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Panic Mod WOTC
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Sep 30, 2017 @ 9:37am
Oct 26, 2017 @ 11:25pm
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Panic Mod WOTC

The PTSD mod. Reworks the Panic trees to bring better behavior to units. In WOTC, panic is a minor inconvenience more than a nuisance. In fact, sometimes panicking seems to be a bonus. Other times, your squad gets grenaded which makes no sense. This fixes all of that.


Move to cover if flanked, then cower. NO GRENADES. NO SHOOTING.

New berserk tree. Hit someone adjacent to you, if not try to melee someone. If you can't, just shoot someone in the face. If you can't, reload your weapon. As a last resort, just move to flank a target.

V1.1 - Berserk now ignores if it's safe to move (Overwatchers, Suppression, etc.) when deciding to move, and will always elect to move if asked to.

Move to cover if flanked, then either overwatch or reload unless you moved into a flanking position, then you move again to cover. Confused is a mild condition.

Shattered soldiers have lost the will to live. Either cower, or stand in the open doing nothing. Shattered is an extremely dangerous condition.


- Removes the panic chain cap of 2 units. (Note that this is extremely unlikely in WOTC unlike vanilla).
- Gives less will to soldiers back when they have resisted panicked (10 down from 30).
- Increases panic turns by 1 round.
- Being confused also causes the Disoriented status effect (-Aim, -Mobility).
- Being Shattered will reduce the soldier dodge, will, sight and detection range to 10% of its original value so you cant use him as a spotter for squadsight or a scout.
- Being Confused or Panicked (regular) will reduce the soldier dodge, will, sight and detection range to 50% of its original value. Note that is also applies to ADVENT or Aliens panicking. Yes, a panicked alien or ADVENT is easier to mind control!

Since panic seems to happen a lot less in WOTC, let's make it count.
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ADVENT Avenger  [author] Feb 5 @ 4:18pm 
I guess I should have cut and pasted it to the other sections, but the units NEVER GRENADE EVER. They can fire, and firing is really rare (berserk fires on opponents, unless you dont see any but that's rare).
Dragon32 Feb 5 @ 11:29am 
Hmmm, the Description does say "no grenades". In all caps.
Frightener_One Feb 5 @ 11:18am 
Does anyone know if panicked soldiers still throw grenades with this mod?
Frightener_One Feb 5 @ 10:50am 
Thank you for responding. We appreciate the work.
ADVENT Avenger  [author] Jan 27 @ 1:35pm 
Everything is possible but im not updating this anymore
Khan Jan 27 @ 9:02am 
Most of the flamethrower panic mods I have seen only affect XCOM flamethorwers, not Purifiers (or are not for WOTC at all), and most mods that do anything with Purifiers are major wide-reaching overhauls.

As for Faceless paranoia, you are saying there is no way to distinguish mission-essential VIPs from other civilians? Thats a shame. In real life you would never be sure the "VIP" really isn't a Faceless, so maybe on higher difficulties that should just be allowed to happen (especially if it is at least possible to exclude VIPs who are already rescued / KOed / under player control from the start of the mission), though maybe that should be a separate mod or alternate version.

Would it be possible for that behavior to be disabled or suppressed (skip to "do some other form of panic") in missions with VIPs, or only occur in terror missions?
ADVENT Avenger  [author] Jan 26 @ 12:26pm 
Flamethrower panic mod already exists. Everything else you mentioned is either not feasible to technical reasons (you could end up shooting the VIP) or is just straight up not possible or already exists (Terror is already included, it's a double move here).
Khan Jan 26 @ 6:55am 
Is it possible to change panic behavior probabilities based on...
1. Cause of panic (in particular, psi attacks vs other causes)
2. Type of unit affected (e.g., Mutons more likely to berserk)
3. Individual soldier traits (Soldier X more likely to shatter, Soldier Y more likely to berserk)

What about adding new behavior trees? For example:
Terror - run away screaming as far and as fast as possible, with little (rational) regard for own safety (cover, flanking, suppression/overwatch, etc.)
Paranoia - Shoot / move and shoot / melee random nearby civilian, because you think they are a Faceless (possible, purely by coincidence, to target actual hidden Faceless). If there are no civilians within reach, do another panic behavior.

Finally, would it be possible to make Purifier (and XCOM flamethrower) attacks panic, or have a chance to panic, affected targets? One of the virtues of flamethrowers is their psychological intimidation factor...
ADVENT Avenger  [author] Jan 18 @ 9:39pm 
All of the panic stuff is already exposed in the base game INI files, go nuts. I think what you want however is a more fatigue mod, there's one recently posted i believe.
Frightener_One Jan 18 @ 2:36pm 
I love what this mod does but is there a way to make all panic types simply happen more often through the ini's? I miss EU days when if you took a rookie on a mission he was going to panic if he saw his teamates get slaughtered by some evil alien creatures. Not only is that what a rookie is supposed to do but it also added to the overall fear factor of the game. In WOTC rookies are boring. If I send a well-rested 6-man team on a mission and everyone starts dying there is no panicking even if the will bar is depleted. I don't suppose there is a ini fix for that?