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Necromancer Class - WOTC
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Necromancer Class - WOTC

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Psionics is magic
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A Necromancer!

The demonstration of Psionics by X-Com agents during the first alien invasion has convinced some people that supernatural abilities do exist. This resulted in renewed faith in the ancient magical studies of Earth. With the combination of ancient lore and the PsiAmps used by the original X-Com 20 years ago, the Necromancers have developed some very real magical abilities.

The class levels up like a normal soldier through missions. No need for a psi lab.


Non-WotC Necromancer available here:

RPGO version here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326956828


Custom skills:
- Squaddie: - Raise Zombie: Raises a human corpse to fight with you.

- Corporal: Poison: Poisons any organic enemy. They suffer -30 Aim and -4 Movement, and take 1 damage per turn. Casting it doesn't end your turn and has no cooldown.
- Sergeant: Strenghten Undead: Enhance the link between the Necromancer and one of his zombies, significantly increasing all of its life stats.
- Lieutenant: Bone Armor: Adds 3 armor to a friendly target. This bonus lasts until the end of the mission and can be stacked. 2 charges only, with 4 turns cool down.
- Captain: Corpse Explosion: Cause a corpse to explode.
- Major: Mass-raise Raise all dead human units in a radius. (Similar to Gatekeeper)
- Colonel: Death Touch: The Necromancer has gained a superhuman understanding of life and death. Touch a living creature to grab its soul and pull it out of its body. It dies instantly. It can be used once per battle, from melee range only.
- Brigadier: Teleport: Teleports you anywhere in sight. 1 turn cooldown, doesn't end your turn! As OP as a Brigadier should be.

- Corporal: Combustion: Deals a small amount of guaranteed damage and sets an enemy on fire.
- Sergeant: Drain Life: Hurts and leaches life.
- Lieutenant: Lightning: Single target, good damage. Stuns living units and shut down robotics for a turn of two.
- Captain: Fireball: 4x4 explosion, Does good damage, sets everything on fire.
- Major: Eldritch storm: A gigantic explosion, applying all effects from previous skills. Madness!
- Colonel: Soul Spear: Sorcery that fires souls shaped into a spear. Pierces enemies, causing heavy damage. This spell was said to have been devised by a master sorcerer, but his name is long forgotten.
- Brigadier: Dominate: Same as the Psi Ops skill.

- Corporal: Restoration: Regenerate 1 HP per turn, for 3 turns.
- Sergeant: Mist: The Shaman conjures a thick mist around an object and effectively makes it disappear. Grants concealment to a target. 6 turns cooldown.
- Lieutenant: Heal: Heals the target for 4 HP.
- Captain: Vigor: Imbue a friendly target with renewed vigor. Grants an Action Point.
- Major: Spirit Guide: The Shaman calls a spirit to help out in battle. He is able to call out exactly when an enemy might peak over a cover, or where to aim to exploit a weak point. Grants 25 aim and 50 critical chance for 2 turns.
- Colonel: Insect Swarm: The Shaman summons a vicious swarm of insects to sting and bite the target. They go for the eyes or any opening in the armor and burrow into the flesh. Deals 2HP damage per turn and distracts the target so they can barely aim or move. (-50 aim, -10 defense, -10 dodge, -7 move speed. Hey, it's Colonel level!)
- Brigadier: Astral Projection: Through extensive study of the spiritual realm, the Shaman is able to sense the souls of all living creatures around him. As a result, all living enemies on the field will become visible to the Shaman.

Update: WOTC V0.9.2
- Necromancers are only able to use the Staff weapon and the Reaper armor (call it a robe)
- Removed the Lost animations from Zombies and reverted to normal Zombie animations.

To do:
(all of these are on hold for now.)
In no order:
- GTS skill.
- Animations and cosmetics.
- INI file.
- "Mystics" Faction for the Necro, which will be fascinated with the Lost. Cover Ops and special Orders. Similar to the other factions.


Conflicts with other mods? Try this first: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625230005


If anyone wants to do a "Let's play" with this mod in it, I'll drop their playlist info in the description.
Let me know :)

PZ: Making zombies not count as dead x-com agents.
Alterd-Rushnano: Korean translation and the ingame class picture.
decimator1337: Spanish translation.
Kuna: Polish translation.

A huge Thank You to my Patrons. I wouldn't be making WotC mods without their support:
* A supporter who wanted to stay Anon.
* Holger "Rudi" Rudolph.
* Justin Reheard.
* Crystal Poxon.
My Patreon is new and small, but already having some real cool modding discussions.
Come join us there in a more quiet setting: https://www.patreon.com/ekscom :)
Or you can donate through Paypal if you prefer: paypal.me/Ekscom
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Pho Sho Apr 13 @ 5:23pm 
Hi, Currently I am having the issue of it taking all my advent trooper corpses to create Acolyte staffs. I have 74 staffs now...
Ekscom  [author] Apr 8 @ 5:06pm 
Are you sure it takes your sectoid corpses? That's very strange. There's a bug where the staves get duplicated, but it never removed corpses. Unless some other mod is messing that up somehow. I wouldnt know. But yea sure I'll make it a squad upgrade.
The Dead Kennys Apr 7 @ 8:32pm 
For some reason the game keeps automatically turning every sectoid corpse i get into tier-1 necromancer staffs. It doesn't duplicate and fill the weapons select screen with copies of the same thing, thank god, but it is pretty annoying to never have sectoid corpses available for crafting, say, a psi amp upgrade because they became yet another unnecessary necro staff when i wasn't looking. Worst part is, I can't sell the extra ones to get back some of the supplies used for making them in the first place.
(the most I've seen was a whopping 25 necro staffs, and I only have like 5 necromancers on the roster. Now I'm imagining them getting in trouble with Shen because she keeps catching them dicking around with the dead sectoids in storage, lol)

Is there a way to just make the necro staff a one-and-done squad upgrade item like the regular psi amps? I think that would get rid of the problem.
Ekscom  [author] Apr 1 @ 7:55pm 
He doesnt. I should finally get to removing that psi amp. It's just confusing. It's a leftover from when he used it, but it's all tied to the staff now.
Faithless Mar 31 @ 10:34am 
Does this class scale with the Psi stat at all?
Ekscom  [author] Mar 30 @ 4:04pm 
@Hecate : no tech reasons, just design. I had multiple complaints that the class was OP. Nerfing the weapon and normal armor made those concerns to disappear. The necro does less damage and he can't throw grenades, use medkits, vests, etc. It's a lore-friendly way to balance the damage output (kinda).
Ekscom  [author] Mar 30 @ 4:00pm 
@neIVIesis : Sure, thank you. That would be very cool and very welcome. Friend request incoming.
Ekscom  [author] Mar 30 @ 3:59pm 
@Riftweaver : The Brigadier has nothing to do with it. It must be a conflict with something that changes how the vanilla Training center works and/or how promotions get assigned. I dont know what it may be, you'll have to check your mods.
Hecate Mar 29 @ 9:03am 
First and foremost this s an excellent class. I have a question though is there a reason (technical) for the Necromancer being only able to use the staff and wear the reaper robe (other than being a fashion victim I mean) ?
neIVIesis Mar 27 @ 6:15pm 
@eksom I noticed you're using many of the same icon images for several perks. I can make custom icons for you. Send me friend request if interested. I created all new perk icons for "The Program" mod.