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Cuphead World Map Secrets, Hidden Coin Hunter
By Radnom Pesron
A guide detailing secrets on the world map, as well as marked locations for hidden coins throughout the isles. Based on personal discovery and with the help of others, this guide details secrets throughout the game. Will compromise wholly by screenshots taken on the field.
First of all, I would like to thank you for reading this.

I have spend a good amount of time playing this game, and made some personal discoveries that I would like to share. Without further ado, I shall begin.
World I
Before you make your way out into the world, be sure to complete the tutorial!
While it may seem possibly redundant now that we all know how to properly make it through a hurdle thanks to the efforts of a game journalist, you obtain your first coin here.

After leaving Elder Kettle's house, be sure to talk to the Apple on the bridge out, who reminisces upon old days and gives you three coins to start your adventure!

Without further ado, here is a (possibly not-so-hidden) path you can take.
Follow along the river and head north until you come to a natural overpass.

Simply head up and hang a right along the bend the river makes, and you'll find yourself here.

If not unlocked already, you will get the "Corner Cutter" achievement for discovering your first shortcut.

There is a hidden coin you can add to your collection here.
First, find Chip Axeboy, and look to the left of him towards the branches.
He's currently blocking the way to the coin, and he speaks ill of the casino debtors giving him a hard time. Speaking of which, you're probably heading towards one of them now.
It is imperitave that you defeat all bosses in the area for him to move, and he should move just slightly for you to get at the coin.

You will now have recieved the one hidden coin for this area, but be sure to talk to people and see if they'll give you a coin for your troubles.
World II
The second area is a carnival-like setting. There are secrets to be found here, too.

As soon as you enter the area, you will no doubt have found the barbershop trio, who are missing their fourth man.
You can find him after the Madame Von Bon Bon (Sugarland Shimmy) fight. Examine the tent to the left shown here. Go to the back and around, and you should find him. (Believe on me this, please.)
While you do not get a coin out of this, you can be treated to a song performed by the (now reunited) quartet.

You can discover a hidden path here, as well.
Go to the "Aviary Action" stage area.
You can go around and behind the bird house, and travel behind some mountainside and find yourself on the other side of the map.
Return and speak with the candy girl next to the "Aviary Action" area, and she will give you a coin for your troubles.

The Juggler offers a reward after you have successfully parried four times in a row (without touching the ground), and you can get a coin as a reward.
During "Funfair Fever" (which is the easiest level to perform the five parry challenge due to the pink balloons), you can exit the level and go to the Juggler for your reward. Completing the level is not important.

A coin is hidden behind this shack, approximated by red.
Another one for your collection! Now, on to the next area.
World III
The big city has its fair share of hidden goodies

A hidden path near the junkyard can take you to the theater, bypassing several bosses and levels.
Make your way to the junkyard. By past experience with things not being as they seem, walk under the crane...
...and make your way around...
Until you've reached the theatre!
It's showtime!

More importantly, there's a coin here!
On the northeast-most part of the piers, investigate the area circled in red for this particular shack.
Go on, take it. I won't stop you.
Finale (World IV)
Now we have reached the absolute.

A sincere thank you to user Moonmadness, who shared the last hidden coin!
Enter the underworld, and approach the casino. The last hidden coin is found to the left of the dice walls, shown in red.
You may need to fiddle a bit with the locating, but you'll eventually find it.
If you have obtained all coins from NPC's, and fought tooth and nail to collect every coin on the level, you will have obtained the "High Roller" achievement for every coin pocketed. Go, and purchase that upgrade that has been taunting you!
Additional Secrets!
There are two NPC's that hint at potential quests, and are hinted at their achievements.
  • The Turtle, who can be found on the northeastern-most side of the piers on Isle Three notes that pacifist platformers will be able to see "in shades of gray". By completing the Turtle's "Pacifist" quest (complete all "Run 'n Gun" levels without killing a single enemy), you will obtain audio and visual filters to change the world to black and white and vintage audio.
  • Fork-Man is a sophisticated fellow, and often attempts to convey that he is of a "grade A" caliber. By speaking to him, he will hint (and eventually inform you) that those who are as sophisticated as he is will see the world in a different way by performing consistently. By obtaining 15 "A" ranks (for Boss fights or "Run n' Gun" levels), you will learn his secret through a visual filter.
    Note that perfect "A" ranks are not necessary for this, at the very least you require an "A-".

