The Forest

The Forest

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FAQ: Where should I build my base?
By spessman
Quick rundown of base location areas on the map. Intended for beginners.
Last updated: v0.66


Players who don't yet have a good grasp of the combat mechanics (or are afraid of the cannibals) should start here.
  1. "East Point": Very safe. No patrol routes, raids start very slowly. Lizards, rabbits, deer, raccoons, and squirrels, fish in the ponds downhill. There is a tiny village below to the southwest, which is good for gathering a few resources as it's rarely occupied. No cave entrances nearby. Highly recommended.
  2. "Snow East": Usually safe.
  3. "Snow Central": Usually safe. Recommended out of the snow areas (safest and best resources).
  4. "Snow West": Usually safe. Fewer resources than the ones above.

For players that want more challenge and reward. Includes the richest areas in The Forest.
  1. "River Island": Surrounded by a creek that connects two branches of the main river. Attacked very frequently, but fun to defend because of the terrain. Plenty of most resources nearby.
  2. South Lake: Rich in resources. The village on the east side is a good target for your first big "hostile takeover". Cave 2 entrance is right next to the village, and there are a couple others around the lake.
  3. Geese Lake: Rich, lush, and scenic. Not as dangerous as it should be. Multiple cave entrances close by.
  4. Crocodile Village: Another good place to try and take over from the cannibals. Plenty of resources, nice views, and surprisingly easy to defend.
  5. "Central Hill": Good central location overlooking the river and sinkhole. Plane often crashes around this area. Some resources, a 2-hut village, and plenty of enemies.
  6. "Yacht Peninsula": Many players like to build fortresses here. Has a big "weirwood tree" at the tip. No resources beyond a few herbs and leaves. Totally exposed, but enemies usually can't get up the sides so attacks will come from the north. And they will come often. You can also try a little further up (submerged cave south entrance) for more resources and slightly less combat.

Expert / Not Recommended
  • the west coast: Highly dangerous because of the constant patrols, day and night. Nothing will go unnoticed for more than a few (in-game) hours. Personally, the only thing i build here is an outpost at the cave 6 (lawyer's cave) entrance near the containers.
  1. Cave 7 Entrance: You have about 20 seconds to get ready for the fun.
  2. Northwest Village/Snow Lake: Often as bad as the big one. Enjoy the mutants and molotovs.
  3. Main Village: This is it, Crusoe. You're not a real conquistador until you kick them out of their own land.
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-Sgt.-Q- Sep 29 @ 5:29am 
I just build on the island near the crossbow. Zipling to get to and from the land and they dont swim out to you.
EL_Normando Jun 27 @ 6:40am 
id do the yacht between 2 and 6 because there's free food and rope every time you lg on, if your in danger you can go in the water, and there's turtles that spawn in naturally for food.
[RAID]Missionary Jun 8 @ 2:43pm 
What is meant by "hostile takeover"? you cant stop them from spawning at their villages/camps
ToiletGater Jun 3 @ 10:53pm 
I went with Yacht Peninsula long before I looked at any maps, it just looks pretty and it's fairly defensible. It took them like 20 days but they've figured out how to climb the cliff on the east side.
Terra Gaming May 31 @ 7:50pm 
Main village expert area? Come on, that spot isnt even worth expert level. You can build a small cabin and defensive walls on the outskirts of it within 2-3 (in-game) days with only 2 cannibals appearing and enough time to gather and hunt.
McBaconator582 May 29 @ 6:39pm 
lol i always build on thew west coast by advanced 3, next to a lot of caves and i build on the cliffside where i only need 3 sides of walls
TheJawn May 16 @ 7:12pm 
Built my base on the west coast with out knowing how deadly it is. Lots of attention and lots of fun.
Thomas Linkin May 15 @ 11:59pm 
brand new to the game and somehow i made my base camp at the Yatch Penisula twice in a row. Not even knowing anything about the map.
BonBon_ May 15 @ 4:59am 
my plane crashed at central hill so i made a base there
Stuka_Better69 May 12 @ 8:53am 
so im the only one who thinks red is begginer?