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Timed Team Work (1-6)
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Timed Team Work (1-6)

This is a series of 6 scenarios based in the early 60s where you represent an entire team delivering goods & freight (and even passengers in part-4) across the epic Weardale & Teesdale route.
In each scenario you act as a certain team member, driving either a Class-20/25/27 and 3x Class-37 and occasionally meet your Team Mates at various places as your tasks are synced.
It's the era where this area was still very busy, the amount of steam locos was declining and Diesel locos more and more came into play.
To be "timed" the first 4 scenarios all starts at 7:04am from various places and you will see how it finally is all synced together.
So, if you like Diesel-locos, this era and area you may give it a try. If you expect a high-speed-train on an Asian route or a relaxing journey, you better don't touch it as each scenario will keep you on your toes :-) Hope you will enjoy it.

In part-1 you act as Brian and start with a Class-37 North of Durham and exchange your empty coal waggons against a fresh load which needs to get delivered via Bishop Auckland to Crook.

Route: Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-On
Scenario: Standard
Difficulty: Advanced (Yellow) - you should be capable to operate a Diesel loco, couple/uncouple waggons, switch cabs, ask for permission in both directions, cope with heavy loads and most importantly you should be familiar with UK semaphore signals
Duration: 46mins
Player's train: Class-37

Required DLCs:
Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-On -
Western Lines of Scotland Route Add-On -
European Loco & Asset Pack -
BR Class 105 DMU Add-On -
BR Class 20 Loco Add-On -
BR Class 27 Loco Add-On -
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Coasty  [author] Mar 28 @ 3:43am 
Hi Warren, Great to see you again....and even greater if you liked this scenario :-) Thanks for your feedback! You probably will not be bored on the other parts - hope, you will enjoy them. Cheers, Coasty
wadawes Mar 28 @ 2:36am 
Good run, thanks Coasty.
Since I've been enjoying your other scenarios, I thought I'd continue with your scenarios at Weardale & Teesdale, another of my favoured routes. Looking forward to seeing what the other drivers are doing in this series.
Cheers, Warren
Coasty  [author] Feb 27 @ 11:15pm 
Hi Postman, Vielen Dank für Dein Feedback..... ich hoffe, Dir gefällt die ganze Serie.
postman Feb 27 @ 10:00am 
Wieder ein schönes Nostalgie-Szenario. Danke.
Coasty  [author] Jan 30 @ 11:10pm 
Hi David, This is great news and should motivate you to continue to be strong and patient (whereas you need to be strong to be patient anyways)...... All the best and I hope you will enjoy my new series as well ..... at least I saw your comment, so a good start though :-) Best Regards, Coasty
david.angus1977 Jan 30 @ 3:30pm 
Many, many thanks for what you've written below, Coasty. I am very touched by what you've written. Patience is indeed the hardest part, but I've made good progress over the last couple of weeks, and I'm enormously thankful for that. (I've just played Part 1 of "Riviera Logistics", but you'll get my comments there!) Kind regards, David.
Coasty  [author] Jan 30 @ 7:59am 
Hi Re460, Many Thanks for your kind feedback. Great to see that you liked it. Quite some interesting challenges ahead of you in case you plan to play the other parts as well......and I hope you'll enjoy them of course ;-)
Re460 Jan 30 @ 2:25am 
So pleasant and realistic !!! Many thanks, Coasty ! As PureShem, I think you would work for DTG on scenario development. For me, all your scenarios tell a story about the line. Always very interresting. Many thanks
Coasty  [author] Jan 10 @ 12:30am 
Hi David, Then fingers crossed that every day you will have your "personal achievement" by getting in the right direction step by step! Some things may need time....and patience (probably the hardest part). Looking forward to hear from you again.... Regards Coasty
david.angus1977 Jan 9 @ 9:45am 
Many thanks, Coasty. Very grateful for what you've written. Yes, I'm on the mend, but I do have some distance to go yet. Able to drive trains again, and that's a good sign!! I had downloaded, but not played, Part 1 before I took ill, though the one item (only) that I was missing was the BR Class 27. I've now purchased it in the current sale, so I've downloaded Parts 2 to 6! I am SURE that I will enjoy the lot! Kind regards, David.