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The Twilight Knight
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The Twilight Knight

No stranger to crossovers the Twilight Knight has been seen in numerous other franchises. Hell Dorado, Wrath of Kings, Myth & Super Dungeon Explore to name a few. Well now she's brought her crazy sentient blade into the world of Kingdom Death to slaughter a few monsters.

Garbed in her iconic cloak she stalks from the shadows. No-one knows from whence she hails but when she made her presence known within the settlement few would deny her the opportunity to face the many foes that surround it. In truth her outward battles mirror the inner struggle she faces, fending off the sword's murderous biddings for she and the blade are one. Sometimes she hears it speak to her in the darkness. In moments of weakness she answers back.

The Twilight Knight is a monster hunter of the "Trollslayer" variety. That is to say that she's used to picking out the single largest foe she can find and trying to take it down single handedly. At least that's how things would work out in her homeland. When monsters preyed upon her people she would venture out alone into the darkness. That being said the monsters she is used to are generally all of a larger and more deadly variety than those that surround the Hamlet. Now she must face crowds of smaller foes and has had to adapt her strategies accordingly.

Originally intended to be a female Leper reskin, the Twilight Knight has grown into being her own separate class with her own play style. One interesting thing that I wanted to do with her was to try to push the affliction & virtue system to it's limits. That didn't work out so well. While I wanted her to be frequently Virtuous that was just too powerful. Now she has a much more reasonably balanced series of stress management skills and abilities that, rather than pushing constant resolve tests, help her to stave off the madness. This is in keeping with her Kingdom Death lore where the murderous sword is constantly driving her on to slay and kill while her special cloak helps to mask her thoughts from the sword (tricking it into believing it has some degree of control over her and thus making it more ammenable during their time together).

She can be played as an interesting balancing act who leads by example. In this case as battle sways her sanity swings back and forth ever on the brink of an act of heroism or a total emotional break down. Otherwise she can be played as a calm collected killer - callous and dispassionate as far as her companions go.

Combat Skills:

Soothing Slash: A fairly regular front-line attack that alsoremoves a small amount of stress from the Twilight Knight.

Whirlwind Attack: The Twilight Knight rushes in amongst her foes knocking them about in disarray.

Slay the Beast: A vicious attack that shows her training against both Beasts and Eldritch Foes (for both are found in her homelands). This heavy attack leaves her exposed, however, and she takes time to regain her posture.

Strike to Stun: Pommel to the face! Half swording at it's finest. The name of the skill says it all really.

Anticipation: Drawing on the sword's empathy, the Twilight Knight studies her opponents - ready to evade incoming blows, ready to strike back at the first opening.

Glimmer of Hope: She holds up the Lantern and Exorts her companions with what little false hope she can muster. This causes stress relief across the party for all save the Twilight Knight who bears the burdens she removes from others receiving a hefty amount of stress. * Please note that the amount of stress gained displayed on the tooltip is incorrect. This is because of something that is hard coded into the game. She will actually gain 3-4 times that much.

Leap of Faith: Surging forwards the Twilight Knight leaps high and slams her blade down low as she lands. This heavy blows takes the wind out of her and she has to rely on her armour to keep her alive while she is incapable of dodging.

Camping Skills:

Encourage, Wound Care & Pep Talk (everyone gets these)

The First Story: The Twilight Knight tells the oldest story of her tribe. The first story. It is the tale of how a small group of humans faced off against a hideous monster and survived. This tale brings hope to the other heroes gathered around the campfire but also warns them of the dangers they might face.

Talk to the Sword: "'cause the face ain't listening". Late at night she whispers to her sword. Wicked plots, evil schemes. Is she merely mollifying it's volatile temper or is she beginning to yield to it's wicked desires? While she will fight better in the near future hearing these plots and schemes seriously stresses out her companions.

