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VCZ Multifloor Elevator
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Oct 1, 2017 @ 5:04pm
Jul 28 @ 7:28pm
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VCZ Multifloor Elevator

Now works on Dedicated Servers!
I only tested it on my local server (same PC I am playing on) and it is working. Please report any issues in the Bug Reports section.
Player hosted multiplayer should be working in most cases.
Should not freeze the game anymore but may still record errors in the log until it's used at least once.
Works on moving grids.
Keep in mind to fly in a straight line or be gentle while turning or the player using the elevator may get flung out violently when they reach their desired floor.

Here is what the VCZ Multifloor Elevator includes:
+ Up to 9 floors per elevator (of course can be as little as 2).
+ Up to 100 blocks total height of the elevator (including the bottom and top floors).
+ Modular construction (so you can build an elevator according to your floor plan and not the other way around).
+ Includes filler block for the space between floors.
+ Includes an Air Vent filler block (so you don't suffocate inside your own elevator).
+ 5 different speed variants ranging from 1 m/s to 9 m/s.

What are the included blocks:
These should be pretty self explanatory, but still...:
Floor blocks:
VCZ Elevator Bottom - The block for the first floor;
VCZ Elevator Middle - The block used for any other floor between the first and the last;
VCZ Elevator Top - The block for the last floor;

Elevator blocks:
These are the main Elevator blocks. They start the script and have the elevator cabin. Pretty much nothing will work without one of them in your elevator. ;)
VCZ Elevator 9m/s
VCZ Elevator 7m/s
VCZ Elevator 5m/s
VCZ Elevator 3m/s
VCZ Elevator 1m/s

Filler blocks:
VCZ Elevator Filler - A filler block to place between floors.
VCZ Elevator Filler Vent - Same as above but also works as an Air Vent.

How to find the blocks:
All blocks are available in the G-Menu in a separate group called "VCZ Mod Blocks".
Also you should be able to find two main blocks with mouse-scrollable options for the other blocks in the main (All Blocks) G-Menu screen. They should appear on the same line with the doors (unless you are using other mods that use the same place). The 3 floor variants with the 2 filler blocks are combined together in one group and all the elevator blocks are in the other.

How to build it:
1. Start with the block "VCZ Elevator Bottom".
2. Directly on top of it place any of the Elevator blocks defining speed (you only need 1).
3. Place filler blocks and middle floors until you reach your top floor (or the maximum height).
4. There place the block "VCZ Elevator Top".
5. That's it! Hop in and start riding your new elevator. ;)
If you suffer from lag and are falling trough the floor, try using an Elevator block with lower speed.

Varied construction components for different blocks.

The Elevator block and the Floor blocks are controlled by a script. If you are using any type of script for automatic door control either as a Programmable block version or as a mod version, please refer to it's documentation and find the tag that's used to exclude doors from being controlled (usually [Excluded] or something similar) and add it to the name of the Elevator block and any Floor blocks.

I want to make the elevator require more power while working than it does now. Please give me some ideas of how much power should it consume.

Please report any bugs you may encounter.
I have tested it thoroughly and in various different situations but I am sure I may have missed something.

VCZ Modular Cockpit with Dashboard Indicators
VCZ Multifloor Elevator
VCZ Gravity Plates and Catwalks
VCZ Doors
VCZ Small Ship Assembler
VCZ Small Ship Refinery
VCZ Medium Reactor
VCZ Medical Station
VCZ Gas Tanks

As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Shaostoul for his modding tutorial series on YouTube and his extensive thread[] on KEEN’s forum!
Harag for his plugin for Blender![]
Eikester for his help with the script!
Huge Thanks to rexxar for making most of the multiplayer stuff and DarkStar for helping me figure out the DS issues!
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Oct 20 @ 2:23pm
PINNED: Bug reports
Sep 17 @ 11:17am
Oct 21 @ 1:41am
Not really a bug but some advice (height limit)
< >
MrX13415 7 hours ago 
YES! Finaly working on Server. THANK YOU!
stedo Oct 20 @ 2:24pm 
PS, bug has been posted in bug reports :)
stedo Oct 20 @ 2:18pm 
Brilliant mod. been using it for a while. just had an issue in my current game, could be an isolated thing,certainly not had it before but I set up the lift in the usual way in a shaft that was a verticle passageway in a captured ship. placed the bottom and then the 3 m/s lift and it said there was a block in the way.

tried reloading but same issue.

One attempt i got the lift to come down but despite being on the ground /1st floor it showed 2nd floor and the door wouldn't open.

Very odd as I have been using the lift for a while now and there was a previously working lift in the same game that is now not working......

Not complaining though I just mention it in case you have ideas for a fix/or its a known bug....

anyway that aside thanks for this awesome mod.
gozeruk Oct 20 @ 9:49am 
any way of increasing more than 100 blocks high?
MOOKIE1590 Oct 19 @ 6:44am 
@rexxar. I'm not sure if you're still updating this mod.
But I'm having an issue here.
If my ship is moving at all, I can't use these. If I get withing 3 blocks of the elevatory system. It starts teleportiong me all over the place and mach speed. I use this script for orbiting and when I move these become unusable.
I can upload my mod list. Or if you have a debug setting I can enable that and send you the log.
Nuckinfutzcat Oct 12 @ 8:04am 
Anyone get this -> cannot convert from 'VRageMath.Vector3' to 'VRageMath.Vector3I' in the log.
with an elevator cab high in the sky?
adamsrealm Sep 27 @ 3:47am 
@Lippo92, You can't. Tried this a while ago myself.
Doctor Octoganapus Sep 23 @ 7:41pm 
@Vicizlat Would it be possible to allow the builder to choose the floor numbers, and have them in the reverse order?
Lippo92 Sep 19 @ 11:02am 
@adamsrealm i do not know how. We have a controlroom with LCDs but i have no idea how i give back the current floor
adamsrealm Sep 18 @ 12:44pm 
@Lippo92 Are you trying to use an LCD to display the current floor?