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[UCM] Utilities Construction Mod
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[UCM] Utilities Construction Mod

The Utilities Construction Mod (aka UCM) allows to quickly add construction areas in your missions for pipelines, railways, electric lines, and such.

Being a fan of milsim, the main reason I developed this mod was to give an objective purpose for staying in specific areas, especially for persistent servers. Having a lot of small tasks such as the ones that ALiVE gives you it's really great, but having (for instance) a pipeline to build qualifies the presence and gives specific time limits for a faction to be in an area.

Please note that this mod is still in early beta. Some changes and bugs are to be expected. 

Sample mission
A sample mission can be downloaded from here:

UCM does not need ACE to run, but if enabled the Interaction and Cargo functionalities will the the ones of ACE, otherwise they will default to enhanced vanilla ones.

UCM has its own Persistence Module that allows you to save UCM data.

UCM is integrated with ALiVE, with some caveats. Refer to Github for notes.


If you are the "Rooty tooty point and shooty" type of person, this mod may not be for you. It will not give you additional things to shoot at; rather, creative usage can offer you a purpose for simulating real life scenarios in war areas.

Thank you
Thanks to all alpha and beta testers, in particular:

* 2RGT Hollywood
* W4lly63

We use this mod in the internal missions we design with 2RGT (check us if you are looking for an Italian clan):
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Oct 1 @ 11:57am
precisa ter mais npcs no RPG e outros modos de jogo
Oct 11 @ 7:59am
Persistence? I need a railway in Altis!
< >
mario Nov 18 @ 8:23am 
This look really cool. Worthy of starting Arma up after a year.
Sleepy Joe Nov 4 @ 7:30am 
since i have started to run own arma server, i see much more the full beauty of arma, like this mod. ALiVE, Spyder_Addons, DAA Airports, ATS Train mod and [UCM] Utilities Construction Mod.. are great steps forward for ARMA. +1 fngd work! Thanks for sharing it with us
Jakes Oct 27 @ 7:05am 
im gonna do some more testing without additional mods to see if i can isolate the issue
_SCAR  [author] Oct 27 @ 4:42am 
@Jakes not enough information. Please open a ticket on Github
Jakes Oct 27 @ 1:56am 
Had a issue where, on a dedicated server, i cant request workers only supplies.
ACE and CBA on server......any suggestions?
tourist Oct 16 @ 2:00am 
@_SCAR THX for the fast response; will try my luck following your ideas for the callback of "UCM_ConstructionDone"
_SCAR  [author] Oct 16 @ 1:48am 
@tourist please use Github to keep track of these, it's probably simpler. :) I haven't exposed this data in functions yet (I might do so), for the time being you can listen to the "UCM_ConstructionDone" event to know when a construction is done, set a global variable in the callback and have a trigger listen to the value of that global variable.
tourist Oct 15 @ 11:35am 

I want to use your UCM in an ALiVE mission and have a question regarding the "Hearts&Minds" aspect.

There is code available from the ALiVE forums allowing to decrease the hostility of the ALiVE civilians towards the player side if a condition is met. This code can be used in a trigger's on Activation field:

"What I've doing in my current mission is I've created a small fenced off detention area to hold troublesome civilians.
Then created a trigger the same size as the area and have it trigger every x amount of minutes/hours.

Then using something like

[getPos <triggername>, [side player], -10] call ALIVE_fnc_updateSectorHostility;

should slowly bring down the hostility of your detainees."

How can I check in a trigger's condition field if a UCM project is finished?
Jakes Oct 11 @ 9:56am 
thx for making and updating this mod :)
_SCAR  [author] Oct 10 @ 3:06am 
@DeathRoams if you were ordering them to get in vehicle next to the construction area, it might have been a bug. Please check current version. if this still doesn't work open a github ticket with all details for me to reproduce. Thank you for your report!