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Sep 19, 2017 @ 11:42am
Apr 22, 2021 @ 2:45pm
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Need to put down a thrall revolt or just want to let people know what happens to your enemies? Now you can take home trophies and display the tattered remains of your vanquished foes.

* 2 crosses
* Small spike for heads and a large spike for bodies.
* Bonfire & Stake
* Players and NPCs drop a new corpse item on death
* Rotate bodies on impaling spikes: 4 available orientations
* Resize small spikes: 3 available sizes
* Items display the names of your vanquished foes (Not currently working due to bug in game)
* Bodies are clothed in the armor they died in (including the dyed armor of players)
* You can remove the clothing through the radial menu (it should still respect all players nudity settings)
* Both thrall items and the new corpse item can be placed on the spikes and crosses

Caution: Running a spike through a thrall's body is bad for their health. They will die. However, a stint on the cross may break a thrall's spirit, but not their body. They'll still be useful afterwards.

**The mod edits Funcom's Corpse blueprint. It will conflict with any other mod that edits that blueprint and will need to be updated if Funcom changes the blueprint.**
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Feb 21, 2019 @ 11:15pm
Cant put thrall on spike, corpse is always default guy.
Mostly Harmless
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HeisenBus Aug 3 @ 4:36pm 
I love this mod but have you considered adding coffins, sarcophagus's (sarcophogi? idk) or funeral pyres to put the bodies of your dead thralls in?
Chonky Aug 3 @ 8:43am 
Working great for me still. Thanks so much!
Epic Wesley May 24 @ 2:39am 
Love the look of this mod and wanting to run it on our server, is it still functioning properly?
Girlaen May 2 @ 1:26pm 
Can you please update...?
xMIKEx95 Feb 19 @ 8:09pm 
how do you craft all of it i cant find it
Sledge Feb 19 @ 7:37am 
Is this still working? All of my past spikes/crosses are still up with bodies but I when I put down a new body on a fresh spike or cross, it doesn't show anything.
Paolini Jan 31 @ 2:30pm 
"Players and NPCs drop a new corpse item on death" would it be possible to get an option to disable this ?
< blank > Jan 29 @ 11:24am 
I love the mod. There are other mods that enable to change the facial expression of a thrall. I would like to have heads that have their mouth open or their eyes closed. In your mod all of them just have the same facial expression. is it possible to make the heads be able to change facial expression?
Suleymany Dec 20, 2021 @ 7:26am 
Where can I craft the table of exicutor?
macdeth6569 Dec 15, 2021 @ 10:16am 
Is this not working? There isn't any corpse item in NPC inventory/corpse to loot.