Additional materials courtesy by user WalŦz!
2-strip ("Grade A"):
B&W, Vintage Audio ("Pacifist"):
Additional audio test/demonstration for "Vintage" audio, with instrumental and piano pieces.

There are also two NPC's on Isle Three who are feuding musicians. Jukebox and Gramophone.

  • Gramophone hangs around the road towards the Junkyard, and is a "minimalist man".
  • Jukebox idles next to the Theatre, and is often frustrated at his colleague's "less is more" philosophy.
I found that bouncing between the two people and speaking to them allows you to sample their works.
Gramophone's "minimalist masterpiece" converts all world map music to solo piano pieces, including Elder Kettle's house. Jukebox returns all world map music to the full instrumental prior to any changes "before your ears turn to jelly". Whichever you prefer is a matter of preference.
This lists all discoveries (to date), and I thank you once again for reading. I'm certain I'm going against some ettiquite for formal and helpful guides, but I hope this was at least tolerable to read.
Please do not hesitate to add your thoughts or leave any input below, if you feel obliged to.

You have my permission to translate this guide to whatever language you wish, but please credit the original guide in whichever way is best.

Additional Contributors, Honorable Mentions
  • Moonmadness; Shared coin hidden in last world, via image link.
  • Venceremos; Mentioned first coin in tutorial, to prevent others from skipping it.
  • Sinnowhere; Brought to my attention all bosses needed to be defeated for Chip Axeboy to move.
  • WalŦz; Provided additional screenshots, videos, and information concerning the alternate visual and audio changes, ongoing support for corrections and materials.
  • Salmonlegs CS.MONEY; Reminded me about the feuding musicians and alternate music choice, as an additional secret to mention.
  • MrDeepDarkmind; Originally mentioned Apple being able to give the player three coins, and should at least have a spot here because I didn't add that information in the first place.
I leave you back to bashing your current boss, if you get defeated, it's no big loss. I insist you persist-- because for 387 times, I have ceased to exist.
> 10/22/17:
  • Minor addition for the Juggler section, mentioning completion of level is not necessary after five parry challenge.
> 10/5/17:
  • Corrected information for "Grade A" quest/achievement.
> 10/4/17:
  • Added message to potential translators in the "Afterword".
  • Will revise information for the Juggler and his quest in World Two, due to unclear information.
> 10/3/17:
  • Added user-contributed video for audio tests.
  • Minor changes to correct previous assumptions concerning the side quests Turtle and Fork give.
> 10/2/17:
  • Corrected entry for the color filters concerning "Grade A" achievement/quest.
  • Added entry for Gramophone and Jukebox, and their differing music tastes. (Under Additonal Secrets)
> 10/1/17:
  • Added new visual aid for locating first hidden coin.
  • Made mention that Chip Axeboy will not move unless all bosses are defeated on the first isle.
  • Added entry for the different color filters you can apply by NPC quests, thanks to a contributor.
> 9/30/17:
  • Added entry for the final act, thanks to additional help.
  • Added first coin found in tutorial, for those who chose to forgo the tutorial.
  • Cleaned up guide, now that all there is to be found is discovered.
> 9/29/17:
  • Created guide, as well as polishes on occasion.
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Add the secret bosses like the radish in the root pack
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Radnom Pesron  [author] Jan 8, 2018 @ 10:50pm 
Estos son para los niveles posteriores, sí. Muchas de las monedas y secretos que se muestran aquí son después de vencer a los primeros "mundos". Tenga en cuenta que esto es para secretos ocultos en el mapa principal y accesos directos más pequeños.
Vencer a los jefes es necesario, entonces estás solo en ese sentido.