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Mod Info and tips

Holstering: To holster to primary or secondary, simply press "4" on your keypad

Auto Run: You can make your character sprint by pressing "0"

Earplugs: There are 3 levels of earplugs. Simply press U to switch between each level as well as removing them

Surrendering: To put your hands on your head simply press "-"

The Interaction menu: This is used to interact with both players and your builds in game. To open it up simply press tab. By doing this everything that can be interacted with will highlight in green. Simply head over and use space to navigate the menu

Using Items: To use items that you have picked up, such as bandages, simply click on them and then apply in the top right shown here:

Journal: Redux has a journal system where you can type messages. Simply press the previous button in your inventory until you find a page that looks like this. The messages you write here will persist past logging out and server restarts.

The base building in Redux is still slightly limited due to its early access state, but you still can build some buildings as well as survival tools and storage crates.

To access the building you first need to make a building template. Open up your inventory and press the next button on the bottom right to view the building options

Once you have built a template of what you want it will come up in green. Use the building template like a storage unit and add the required items individually. Once you have met all the requirements the building will appear in front of you.

Make sure you have completed this before a restart however as a restart will delete the template along with all items inside.

As of right now you need to find all metal items (such as hardware boxes and scrap metal) in industrial loot spawns. Lumber and plywood are crafted in the menu and require wood logs. Take an axe and hit a tree to get these wood logs (It may take up to 20 hits with an axe to knock the tree down, so just keep at it).

Another way of storing gear is through campsites. You can find A-frame and Dome tents scattered around the map, and pitching them using the interaction menu will allow you to have a permanent area to store gear (Due to the early access state of the mod this may not be 100% reliable)

If you are already in our servers it means you have sorted out your task force radio on teamspeak. This is simply a tutorial on how to use the radios you find in game.

Once in game your teamspeak talk becomes your in game direct chat, while your Arma 3 talk becomes radio use. For example if you use voice activation on teamspeak, anything you say will now be heard in game. At the same time if you want to talk on your radio and have the default caps lock, simply press caps lock to broadcast your message.

The Radio:

Once you have found a radio press ctrl + P to bring it up

Firstly, the red shows your current channel. You can drag your mouse and clear this, then using the keys shown in green you can type in your desired channel. Once you have typed this in press the enter key at blue to confirm this selection. If you do not do this it will not work. Use your Arma 3 talk button (default is caps lock) to speak into the radio.

Most radios will work within a 5km radius, depending on which one you find.

To repair vehicles you first need the required tools and equipment. These can be found in industrial loot spawns and include tyre repair kits along with tires and engines. Once you have found the vehicle you want head over and press tab to open up the interaction menu

Once you have the interaction menu open you can head over to the area of the vehicle that requires a repair and press space. Cycle through the various options to find out what you can do. If you do not have the equipment to perform a certain action a message will appear in the bottom left of the screen.

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