Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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(5UC) 5th Unique Component
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Sep 25, 2017 @ 8:39pm
Oct 15, 2017 @ 11:32am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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(5UC) 5th Unique Component

The 5th Unique Component Project extends 3UC and 4UC and gives every civilization a 5th unique unit, building, or improvement. A full list of all changes is available here:

For use with the 3rd Unique Component and 4th Unique Component mod, although it does not require them.

This project is modular, so you can delete specific components and substitute your own.

To display the 5th component in the leader select screen, you must install the Enhanced User Interface. It is not installed like a normal mod. While not required for this mod, it is strongly recommended for every Civ player. It is available here:

- mrc2022 started the 3UC project
- mikeburnfire finished the 3UC and 4UC projects, upon which 5UC is based
- Whoward69 for the Cistern, Smokehouse, Aedes, and Kouros icons, as well as initial code for them
- iamaplayer and Optik"Flo" for Totem Pole
- Tomatekh and TarcisioCM for Concert Hall, Funduq, Winery, and House Garden
- TPangolin, Slippery Snake, and Senshidenshi for Fale Tele
- DJSHenninger and ryanjames, for Qadi Court, Iwan Palace, and Chedi
- DarthStarkiller and gia for Intikancha
- DMS for Masgid
- Sukritact, Tomatekh, and Pouakai for Sewer and Stupa
- framedarchitecture for Dike, Alcazar, and Bollhuset
- Magnum Dong for Kantone
- Hiram, Rob (R8FXT), COF, Viregel, and Tarcisio for Stannary
- JFD, JustATourist, and Nutty for Banya
- Troller0001, kul, and SonOfGreatKoya (SOGK) for Pesantren
- All contributors to the 3UC Extra Components project.
- All other icons, icons edits, and code were made by me, Kevin Fitzgerald AKA SushiSquid
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Pickle juice cigars Jan 20 @ 4:30pm 
very good
Zyrkl3 Jan 6 @ 8:20am 
Ok, thank you very much. Will try.
SushiSquid  [author] Jan 6 @ 7:56am 
Yes. It's one of my published mods, so it'll be easy to find. Moutain tiles cannot have yields, but Workable Mountains places a hidden feature on every mountain tile and then adds yields to that feature. 5UC does not require Workable Mountains, but it obviously does require it for those mountain yields to be added.
Zyrkl3 Jan 6 @ 6:54am 
Not that I know. Is it named as such?
SushiSquid  [author] Jan 4 @ 3:37pm 
Do you have the Workable Mountains mod active?
Zyrkl3 Jan 4 @ 6:05am 
The +1 faith for worked Mountains Bonus for Japan doesn't work for me.
SushiSquid  [author] Dec 14, 2017 @ 1:52pm 
While this mod does make some changes to the 3UC and 4UC items, it does not outright remove and replace any of them, and I have no plans to do that. If you don't like the Hun's Centaur, that's an issue with 4UC, so it's not mine to change. Do note that the 3-5UC mods are all very modular. You can freely remove anything you don't like and stick in something else in its place.
VerdeCaelum Dec 14, 2017 @ 3:24am 
Sorry for the lengthy text, I just want to make a complete suggestion rather than an empty plea.
It'd be okay to have a horseman UU be available in a tech other than horsemanship immersion-wise because we're assuming the huns already somewhat mastered it earlier with the wheel (horse archers duh), and a more sophisticated version of it came out after they found out how to make iron - real hunnic horsemen happened to wear mail, and also wielded lances along with their comp bows. They also came into Europe around the end of the classical age and Roman rule - so it'd make sense for it to show up early enough in the classical era to be used but late enough not to be 10 turns of research away from just unlocking horse archers.
VerdeCaelum Dec 14, 2017 @ 3:23am 
I think it's very unhealthy gameplaywise for the huns to have an upgrade of the horse archer. Their niche is early rushers like the Sumerians from civ 6, but to have a redundant ranged unit upgrade - why would anybody pick the mongols over the huns if they know the huns have pretty much the same if not better UU that fills the exact same role as the keshik? Perhaps it should be a horseman replacement that the chariot archer upgrades to rather than the knight, and place it in different tech like iron working so we don't have two UUs back to back in tech requirements. It'd be a vanilla-friendly change too because a similar thing already exists with berserkers - they're available in metal casting rather than steel - so it's like a transition-era unit, a half-step ahead of where it should be.
Darklord Morius Dec 8, 2017 @ 2:03pm 
You are right, my bad! In a craze haze i've completely forgot about the american state of Washington and just remembered the District City of Washington!
Apart from this, your mods are amazing!
How about make a homage to the best cavalry in medieval Europe, the French Cavalry?