Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Mapcore CS:GO Contest 2017 entries
Accuracy of the collection varies, its scraped directly from the forums so may add workshop items that were posted as comments at random
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Bali [WIP]
Created by Gauss
A religious extremist group is trying to destroy the expensive, delicate, and luxurious goods used in Balinese ceremonies. The national counter-terrorism unit has been dispatched in order to protect these spritually (and monetarily) valuable items.

Riviera (greybox v0.4) no cubemaps
Created by TRAJAN
Still in greybox stage (didn't start to work on visuals). The screenshots are from 0.27 (9/10 people rated it positively).

cs_Riviera was inspired by a small city in Italy called Otranto, the choice for the marketplace theme was influenced by cs_Italy.
Created by Pyppo
This is my entry for the 2017 mapcore and faceit mapmaking contest

still WIP...
Created by Tsitex
de_Sorrentie WIP map inspired by cache,dust2,inferno...
Urban [WIP]
Created by Ducksworth
A defuse map with an urban setting
[Work In Progress]

Screenshots are old and need updating...
Created by SoldierRob
Just another try...
de_art [Arrested Development]
Created by Yo_Yo
A Dutch Art Museum is the target of a terrorist attack. Grab your gear and spring into action to defend the history and culture!

Uses textures from TopHATTwaffle's real world textures 1 & 2

Thanks to:...
Created by simpajo
[WIP] Barrio
Created by Kobinsubim
My contribution to "Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017 " - de_barrio!

Credits to TopHATTwaffle for the textures i used from his RealWorldTexture 2 texturepack. Here is a link to his page, if you create maps and dont know this jet, check it out! http://...
Bao Beta v0.5
FEEDBACK APPRECIATED! EARLY VERSION! Add me if you wanna playtest, or help in some other way.

Some textures are from TopHaTTWaffle's Real Life Textures 2: His Texture Pack....
Created by mÅnsson [C]
Map is called Visby beacuse this of the real place in my home country Sweden! The map is therefore a part of this city and the action will take place during the winter at night. Since the lighting will be "faint" mostly white walls will be used and warm li...
Created by ExtraCheesyPie
The terrorists have captured hostages in a historic castle on the coast. WIP...
Plaka v4
Created by EneHD
MapCore Contest Entry -
Last Patch -
-major changes to b site
-added minimal textures...
[WIP] de_citygardens
Created by BuffytheDolphin
Entry for Mapcore's 2017 CSGO mapping competition....
amap_017 (de_congele beta)
Created by Tiftid
Don't download this map, I published it to playtest with friends....
WIP Spacebase
Created by Infarlock
A hostage map taking place on Mars

There's an option to go outside if you do something specific (like shooting something) you'll enjoy much lower gravity as your body feels like it's floating, but then you'll die after few seconds when you'll...
de_katana_beta [WIP]
Created by vionex
looking for feedback on the layout!
There are some known issues from the fast compile, but they dont effect gameplay, if you are interested in playtesting, just add me. I would be happy to get some people together to bring that project forward.

Thanks and...
Created by KingGambit
Forces fight throughout a traditional Japanese district.
Created by Aaron

this map is a small touristy city during winter times.
Bomb site A is a palace like building entrance,
while bomb site B is a small dock.

The map has a lot of long open areas great for snipers
and also plenty of hiding oportunities and sneaking...
Created by Noodle King
| Welcome to Cypress |
Welcome to Cypress, the scene of a new biochemical research facility. The Cypress Research Corporation is currently paving over old heritage buildings to further expand their operations. This goes against the views of a l...
de_bridge [WIP]
Created by Cannondorf
A work in progress that is in very early stages.

A fresh twist on rotates, adding verticality to the mid section....
Ski (greybox)
Created by Pi_Mann
Ski (greybox) - Bomb-Defusal

Ski is set in a small ski resort in America.

This map is in greybox phase, meaning it is not completed yet.
The name might change in the future....
de_harbor v0.5 (WIP)
Created by mgonth
WORK IN PROGRESS!! Later versions will be published over time.

Thank you for passing by!

Bauen (W.I.P)
Created by D1rtyG
This is my first map for CSGO. It is about the Terrorist planting the bomb in a construction zone to prevent them building an area for the leader of there enemy. Please give feedback! Any feedback is good feedback!


Thanks to all the people who gav...
Created by SirK
Just a quick upload of an early Alpha for testing. Feedback appreciated....
Created by Crexenic
(Map under progress) A map i'm currently working on, experimenting with some new techniques. If you do happen to try out this map, let me know what improvements can be made. All feedback recieved will be greatly appreciated.

Set on a volcanic range some...
Created by P1g3oN
It's SoMeTHing!

This is one weird hostage map...
Created by teefour
Introducing v0.4 of de_intel!