The Edge of Reason: In times of direst need the Twilight Knight's unhinged mind is likely to snap. As her sanity wavers on a knife's edge anything could happen. This skill is very unpredictible. Only use it if you're a bit of a gambler or if you really have nothing to use!

Murmuring Lantern: The thrumming sounds of the Lantern's constant reverberations keep foes at bay ('though few can say if the monsters find these sounds unbearable or if they are tricked into believing that other monsters are nearby and thus fail to investigate). What is certain is that the heroes have a hard time sleeping and feel twitchy and on edge afterwards as if expecting danger at every turn.

Kingdom Death is a delightfully dark and gritty fantasy world in which humanity is most definitely at the bottom of the food chain. Small groups of primative humans gather in remote settlements to survive the depradations of mighty monsters. It is the creation of Adam Poots and you can find out all about it at www.kingdomdeath.com but be careful. Some of the images and artwork are definitely Not Safe For Work. You have been warned.

The Twilight Knight is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, Darkest Dungeon and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.

Adam Poots for creating Kingdom Death. It's a wonderfully dark and gritty world. Feel free to go and look it up.
Balgin for some of the initial artwork, keeping things organised and keeping everything going for over a year oif development.
killthemall for most of the artwork.
Acero Steel for helping finish off the art.
Exaelus for sorting out most of the scripting, balance guidance, some sound effects and putting me in touch with some great playtesters.
Scorpiovaeden for running a few of the sprites through spine so they'd have custom atlas & skel files and for some important early pointers and support.
Actionjack for some early pointers and support.
The unknown creator of "that female leper skin" for providing an underlying body silhouette without the chunky thigh plates.
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Feb 24 @ 2:50pm
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Balgin Stondraeg  [author] Jul 17 @ 2:05am 
Yes. There were some typos but they've now been corrected.
Forious Jul 17 @ 1:06am 
"Tiny update today. All that's changed is tidying up the Polish language translation. Nothing else has been changed yet."

So it means it was have Polish localization?
Balgin Stondraeg  [author] Jul 16 @ 5:50am 
Thanks for the report. I'm a bit busy today but I'll look into it later.
hellements Jul 15 @ 10:34pm 
@Balgin Stondraeg Hello. I would like to report a couple errors showing on debugging as you can see here https://www.upload.ee/files/8685729/TK_report.rar.html
The error 1 shows up just after the map loads and the error 2 when we use the Glimmer of Hope skill.
Sorry if you are aware of it already but if not there it is.
Balgin Stondraeg  [author] Jul 14 @ 3:07pm 
I have no idea what could be causing that. I've never seen the skill become available like that before.
Colonel Porksworth Jul 14 @ 2:42pm 
Is there something broken about the Whirlwind Attack skill?

I and the enemies are in the proper positions, but i can't use it.

It isn't just this battle having the issue, either. I had been in one before and the attack still is unusable as if i'm missing something. I have no mod that should be conflicting, only other classes and their respective trinkets.

Balgin Stondraeg  [author] Jul 12 @ 1:22pm 
Thankyou. I'll look into getting these patched in to the next updates.
hellements Jul 12 @ 12:09pm 
@Balgin Stondraeg @The Last Raven Hello there. I was looking on the files and I did some changes that will make those 3 shared camping skills (encourage, wound care and pep talk) to match both original order and functionality. I also did the same for the Librarian class that has same "issue". Here are the files: https://www.upload.ee/files/8672592/Fix.rar.html
To install it, just replace the files on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\262060\1154908982\raid\camping\ for the Twilight Knight and on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\262060\1185211485\raid\camping for the Librarian.
@Balgin Stondraeg Feel free to use it if you want to merge it on your mods.
Beggar Jul 11 @ 7:06pm 
Amazing mod thank you very much! the animations and illustration are spot on, the pierce really feels like theres weight behind it. well done.
The Last Raven Jul 11 @ 5:47pm 
Bummer, alrighty well it's not that big of a deal, love the mod though anyway, she's my favorite class so far