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Enhanced Robomodding
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Sep 28, 2017 @ 7:49am
Dec 26, 2018 @ 3:20pm
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Enhanced Robomodding

This mod is designed to enhance the late game robomodding by adding more advanced versions of existing traits

Note: This mod makes robomodding a starting feature, therefore you do not need another mod that adds this feature.

Partner Mods
- Gigastructural Engineering & More Gigastructure Related traits Require This Mod
- Just More Traits Fixes for redundant Robotic traits and comp. is supported

List of Added Traits
Consult the Google Sheet for the traits and how to get them[]

Next Update

Flavour Text!

The mod changes the following files and is thus incompatible with mods that also change these files
  • 05_species_traits_robotic.txt
  • 02_species_traits_basic_characteristics

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Jun 29 @ 9:28am 
The mod does not seem to work as the traits do not appear.
Nade Jun 25 @ 2:08am 
any updates?
Ryu Yokaze Jun 20 @ 2:49pm 
This mod and Xenology : Traits Expansion Reborn seem to be overwriting parts of each other. would there be a compatibility patch for these?
C1CK  [author] Jun 10 @ 1:12pm 
@Spencernicolls It should still work right?
spencernicolls Jun 10 @ 12:50pm 
Are you updating to 2.3?
FiddleSticks96 May 12 @ 6:49pm 
Disable them one at a time and check your game each time until this mod's robot traits appear. If I remember correctly, this mod's traits also require you to research techs that it added to the game before the traits become available, but that might have changed. Just to be safe, make an extra copy of your save game for testing and use the console command "research_all_technologies" just in case.
May 12 @ 4:14pm 
hum thats what i thought have any advice to tell which trait mod is the culperate?
FiddleSticks96 May 12 @ 3:41pm 
@w.girl27 You have another mod overwritting the robot traits file. I had the exact same problem. In my case, it was the additional traits mod, but I don't know what mods you are using.
May 12 @ 3:25pm 
uh for some reason the gigastructure traits arnt apearing i made a matroshika brain but the traits for it aint showing up
dynosina May 3 @ 5:17am 
Advice vor everyone: The Mod works fine. If you use mods that add Traits which add more Trait points and you end up with more spare points than you originally could have, then you cant build the pops and auto assembly wont work. Example: Lets say you have 8 Traitpoints total, you add a Trait that adds 64 Trait points, after you have added all desired traits you wanted you end up with MORE than 8 Spare Traitpoints in total and that will lead to that bug to occur, you need fewer than 8 Points for this NOT to happen. Tested it, had the same issue, cheers