I'm finally back at work on the map, hope to get as much done in the next month in time for the mapcore contest deadline. Anyone interested in playtesting please feel free to add me on steam....
Created by Sten Sawdust Sauce
Entry for the Mapcore CS:GO mapping competition....
Created by mitch_
map is for 2nd playtest of de_shipping

more pics
Aerospace (Alpha 4.0)
Created by Noodle King

This is the development version of Aerospace. The full version is now out to play.

| Credits |
Noodle King
-Level Design, Environmental Art, ...
Created by [FD] wylde
New greybox map. A modern railway museum is the target of a terrorist bomb threat. Counter-terrorists have been called in to protect the museum's outdoor cargo trainyard exhibit as well as its historic railway turntable, featuring two centuries of antique ...
Cypress (Beta)
Created by Noodle King

| Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017 |
Check out Cypress' submission on M[]...
Created by ✪IPK
Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017...
[WIP] Kantalupa - greybox
Created by Jasuff
Map for Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017

Subscribe it, play it, and send your opinion :)...
Created by Viter
WIP 5v5 map set in a Greekish theme. There's a temple bombsite, and one located inside a building. Still very open to feedback and playtesting, even in the more detailed areas!

The map is designed to have very fast meeting points, with a very simple layou...
de_Faron [W.I.P.]
Created by T-R3x3r
Terrorists want to put a luxury residential area in fright. The Counter-Terrorists have to stop them at any cost.

Still in a very early stage.

T-R3x3r: level design
scrungus: environment art

Map in progress(originaly de_stoli and de_barrbisco),
major update to the layout....
Created by unwillingpudding

Seeking revenge on a druglord, a gang has the opporitunity to destroy drug shipments at a small Caribbean port and send a clear message to their rivals. Unfortunately for them, the counter terrorists ...
Created by Haifisch
de_stirner is a classic defuse map set inside a fancy industrial-style art gallery.
This map is my entry for the Mapcore Mapping Contest 2017.

The Terrorists are trying to destroy some precious art pieces to hurt the gallery.
Shrine [GREYBOX]
Created by Guni
Shrine is a 5v5 Competitive Bomb Defusal Map with its theme and inspiriation taken from 'Fushimi Inari Shrine' in Kyoto.

This is the inital release for timings and layout. I would appreciate any constructive feedback....
Created by Luigi4518
An SAS squad forces it's way into Horizon Corporation's Highton research facility after a distress signal was received earlier in the day.

The new map takes the SAS and Phoenix into the bowels of the multinational conglomerate Horizon, a company leading...
[WIP] Valiance
Created by Elipsis
de_valiance by Elipsis

This is my first map for CSGO. It is currently a work in progress which I intend to enter for the 2017 Mapcore Mapping Competition. Any feedback on the gameplay or aesthetic of the map is appreciated. Many thanks to GWS and DrPigz f...
De_Noordveld (ALPHA)
Created by Lg2K
Work in progress build of our map de_Noordveld. (previously named de_compound)
If you have any feedback please post it in the feedback discussion.

Golden - Work in progress
Created by KingOfCorn
Golden Version 5

My fifth rendition of de_golden. This is my first mapping project.

I've done some basic texturing and detailing to get a feel for the atmosphere and theme.

De_golden is a map set in the older parts of Stockholm, Sweden. An unknown...
Created by hoffz_the_man
Meet Liccia, a small town located in the countryside of Italy.
Terrorists are using this old town to hide their weapons and illegal shipments in general. However, after a long investigation, the Italian special forces managed to uncover the illegal scheme...
Created by Budfudlucker ☮
!! Work in progress !!

Set on the mid North coast of Australia in an old Iron Ore mine.

The Terrorists have discovered they can use the iron ore of the Bluesky mine to build advanced weapons for their evil pursuits.

They had poisoned the water su...
de_arizona (WIP - Alpha)
Created by El Moroes
Please, don't forget that's a 'work in Progress' map!
This map is in 'Alpha stage'
by El Moroes

This map will be part of the Mapcore mapping contest:

* Note that this map is NOT finished...
Created by ✪ rachid
A defuse map set in Japan....
Created by Tokit
cs_2high is a 5v5 hostage rescue map set in 2 opposing office towers in early winter. It features numerous risk/reward paths and breakable planks in the middle.

-Working vending machines
-Breakable planks
-Secret areas
-High Heights

Created by Loafsy
Transmit is a bomb defusal map set in a mountainous region. It features a radio tower and a radio station that are both critical elements in sending and receiving classified information....
de_avalanche [greybox]
Created by Roald
Work in Progress!
by Roald, Smile & Practical Problems

The workshop screenshots could be outdated, check this IMGUR album for the newest screenshots:

* Note that this map is NOT finished.
This map will be part of the Mapcore map...