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HD Texture Pack - NieR: Automata
By GPUnity
HD texture pack purposed to upgrade low quality assets. Minor performance impact.
Currently at work on the next major update!

Texture Pack creator: GPUnity
"I modify video-game graphics and am responsible for the Arkham Asylum & Arkham City texture packs."

NieR: Automata has quickly become one of my favourite games. Unfortunately, it suffers from some blurry textures that hurt the presentation. My goal is to provide a natural restoration to the low-res textures, maintaining the intended look.

- Keep in mind that this texture pack isn't yet complete, so you may notice many textures are not yet modified. - also, don't forget to rate the guide!

This Texture Pack requires Fix Automata Resolution mod.

UPDATE 0.43:

A2 Remastered:

UPDATE 0.27:

UPDATE 0.25:


V0.45 (808mb download - 1.21gb when extracted):

Texture Pack V0.45 - (Nexus Mods Site)[]
Texture Pack V0.45 (Aemony's Server - Instant Download)[]

*Remember to completely delete previously downloaded texture pack version before installing latest version!

Previous Versions:

V0.43 (785mb download - 1.22gb when extracted):

Texture Pack V0.43 - (Nexus Mods Site)[]
Texture Pack V0.43 (Aemony's Server - Instant Download)[]

V0.27 (640mb when extracted):

Texture Pack V0.27 .Zip format[] - 400mb
Texture Pack V0.27 .Rar format[] - 353mb

V0.25 (611mb when extracted).:

Texture Pack V0.25 .Zip format[] - 380mb
Texture Pack V0.25 .Rar format[] - 336mb
View changelog section for more details
This Texture Pack is quick to apply if you already have FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) mod installed:

After installing FAR, check the DOWNLOAD section in this guide and download the latest texture pack version. Extract the downloaded file and copy the 'FAR_Res' folder to the game's directory. The texture pack should be installed.

Refer to Aemony's guide for FAR installation:

If you've already downloaded an earlier version of the texture pack, you will first need to delete the version you've installed before injecting the most recent version.

You can do this by entering the game's directory and looking for my texture pack folder:

It's where your game files are stored. You can find it by right-clicking the game on Steam, select properties>local files>browse local files - Steam should reveal the game's location in 'file explorer'.

  • Make sure you use the 'automated' FAR install option, as opposed to 'manual'. - Additional info is in Aemony's FAR guide listed above.

  • Open dinput8.ini in NieR: Automata's folder directory. Search for '[Textures.D3D11]' - make sure the below values are the same:


You may notice more stutter than usual as both the game and textures are loading on the same storage drive. You can reduce these stutters on a faster drive (preferrably SSD).

Alternatively, you can inject the textures from a drive location that's different from where the game is installed.

1. To do this, move the FAR_Res folder to your preferred location (different drive)
2. Open the newly placed FAR_Res folder and copy the directory address, for example: C:\Far_Res or G:\Far_Res
3. Open dinput8.ini from the game's directory and search for 'Textures.General' (quick search with ctrl+f) - Change the value of ResourceRoot (under Textures.General) by pasting your copied address. For example:
ResourceRoot=Far_Res changes to ResourceRoot=C:\Far_Res\ or ResourceRoot=G:\Far_Res\
Save changes and the textures should now load from the new assigned directory.

Keep in mind the vanilla game already suffers from some default stutters even with an SSD, due to how the game is optimised. These stutters are true for consoles too, as made evident by Digital Foundry.

Current version:

V0.45 - 28/06/2018: Another small update - there was an issue with one of the diffuse textures in the previous version (thank you Photoshop) - I've fixed this issue and as a bonus, i've also added in some Amusement Park textures i'd been working on for the next major update - this update will feature many more updated textures and is under heavy progress right now!

2018 UPDATE: I'm working really hard on getting this next version released as soon as i can! Can't say exactly when it will release.

*Excuse the delay for the next version. My GTX 970 died, i wasn't able to open graphics-intensive software for a straight month :(
I've upgraded to an R5 1600 and was provided with a GTX 980 by Kaldaien (thank you seriously) + credits to Aemony too for covering the (rather stupid and unexpected) customs charges for the GPU shipment. No ETA on the next version of the texture pack, but i'm working on it right now :D

Previous versions:
V0.43.1 - 25/06/2018: Small update - Improved and fixed certain textures. A2 and some other previously updated textures should appear better. The reduced download size compared to V0.43 is normal.
- Certain textures particularly in the desert area had issues due to the many alpha textures interrupting each other. Should be fine now but let me know if anything else pops up, hard to spot everything on my own. - erm, so i had to delete the download option for this version due to an unfortunately glitchy texture. Irony.

