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Project CARS 2

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CrewChief - Realistic/Helpful spotter for Project Cars 2
By JetMorris
This guide explains how to get CrewChief (an excellent spotter, which in my opinion is better than that found in iRacing) for Project Cars 2.
The option to use the old data protocol from Project Cars 1 has been implemented into Project Cars 2. This means that all the external applications like telemetrics apps that worked on the first game will work in the second.

Obviously, there are new settings in the second game that won't be transmitted over the old protocol. However, until SlightlyMad releases the API for Project Cars 2, it will be a little while before native version 2 support is out.

This is good news for the iRacing fans though, as Mr Belowski was able to quickly knock out an update to support Project Cars 2 in this app that gives drivers an amazing and highly customisable spotter. (It even has voice commands so you can say "How's my fuel" etc)

You can pick up the latest release on GitHub

Originally posted by "Mr Belowski":
...we also provide pre-packaged .msi installers which are always up to date with the latest fixes and feature. These are available to download here:

Note that once you've downloaded the app, it will automatically check for updates when you launch it and offer to update itself if an update is available.

Check out this video to see it in action (in RaceRoom)
Project Cars 2 doesn't support Crew Chief out of the box, so there are a few settings you need to change in order to get it to work.

In the CrewChief app, after following the initial setup and updating the sound packs etc, ensure you have selected "pCARS and pCARS2 (network data)" "pCARS (network data)" from the game list. (Edit: as of version

Next, select the UDP gamepad in the bottom left corner and press start application. You should hear your chosen spotter say "radio check".

Head over the System settings in pCars2 and set the shared memory and UDP protocol to pCARS1 and set UDP frequency to 3.
Originally posted by "Mr Belowski":
I *think* SMS reversed the UDP Frequency behaviour for pCARS2 - so now '1' is 1 packet every second, and 10 is 60 packets every second. It's worth experimenting with this to see what gives the best results, but I recommend starting at 7

When you start a race you should hear you spotter and he will give lots of useful information. The spotter gives information such as track temp, lap times, tire and brake information, but most importantly tells you if you're clear on the sides or not.

After setting up crew chief and running it you will find the in-game spotter will also be on. If you want the in-game spotter messages (text) but not sound go into audio options and turn down spotter/engineers if you want them off completely turn them off from the game settings menu.
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[QGN] NukeNorris Mar 24 @ 10:31am 
pretty game !!!
priyanto Mar 6 @ 12:38am 
i cant saving game in mode carrier,,, what is prblem..?
Sublogics Feb 15 @ 11:58am 
could you please update your guide because its gone old?
For example in the meantime PCars 2 fully supports it with its own shared memory and UDP settings.
simracersg Feb 9 @ 7:30pm 
I love it but I wish my name was on the list also.
Sir Dr. Pew Pew Feb 1 @ 1:00am 
Could Pew (for obvious reasons of my username) or Jay (my real name which sadly isn't an option) be added to the name list? :D

Not anything major. I could honestly live without either and be called big-g or bacon for all I care, but someone else might want to be able to use their real name like me as well :)
AtillaTheKunt Nov 22, 2017 @ 1:21am 
Outstanding little piece of software Jim. Makes a world of difference mate.
Sent you a little donation throught the app Jim.

Thank you :steamhappy:
UKpitbull Nov 21, 2017 @ 3:33pm 
PCars(1) network data works for me.
Mark72 Nov 12, 2017 @ 7:49am 
Dowloaded he latest version,, but still NO selection "pCARS and pCARS2 (network data)" possible. tried different system settings in PCars 2 and Game Settings in CrewChief, but without results. Any other options to try?
Photolight Nov 9, 2017 @ 1:35pm 
Might have been updated.

Now you can set the Shared Memory and UDP protocol to Project Cars 2 and it works that way but not the other.
Suzumiya Haruhi Oct 18, 2017 @ 5:13am 
Wow, thanks for this post, awesome!