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Classless XCOM : MINT
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Classless XCOM : MINT

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Classless XCOM
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====[XCOM // Classless : MINT]====

This is my personal classless XCOM overhaul, in which I move a lot of perks to weapons and have a singular class that incorporates all four of the base game's XCOM classes, the XCom Operative.

ATTENTION: UPDATE - All perks have been internally renamed, and Psion/Delta Strike are integrated in this mod, so please turn them off if you're using them!


There's kind of a lot. Check out the Changelist in the discussions for a more indepth documentation of what I've messed with - but the answer is, we're getting to the point where I can say almost everything player-side.

SINGULAR XCOM Operative class.
One class, more than 50 perks - one wild experience. There's over 25 different squaddie perks you can roll, and then you have access to another 30+ perks as a possible ability pool. Gain access to an entire psionic tree with the Psion system, and learn high-tier weapon perks from your allies through covert actions, GTS, trainable specializations and more!

Weapons are defined by their perks and item choices are what defines your character's role in the squad. A sniper doesn't need to know Squadsight - squadsight is given by a sniper rifle. No more worrying about who's gonna step up to replace your captain sharpshooter who got wounded - the LT that usually carries a minigun can do his job almost the same.

Secondaries - you have access to all of them. They all have their unique strengths but one of the things you can do in this mod is build your own GREMLIN with the modules that provide the perks you want. Capacitor Discharge, Holotargeting, etc. Or maybe you stick with the tried and true pistol, the low-maintenance but reliable sidearm DPS that's vital in Lost missions. No more worrying about needing to bring grenadiers to fight the Lost - slap a shotgun and a pistol on everyone and go to town.

New ammos and vests help with the thrilling situations that come up in Delta Strike, such as when one is confronted with a 17 armor Sectopod! Whoo! They might be a tad too strong for vanilla play though.

Adding even more techs and covert actions for those of us who enjoy the micromanagement in the strategy layer! Train engineers, get additional quests, learn additional perks, whooooo. There's a new use for every corpse, and you'll actually want to tech sideways to grab some autopsies for some cool things!


- All class mods are technically supported, but uh, the mod title?
- All weapon mods - LW2 secondaries, SMGs, and widescale revamps like E3245's Resistance Firearms - they all work.
- Psion and Second Wave: Delta Strike - no longer compatible as they are integrated into this mod already.

==[v1.2 RELEASED - 11/5]==
- Specializations are here! Train your soldiers at the GTS and specialize in any of numerous easily configurable specializations that grant your soldiers additional set perks!
- Psion and Delta Strike submods are now integrated into this mod

Special thanks to KarolineDianne, Kyuubicle and everyone who has submitted bug reports for extensive betatesting/bugfixing!

Thanks to LW2/Spectrum for base ideas, thanks to xylthixlm for XModBase which made coding so much easier.

If you like this mod and are willing to help, I'm looking for people to help beta test my releases before I ship them. I'm finding this mod a lot of fun to create and have a lot more planned for it than I originally anticipated. Or if you just have some feedback you'd like to drop on me, that's fine too! I've made a discord [discord.gg] channel here that you can drop on by!

- Specialization doesn't properly register on the event queue or soldier status and may not react nicely to being paused
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Nov 5 @ 11:46pm
Nov 5 @ 11:28pm
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MoronicCinamun Nov 21 @ 7:18am 
I can tell you the psion mod is available as a standalone if you want that in a normal game.
Irley Nov 21 @ 6:01am 
I would love if we were able to change the abilities. Sometimes our single shot guy gets useless stuff for the build, like medkit bonus; or you get a doubled ability that do not stack and just take the place of one possible usefull thing. In both cases it would be great to replace the unwanted abilities for one of the abilities that soldier didnt roll in his creation. This would also be a way to lower the luck needed to get great soldiers and let us, bad luck guys, to have some controll
Irley Nov 21 @ 5:46am 
I think a lite version wold be just removing the classes to allow the players to mount their xcom soldiers with any ability and weapom combination, plus be able to learn psionics. Wold be perfect if you could controll this with "mod config manager". For example, I would active "free weapons choice", "psionics" and "no class abilities" and turn off "new abilities" and "weapons changes" (because some new abilities are weaker and being unable to move before shot with the gunner is too much for me).
Ziodyne  [author] Nov 20 @ 6:39pm 
@lawlerX: Hey, thanks for the insight. I mean, this mod pretty much evolved from basic ini edits to this sprawling...whatever it is, so I guess my question is , what exactly would a 'lite' version of this entail, though? The classless part itself is pretty simple, and you can just copy and paste my XComClassData file for all of it basically. But more practically, I did originally have the intent for everything to be modular, but it's really too much for me to maintain several such mods and still be able to respond to people.
@jweller12: Yep! Go to the XComClassData file of any custom class mod and you should be able to copy the abilities you want and paste them into the XComClassData file in mine - where should be fairly obvious by that point! :D
jweller12 Nov 19 @ 9:09pm 
could custom class perks be added to this mod.
lawlerx Nov 19 @ 7:11pm 
Hey man, this mod is pretty dope, but some may consider it overkill. You have an amazing passion for what you're doing and it's both fantastic and refreshing, however, I was wondering if you'd thought about a "lite" version with the original perks intact and added to weapons and/or changed only where appicable? At the least I think it would ease people in to trying the full mod. For purists, your mod might be seen as too radical a departure from the game.
Ziodyne  [author] Nov 19 @ 3:52pm 
Yeah, it looks like there's some compatibility issues with the Leader pack... I've got some RL issues I need to deal with at the moment, but I think Ginger and I are both somewhat aware of what the issue is. No ETA on a fix on my end, sorry :(

@albamuth - I was debating that, haven't come to a conclusion yet. Still looking into tinkering with bonds, since no offense, but it feels a bit shallow in vanilla.
MoronicCinamun Nov 19 @ 3:45pm 
@endersblade yes, as you'll notice the new promotion screen by default mod is required.
endersblade Nov 19 @ 2:17pm 
So does this mod still allow the potential of 3 perks per rank? If so, being able to build a custom soldier for all of my soldiers sounds like a dream come true...
albamuth Nov 19 @ 11:11am 
@Salkin51113 @Ziodyne

I just ran it with the Leader Pack and the slot for "specialization" in the GTS shows up, as well as a locked slot for leadership training. However clicking on the specialization slots gets us into the leadership training menu tree, instead.

Suggestion: move the specialization training into the training center, since most of the time the training center is useless when you don't have a soldier bond to level up.