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ADVENT Warlock - WotC
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Sep 23, 2017 @ 8:14pm
Oct 29, 2017 @ 9:01pm
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ADVENT Warlock - WotC

The Warlock is back with a few new tricks in an updated version of the original!

2 New Enemies: ADVENT Warlock, Warlock Abomination
2 New Research Projects: ADVENT Warlock Autopsy, Psionic Weapons
1 New Proving Ground Project: Psi-infused Grenades
1 New Weapon: Psionic Reaper
1 New Grenade: Vortex Grenade

This mod adds a new enemy to the game; the ADVENT Warlock. The Warlock is a psionic variant of the standard ADVENT Trooper that comes in 3 types, each with more powerful psionic abilities than the last including a new ability that he uses on his own unfortunate allies that were foolish enough to get wounded. In addition to his psionics, the Warlock carries a Psionic Reaper and Vortex Grenade into battle.

Despite being faithful to the original, this version has gone through a complete code overhaul. As a result, almost all variables that controls balance are now in the config file XComAdvWarlock.ini, including a boolean for KillSiredZombies (which is TRUE by default). Tweak the numbers or even remove psionic powers. Balance just about everything to suit your game.

This mod adds its own unique templates and config file entries to the game. It DOES NOT alter/override any base classes or config file entries. As such, it "should not" have compatibility issues with other mods, but Mod collisions can occur even when completely unexpected.

French: Provided by sebkulu

Enable the ADVENT Warlock when you intend to start a new campaign. Enabling it for existing campaigns can result in unintended behavior. If you decide to do so, back up your save files first.

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Jun 21 @ 11:35pm
Traditional Chinese translation
< >
Swanky Oct 23 @ 3:08pm 
I've been using this for so long it feels vanilla at this point. Absolutely recommended.
Also using ABA without issues with this one (as well as a few other Alien mods).
Scryehard Oct 11 @ 10:15am 
I would also like to know how to add slots to the weapon.
ManChildOfDoom Aug 10 @ 6:01am 
How does one add slots to the weapon when you do get it or is it just something that wasnt really needed to the weapon tho the alien as 4 ammo slots.
futuremadscientist Jul 16 @ 8:18am 
Psi Reaper standalone?
maybe use the avatar corpse for the standalone
IEpicWolfI™ Jul 4 @ 11:18am 
Does it work with A Better Advent ?
nappilydeestruction Jun 27 @ 8:51pm 
Ok so it works now. I might add back Psi overhaul after my current testing playthrough.
nappilydeestruction Jun 21 @ 9:01pm 
Ok so I decided to replay the campaign (again for like 8-9 times -_-). I will see if it works. I did add that line you gave @Vice. I'll let you know if it works. I also got rid of Psi Overhaul and just use two addons like Biotics Redux and Samurai for RPG overhaul.
nappilydeestruction Jun 21 @ 8:51am 
I have a question. I was trying to get the psionic reaper on my infantry who has psionic abilties now but she wasn't able to equip the weapon on because its for "psi operatives only". But she was picked to have potential and I have already trained her and everything. I'm also using XCOM Psi Overhaul and Musashi RPG Overhaul as well.
Ashlynne_Lee  [author] Jun 14 @ 8:04am 
@AzureTerra: Ah, is that the BioTroops Mod? It's possible that the Generals in that Mod are not categorized as ADVENT Captains. If that is the case, they would be legal targets for Death's Embrace. I'll take a look at that (I actually did a little work on that mod), but it's not mine to update. I could pass the information on to the author though. I agree, it sounds like this is interaction between Mods. So long as the Warlocks aren't targeting Base Game Units that are on the Exclusion List, it's working properly. Thanks for the feedback! :steamhappy:
AzureTerra Jun 11 @ 10:31pm 
Re: Lords are not averse to using Deaths Embrace on Generals who Xcom are targeting for missions. Finally had one do it again and your mod is fine its just a wonky interaction with the BioGeneral Mod, they are not protected from it.