V0.43 - 11/01/2018: A2 remastered from scratch. Desert textures overhauled. Some various textures updated. Textures assigned to folders based on in-game location. A2 is in her own folder for anyone that wants to use other A2 mods - anyone can also edit her textures for their own A2 mods, just remember to give credit :)

V0.27 - 09/10/2017: Textures now assorted into subdirectory folder called 'TexturePackV0.27'.

V0.25 - 03/10/2017: Updated texture pack and changed texture injection method using FAR.

V0.13 - 09/06/2017: First version of the texture pack released. Used Resorep for texture injection.
Q: Some in-game textures are still low resolution?
A: It's in Alpha, with loads of textures to cover.

Q: Why aren't you using Resorep?
A: Two reasons.
1: Most players already use FAR mod (Fix Automata Resolution) mod and it's convenient to use its texture injecting option for easier texture pack installation. Many users struggled to install my first texture pack v0.13 that used Resorep.
2: Resorep (as of version 1.7.0) and Reshade aren't compatible with each other.

Q: New texture resolution?
A: Mostly 4096x4096 aka 4k textures for now (usually updated from 512x512). I intend to have a 2k textures option with the next major update. I would expect this version to run very easily with little to no impact for any user that can already run the game decently.

Q: How often will you update this texture pack?
A: It usually depends on my mood and how busy i am. It's too difficult to make an approximate but i would definitely take more than a month in between each update. I also jump between different games quite a bit.

Q: How many textures do you intend to cover?
A: My goal is around 300 textures. Goal can change depending on if i find many more low resolution textures.

Q: Where's 2B and 9S remastered?
A: My monitor is 1080 vertical pixels. It's difficult seeing any improvements that can be made to the two characters when viewing them at this resolution. A2's diffuse texture was only a quarter of the resolution of 2B and 9S, an update to her was necessary. That's not to say i won't improve 2B and 9S eventually, i will still go for it but i just won't be able to analyse any changes as well as i'd like to.

Q: Requirements and Performance Impact - Will I Be Able To Run This Mod?
A: If you have a decent amount of ram on your graphics card, you should have a minor performance impact at most. At 1080p, v-ram usage is generally under 2gb. This could change in the future as more textures are covered. A 2k textures option will be made for the next version, which should maintain the 2gb requirement. It is also best to have the game installed on your fastest storage drive.

You can also use FAR to lower the 'global illumination' setting of the game. This has a minor impact (if any) on the game's visuals whilst significantly boosting performance which is highly recommended.
I'm always welcome to reasonable criticism. It only helps the final results so feel free to comment your opinion.

Want to help with the texture pack? Add me on Steam and message me.

To support this project, you can donate here:
Donate with Paypal[]

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Darktalon 17 hours ago 
can't wait!
BolZ Sep 17 @ 3:30pm 
GPUnity  [author] Sep 17 @ 6:40am 
The aim is to release two more versions and that will be when the mod is complete. The upcoming update will be version: 0.7- and the final update is when i reach 1.0 :)

Not sure when i'll release the next update and i've proven terrible with estimating release windows lol.
BolZ Sep 17 @ 1:57am 
Hey man how's going with the new update? This one will be the last or not? I've stopped playing waiting for it :)
GPUnity  [author] Aug 26 @ 9:40am 
If the below method doesn't work, you can use Reshade's debanding shader. Keep in mind the results won't be as good as with the deband mod but it still works well.
the.jester Aug 26 @ 8:28am 
Of course, next step is to then install the HD texture pack.
the.jester Aug 26 @ 8:27am 
It is possible to get everything to run. Remove all traces of FAR, the deband mod and start again. Do the following:
1) download and install the latest version of FAR, then delete dinput8.dll and dinput8.pdb
- I also removed the unofficial reshade files too.
2) download the latest version of specialK - 0.9.23 from github and extract it.
3) copy specialk64.dll and specialk64.pdb in nier automata's game folder and rename dinput8.dll and dinput8.pdb respectively.
4) download the latest build of 3dmigoto from github (think it's 1.3.8) extract contents into nier automata's game folder
5) download the debanding mod and extract to another directory, then only copy the shaderfixes folder into the nier automata game folder. Copying anything else will result in the game crashing at start up.

The game should then start up correctly with both FAR and 3dMigoto, you may need to adjust the .ini file to get rid of OSD, I can’t remember which what makes it disappear though.
BolZ Aug 26 @ 6:00am 
Simply you can't, the game crashes instantly when launched with FAR and Debanding installed!
Anyone know how to get this to work when you have the Debanding Mod By roxahris also installed?
GPUnity  [author] Aug 24 @ 2:30am 
Make sure you've updated to the latest version of FAR.