 - 26/07/2021: UI & Font textures added again by Triforceguard.

Previous versions:
V1.02 - 16/07/2021: Renamed FAR_Res folder to SK_Res. Removed UI textures due to incompatibility with the new game patch.

V1.01 - 15/05/2021: Sorted transparency issue in font textures, and removed hidden files folder.

V1.0 - 08/05/2021: We made it, somehow. Redid A2’s diffuse texture to be more accurate to vanilla. HUD improvements by Triforceguard. Fixed many texture inconsistencies. Also used AI upscaling for some textures, none of which have been showcased.

V0.75 - 21/12/2018: Small update. Brings improvements to A2 and 2B. Also adds some further updated textures, with the help of machine learning: letsenhance(dot)io. This doesn't mean i'm going to rely on machine learning for my texture pack.

V0.73 - 02/12/2018: It's finally here! And it includes over 230 textures, along with 2B remastered! It's taken almost a year to release this next major version. This update should make every area look more consistent. I'm too busy (and lazy) to showcase every single texture, i also don't remember everything i've updated at this point. Expect more textures to be updated in-game than what was showcased.

V0.45 - 28/06/2018: Another small update - there was an issue with one of the diffuse textures in the previous version (thank you Photoshop) - I've fixed this issue and as a bonus, i've also added in some Amusement Park textures i'd been working on for the next major update - this upcoming update will feature many more updated textures and is under heavy progress right now!

V0.43.1 - 25/06/2018: Small update - Improved and fixed certain textures. A2 and some other previously updated textures should appear better. The reduced download size compared to V0.43 is normal.
- Certain textures particularly in the desert area had issues due to the many alpha textures interrupting each other. Should be fine now but let me know if anything else pops up, hard to spot everything on my own. - erm, so i had to delete the download option for this version due to an unfortunately glitchy texture. Irony.

V0.43 - 11/01/2018: A2 remastered from scratch. Desert textures overhauled. Various textures updated. Textures assigned to folders based on in-game location. A2 is in her own folder for anyone that wants to use other A2 mods - anyone can also edit her textures for their own A2 mods, just remember to provide credit :)

V0.27 - 09/10/2017: Textures now assorted into subdirectory folder called 'TexturePackV0.27'.

V0.25 - 03/10/2017: Updated texture pack and changed texture injection method using FAR.

V0.13 - 09/06/2017: First version of the texture pack released. Used Resorep for texture injection.

Requirements - Will I Be Able To Run This Mod?
Yes, anyone who can run the default game should be able to run this mod.

Which version should i run?
If you're confident in the power of your system, run the default texture pack. If you're running into some stutter, or are unsure of your system's capabilities then run the Lite version. If you have a 1080p monitor, use the 1080p version. The Lite and 1080p versions are optimised to still hold up well against the default version.

New texture resolution?
Mostly 4096x4096 aka 4k textures for the regular version. Lite version includes carefully reduced texture quality. Some textures are downscaled, some are removed and few remain at 4k for good reason.

Can i re-use your character textures?
Yes, anyone's permitted to re-use my A2/2B textures, whether they want to modify their own versions or want to use the textures in a different game. Just remember to credit me :)

Does this work with the Game Pass version?
Yes. Check the installation section for the Windows Store version.

Some textures are still low resolution?
Yeah, i'd have to go through probably close to 1000 textures if i want the game to look perfectly clean every step of the way. I don't have the time nor money to cover literally everything, and i feel i've done enough. This is goodbye for me personally, i don't want to revisit this texture pack unless it's for good reason.

Why NexusMods?
NexusMods has a download revenue system and Youtube revenue on its own is very low. It's a small ask to deal with NexusMods' default bandwidth limitations for what is a free texture pack. I don't plan to host the texture pack anywhere else.

Donate with Paypal[]
All my mods are free, but donations are highly appreciated.

TriforceGuard – for working on the HUD textures and expressing motivation for the project.

Thanks to (in alphabetical order):

And huge thanks to everyone who has donated and waited patiently for the final update.

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gio' Nov 19 @ 1:00pm 
Great work!:steamhappy:
Electron Libre Jul 12 @ 8:43am 
If FAR is mandatory then it's a no.:repoop:
whiiitetrash Jun 20 @ 8:58am 
i'd like to launch game with new textures from steam. is it possible to do somehow?
GPUnity  [author] May 4 @ 4:42am 
Launch the game with Special K active and the directory will appear after.
Brewski- CaseGod- 2071522 May 3 @ 11:38pm
MY special K does not have the directory
Saliva Mar 5 @ 7:51am 
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Нихера не работает эта шляпа, как ни пытался
TonyMax.Fr Oct 30, 2022 @ 9:52pm 
So we absolutely need FAR ? why it's not written anywhere ?
And how can i do without it, please ?
ゼント大和 Aug 26, 2022 @ 10:53pm