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The Stalker
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The Stalker

A team of soldiers must work together and hunt down a powerful, nearly invisible creature known only as The Stalker.

The Stalker has a number of abilities:

• Scream - A loud shriek that causes nearby soldiers to lose their hearing temporarily and makes them disoriented. This attack uses 25% of your energy.

• Mind Flay - This attack invades the mind of the targeted player. They are heavily disoriented and take some damage from the attack. Perfect for picking off stragglers or confusing players who are very good at figuring out where you are. This attack uses 50% of your energy.

• Telekinesis - Control an object with your mind. You can choose the direction in which the object is thrown. A useful tool for distracting soldiers or causing damage with larger objects. This uses 75% of your energy.

• Blood Thirst - Your attacks absorb health for a short duration. Uses 100% of your energy.

• ESP - This ability is enabled/disabled by toggling your flashlight button as the stalker. When ESP is enabled, you can see the health of your enemies. However, while ESP is active, your energy will not replenish and your overall vision becomes darker.

The energy used by psychic attacks will slowly regenerate over time. In addition to having psychic abilities and being invisible, the Stalker is also very agile. It can jump to high areas, run faster than soldiers, and cling to walls. The Stalker's health slowly drains over time but it regains health with each kill.

The soldiers have their own tools for hunting the Stalker. There are 4 different, equally balanced primary weapons to choose from, as well as 4 different secondary weapons and 4 utilities. Their flashlight runs off battery power and if your battery reaches 0% charge then there is a small delay before it starts recharging. The recharge rate for the battery is slower than its drain rate so you have to manage your flashlight use.

Primary Weapons:
• The SG 552 - A highly accurate scoped rifle. Magazine size of 20.
• The FN P90 - A SMG with a large magazine and a high rate of fire. Magazine size of 50.
• The SPAS 12 - A powerful close range semi-automatic shotgun. Magazine size of 6.
• The FAMAS G2 - A 3-shot burst rifle. Magazine size of 30.

Secondary Items:
• Portable Sensor - A laser tripwire alarm which can be planted on any solid surface.
• USP Compact - A backup pistol with unlimited ammo.
• Seeker Drone - An autonomous drone which floats around and sounds an alarm if it detects the Stalker.
• Optic Range Scanner - A handheld scanner which augments your vision.

• Automedic System - An integrated morphine injector for your armor which heals you automatically when you are injured.
• Laser Module - A laser pointer attachment that fits any weapon.
• Extra Ammunition - Additional ammunition for your primary weapon.
• Dual Cell Battery - An improved battery which recharges faster and augments your flashlight.

This download includes:
• 2 maps by yours truly.
• All content required by the gamemode.
• The gamemode scripts and assets.

GitHub Link:
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mwclark114 Nov 18 @ 4:33pm 
So this is what the STALKER game from Roblox was originally taken huh.
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pedo roca
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how do i get map
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Reminds me of The Hidden: Source
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i only get the famas. why
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my game crashes a lot, i can't play with my friends
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@Civil Protection Engineer lol probably one of the only decent games on there
Hakurei Reimu Apr 29 @ 4:37am