DOOM 3: BFG Edition

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

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How to play multiplayer and load mods on Doom 1 & 2
By MaDShadoW
Play ultimate DOOM and DOOM II on widescreen resolution,co-op and deathmatch, use mods and play Final DOOM and the Master Levels on DOOM 3 BFG Edition
How to do it
In order to been able to do all this you must download Classic RB DOOM 3 BFG.

What is Classic RB DOOM 3 BFG ?

Classic RB DOOM 3 BFG Edition is a modification (updated from another modification RB DOOM 3 BFG) that restores cut content and capatibilities of the classic DOOM Engine inside DOOM 3 BFG Edition and improves it.

The mod is available on the following sites:

Version 1.1.9 has been released.



- Enable Classic Doom Multiplayer

- Improved dehacked's BEX support

- Removed and increased various static limits

- Fixed various graphical issues

- Fixed MAP 33 "Betray" teleporter bug

- Optimize modded save file checking


- Fixed performance issue for classic Doom on debug build and added support for classic doom multiplayer


- Added support for Classic Doom Multiplayer
-Widescreen Resolution support
-Classic DOOM parameters
-Support for Final DOOM and Master levels (as DOOM II Expansions)
(Final DOOM and Master Levels are sold separately)
-Improved mod support (in comparison to the original DOS Engine)
-Using the option "120FPS" in DOOM 3 it slightly increases the FPS of DOOM and DOOM II
-Support for the original DOOM and DOOM II IWADS
-New Parameters (See "New Parameters" section for more information)
-Restored various cut content (like DOOM's animated background)
-Enable access to the X-Box secret level "BETRAY"
-Swap between the default and the stretched aspect in classic DOOM games
-Support for standard MiDi (with gus emulation) and other audio files (ogg,mp3 etc)
-A simple yet powerful launcher
Download it from here[]

Extract it to DOOM 3 BFG Directory

Usually at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOM 3 BFG Edition (for x64)
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOM 3 BFG Edition (for x86)

and you are good to start
New Parameters
DOOM 3 :

-com_game_mode : set which game will automatically open when launching the game

-in_joylayout : switch controller layout between xbox360 and ps3

Classic DOOM :

-classich : Use cheats without the console

-doom,doom2,both : Determine for which game the parameters will be used (allowing you to load mods for both games)

-exp : This parameter allows you to start instandly new game with any of DOOM II Expansions (you can use also the "warp" parameter to go to any level you want from this expansion).

-The sub-parameter "ex" which is used with the "file" parameter to specify for which DOOM II Expansion the mod will be loaded.
Playing Final DOOM
In order to play Final DOOM you must:
a) Buy it if you don't own it
b) Put the Final DOOM IWADS (TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.wad) to
<DOOM 3 BFG Directory>\base\wads
c) Open the RBDOOM3bfg.exe or .bat, select DOOM II, select NEW GAME and enjoy
Playing the Master levels
In order to play the MAster Levels you must:
a) Buy them if you don't own them
b) Copy paste the "wads" folder from the Master Levels directory (Not the "master" folder but it's subfolder named "wads") to
<DOOM 3 BFG Directory>\base\wads
and rename the folder to "master" (without the quotes)
c) Open the RBDOOM3bfg.exe or .bat, select DOOM II, select NEW GAME and enjoy

(NOTE: The master levels work like the PSN Release and having the same order but unlike the PSN Release the secret level remains secret and there are two endings)
Classic RB DOOM 3 BFG Edition support mods for DOOM and DOOM II.
In order to use mods you simply have to use the parameter -file.

The mod support is similar to the original DOS Engine with the addition of DEHACKED and better handling sprites.
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AmethystViper Mar 15 @ 6:03am 
I did load the DEH file and I still got the wrong texture issue if loading the mod from the standalone "Doom II" tab and not the "Doom I & II" tab with the original DOOM2.WAD file and not the one used by BFG Edition. I even swapped the load order of the Batman Doom mod (BATMAN.WAD 1st, BATMAN.DEH 2nd; BATMAN.DEH 1st, BATMAN.WAD 2nd) and I still get the wrong texture issue. If I didn't load the .DEH, the side effect I would see is the enemies and some of the sprites being mismatched instead of the Doom 2 textures cropping up on buildings. Loading the Batman Doom in the "Doom I & II" tab was the only way it works properly from my experience.
MaDShadoW  [author] Mar 15 @ 1:12am 
@AmethystViper For barman doom mod make sure you also load the .den and you are using the original version which was running on vanilla doom, for the sc-55 I think the issue is that the files are not midi to begin with. As for the stutters well dunno.
AmethystViper Mar 14 @ 9:36pm 
I also kinda noticed some slight stutters sometimes in the latest revision of v1.8.1.2., though I'm not sure if it's just my PC or something with my settings though I turned down most of the visual settings (e.g. soft shadows since it's really taxing on my PC, HDR, SSAO, the forced ambient lighting). I'm not if it was also the cause in the previous versions of Classic RBDoom3BFG.
AmethystViper Mar 14 @ 6:54pm 
The performance issue is fixed in this latest revision, however I did ran into an new issue with Batman Doom when loading the mod through the "Doom II" tab and not the "Doom I & II" tab where the original textures from the mod don't work and the ones from Doom take over:

SC-55 mods do work now but the playback isn't seemless like the default MIDI though this was also an issue I've also noticed when using them in classic Doom source ports like G/ZDoom.
MaDShadoW  [author] Mar 14 @ 3:05pm 
@AmethystViper I also forgot to mention that version deal with the issues you encounter with batman doom and doom sc-55 mods
MaDShadoW  [author] Mar 14 @ 2:11pm 
@AmethystViper @27lueddi87 revision 2 of Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG Edition version has just Released. (hopefully) Fixed the performace issue.
AmethystViper Mar 14 @ 1:08pm 
I also ran into an issue where using this mod that is ment to fix leftover visual errors on the classic games' sprites and visuals but upon trying to load the games using the mod it refuses to play.
AmethystViper Mar 14 @ 12:53pm 
I did a clean re-install of RBDoom3BFG v1.8.1.1 (from a clean re-install of Doom 3: BFG Edition from GOG Galaxy, and I can't use v1.8.1.2 due to the current performance issues) and I was able to get the mod to work but only through using the "Doom I & II tab" from the launcher; when I was using the standalone "Doom II" tab to load Batman Doom was what crashed the game but I don't get why this was the only the mod works seeing that Batman Doom is a Doom II mod and not a Doom I mod since it feels kinda misleading when loading mods made for specific classic Doom games. RBDoom3BFG also crashed when starting Doom I due to how Batman Doom needed to be loaded in order for it work without crashing as mentioned earlier.
MaDShadoW  [author] Mar 14 @ 9:55am 
@AmethystViper Try to do a clean install of classic RBDOOM3BFG delete any file that is asosiate to this mod/sourceport (including the 3 wads) and install it again. Batman Doom as far as I know works perfectly well in the latest versions of Classic RBDOOM3BFG but if it crashed try to reload it. Who knows maybe it's a one time bug.
AmethystViper Mar 14 @ 8:18am 
A follow-up crash report: I tried using the Batman Doom in Classic RBDoom3BFG for Doom II, and at first looked like it was going to work but then when I went into New Game → Hell on Earth, the game crashed.I was using the CDL Launcher to load the Batman.WAD and Batman.DEH files to try and get Batman Doom working.