Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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Unit Counter Information (AoC)
Created by eizedb
Version 0.9

This mod replaces the standard in-game tooltips with information about counter-units. For each unit it shows what units it is strong against and what units it is weak against. For now it shows only information on the "unit line" level, so ...
Streamlined Main Menu - Teutonic Might
Created by Dasso_
Customized main menu, Teutonic Knight themed by Dasso!...
Ozhara's Full Texture Pack V2
Created by Ozhara
The most actual Full Texture pack is V8, all of them (as well as some several special versions)can be found in my Full Texture Pack Collection

For the updated content changes
HD Fire Arrows
Created by DaNi
HD Fire Arrows Mod: It turns normal fire arrows (after ''chemistry'' update) into HD fire arrows....
Enhanced Sinking
Created by Silent Ape
edit: Added the caravel

As seen on the screenshots/gifs, Enhanced Sinking alters the appearance of sinking ships. Sadly the amount of frames can't be changed without datafile-moding, therefore it might look somewhat 'clunky' depending on game-spe...
Building Shadow Fix
Created by gagman
Almost every black building shadow is replaced by an transparent one
(except Town Center, Gates/Walls and some Editor objects)

The Forgotten
The African Kingdoms
The Rise of the Rajas

Enhanced Blood
Created by Silent Ape
Note: This is for all dlcs aswell as the basegame. If you want the corpses to remain longer, you might want to check out my Enhanced Dat (No Decay) mod. (currently not up-to...