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XtG Community AU/NZ - Australia Life RPG HD (Required Mods)
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Sep 22 @ 10:15am
Oct 7 @ 3:48am
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XtG Community AU/NZ - Australia Life RPG HD (Required Mods)

Australia Life RPG HD
You must be subscribed to this workshop item to play on our server.
For more information on our server and how to join check this forum post.[]


If you play on our server and you like the experience, Please don't forget to

Server Direct Connect: - 2302

Bad Developers & Cancerous People:
Colin M, Can't code a function without a dictionary, get's triggered easy.
Wackbatt, who is this kid?

Australia Life RPG is a role playing game modification on Arma 3, "XTGALRPG" is a framework based on the Altis Life RPG 5.0 framework, special thanks to the current maintainers of the project. You may find the base for this on the official github, more information can be obtained from Altis Life RPG Community Forums[]. We aim to have modded weapons, vehicle, sounds, movement & visuals in the full version of our server, detail by detail we'll work on small things that'll add up later down the track.

Role play as a Civilian, Police Officer, Medic, Gangster or Mob Boss, Military or Resistance! Our story line is currently creating itself with the help of the growing community. We'll create a history to talk about in the role-play of Arma 3.
Farm drugs to make profits, level up in player skills, create a small group and rob a bank! Enforce the law, pull over speeding drivers or wanted crooks! The life is yours. Only at Australia Life RPG!

Disclaimer: Files and other properties of this addons may contain various authors, these authors have allowed their work to be used in an open source enviroment. Licensed under 4.0 Creative Commons - International

Credit to Dan for the YouTube videos, they're actually really strong memories of XtG Community, regardless of what happened and the dis-agreement. We've had our good times, now it's time to move on to the future.
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Oct 11 @ 6:20am
Server Release E.T.A
Elite IV | XtG Development
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周子瑜 Tzuyu 쯔위  [author] Nov 9 @ 5:39am 
That's strange, I'll have a look into that. It's most likely database issue as we have linked database to our Altis Life server.
Razor Nov 9 @ 5:38am 
the garage system seems broken at the moment, once you retrieve a vehicle from a garage you dont have keys to it so you cant use it.
周子瑜 Tzuyu 쯔위  [author] Oct 18 @ 9:39pm 
@theronguard2382 - Yes 100% what Deathraven said! :) We actually have 2/3 players that are from U.S.A that play on our server.
Deathraven Oct 18 @ 3:36pm 
Yep! Just download the pack and you'll be set to play, you can be anywhere in the world and still hop on
theronguard2382 Oct 18 @ 3:15pm 
love this map can i play if i live in the usa
周子瑜 Tzuyu 쯔위  [author] Oct 5 @ 8:18am 
Haha we'll have a snag ready for you mate ;) @zacstothard - @DarkLight As to what Zac said this is literally all you have to subscribe to, to join the server. I have compiled all mods that we use on our server in this 1 workshop item to give our players and new ones ease of access rather than running around link hunting haha.

Hope to see ya'll on soon! :) We're currently in 0.a4, 0.a5 should have a functioning farming system and some more new content like skilling etc etc
zacstothard Oct 3 @ 8:38pm 
this is the only one we need for the sever darknight
DarklLight | XTG Community Oct 3 @ 8:34pm 
could i have a link to th other downloads neaded
zacstothard Oct 2 @ 3:43am 
better have a brundy and a snag ready for me
周子瑜 Tzuyu 쯔위  [author] Oct 2 @ 3:02am 
No worries mate :) We're just chill banging on teamspeak right now bantering.