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Zero to Hero [DEPRECATED]
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Zero to Hero [DEPRECATED]

Mod ID: 1149484227




Zero to Hero is a sweeping PVE focused rebalancer and overhaul mod for ARK in the style of Balance Evolved & ARK Remastered, breathing new life into the vanilla roster of pets and making them viable with and against each other, and more uniquely reworking and rethinking the most tedious aspects of the game (breeding and taming) to ensure a more balanced and approachable experience.

In many cases, creatures have been dramatically overhauled in an effort to give them a valid place in the ARK, and generally improved in someway. Press every attack keybind, your pet might do something new!

Some of these changes include (but are by no means limited to);

- Flyers being allowed to level speed once again, in the style of classic fliers.
- Diplodocus being capable of damaging targets with proper attacks.
- Raptors are true pack creatures, and among the swiftest hunters of the ARK.
- Wild creatures do not waste levelups on oxygen or food.
- Wild creatures can level speed in the wild! +0.5% per level for mounts, +0.75% for non-rideable creatures. Breed for speed!



- Despite appearances, Zero to hero is NOT a total conversion.

- Due to rebalances made to the player character, and due to many of the creature changes NOT being retroactive to affect existing creatures and player characters, a new save game is highly recommended.

- It is recommended (but not required) to have Zero to Hero first in load order. Not having Zero to Hero be first will mean that normal player stats are used, rather than rebalanced properties (humans have been graced with improved stats, most especially by being able to use 100% of their torpor.) Pet level cap may be the traditional +71 rather than Zero to Hero's default of +75, and imprinting items will likely be the traditional set of kibbles rather than the new treat & milk unique to Zero to Hero.

- Typically, updates that are delivered to steam will be delivered on Sundays. Hotfix updates may come sooner if needed, which will likely have balance changes included.


Detailed information

Click for more information on servers running Zero to Hero!

Click for more information on detailed creature changes

Click for more information on new creatures and items.

Click for more information on player rebalancing.
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Odyssey1927 Jun 20 @ 7:00am 
What do you mean it cant be updated?
Kale8 Jun 19 @ 3:29pm 
Also scorpions,they are not neutralised by bug repellent,they are really agressive even tho Ive taken it :/
Kale8 Jun 19 @ 3:16pm 
Hey,can I get more info on taming titanoboa ? I thought by "normal carnivore" titanoboa should be abled to be unconscious but it still doesn't have torpor.
Lynx™ ✠ May 14 @ 5:09am 
@jelly could you update the mod and dont touch the TLC updated Animals só se would have the new models and your mod. Until you do the v2??
Lynx™ ✠ May 8 @ 4:03am 
Extinction Will Come in more than 3 month they dont even have a trailer for ir. And is always 2 - 3 month after the trailer
Jelly  [author] May 7 @ 3:12pm 
@Kale8 - As far as remapping goes, unfortunately the one other person who I've talked to who was interested in something similar reported that .ini settings failed to reliably map creatures back to their vanilla counterpart.

You could manually spawn them in, using a command like "summon raptor_character_bp_c" (quotes removed) in a fly-by of the map you're playing in so that you're essentially feigning natural spawn patterns.

That said, I'm not sure how wild creatures would behave on server or save-game restart, whether they'd actually stay vanilla or map back to my variants.
Kale8 May 7 @ 9:42am 
Hey,since TLC 1 and 2 are over,is there a way to spawn that creatures instead of mod ones ? I would really like new spino and argy+maybe raptor from TLC instead of your ones (nothing personal,just like general idea of tlc :P )
Jelly  [author] May 4 @ 12:56am 
@realityx7 - Waiting for Extinction DLC, I'm expecting it to come with a locust swarm of bugs in the same vein as the pre/post-release period for Aberration.
realityx7 May 3 @ 12:58pm 
Is Jelly still modding? Anyone know?