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Bitou2k's Binocular
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Sep 15, 2017 @ 9:58pm
Sep 16, 2020 @ 5:50pm
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Bitou2k's Binocular

MOD ID: 1136125765

Bitou2k's Binocular; The ultimate long-range reconnaissance spyglass tool.
Simple, Efficient and Elegant.

★★★★★ 1M SUBs ★★★★★

This mod is Clean and Stackable.
This mod brings you an Spyglass with complete Dinosaur Status Information, added with GPS and Compass functions.

The Engram is Available at Level 25
Per default, need some advanced craft requirements, but you can override craft cost in your server.

B2k Binocular Features
  • This Binocular don't have native Target's Audio Listener, was removed. (It is disturbing)
  • The MAX distance to see Dino Status Information is 400mts (Epic View Distance).
  • The Gender of Dino is represented by Name Color. (Pink is Female, Blue is Male, White has no Gender)
  • View of Dino Preferred Foods (Toggle Map ('G' Key) to show)
  • View of Wild/Tamed Dino Level Points (Toggle Weapon Attachment ('N' Key) to show)
  • You can only uses Night Vision, when you targering. (Melee/Pistol Whip (Left Control))
  • The Oxygen shows total percentage. (For dino mods have lot of oxygen)
  • You can use B2k Binocular while riding Land, Fly or Aquatic Dinos.
  • You can toggle camera (TPV or FPV) while equipped too.
  • The B2k Binocular ignores mounted Dino. YES, NOW IT IGNORES *-*
  • The GPS shows the target location.
  • When first equipping, you will not feel the effect of zoom. (Prevent Dizziness)
  • Taming Bar only shows if Taming > 0%. (Keeps the screen clean)
B2k Binocular Keys/Gamepad Functions
  • Dino Preferred Foods: Toggle Map (Default is 'G' Key)
  • Wild/Tamed Dino Level Points: Toggle Weapon Attachment (Default is 'N' Key)
  • Night Vision: Melee/Pistol Whip (Default is 'Left Ctrl' Key)
  • Radar ESP: Reload (Default is 'R' Key)

Spawn Command / Engram Entry / Configs Options
Bitou2k's Binocular:
cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/B2kBinocular/Binocular/PrimalItem_WeaponB2kBinocular.PrimalItem_WeaponB2kBinocular'" 1 0 0
Engram Entry:
Class for Override Crafting cost:
Defaults Config Options:
[B2kBinocular] StatsDelay=0 DisableTraceFloatingHUD=false DisableNightVision=false DisableRadarESP=false DisableDinoPoints=false DisableDinoFoods=false PreventEnemyStats=false PreventEnemyDinoPoints=false AlwaysShowPointsColumn=false AlwaysShowFoodsColumn=false NoAimTargeting=false

Config Details:
StatsDelay - Uses Integer. Seconds Delay to remove Stats Dino Information from the screen. (min: 0, max: 10)
DisableTraceFloatingHUD - Will show only Dino Stats and disables view Structures/Players information at a distance.
DisableNightVision - Disables the NightVision function on Binocular.
DisableRadarESP - Disables the Radar ESP function on Binocular.
DisableDinoPoints - Disables the Wild/Tamed Point Levels function on Binocular.
DisableDinoFoods - Disables the Wild/Tamed Preferred Dino Foods function on Binocular.
PreventEnemyStats - Prevents viewing all status of Enemy Dinos.
PreventEnemyDinoPoints - Prevents viewing only Enemy Dino Points.
AlwaysShowPointsColumn - The Dino Points column will always be activated.
AlwaysShowFoodsColumn - The Dino Preferred Foods column will always be activated.
NoAimTargeting - It is not necessary to enter in Targeting mode to show the Stats.

Future Plans Incomming:
  • New Features
  • New Functions

Current Version: v0.6c

- Optimizations in number abreviations, now only shows from millions, for more accurate viewing stats.
- Added Non-adult Dino maturation percentage, it will show itself in the same place where the taming appears. Thanks Albireo for suggestion.
- Any crashes when using Binocular, please report on Bug Reports discurssion with all details.

- Fix Binocular Weapon Description miss.
- Code improvements about disconnects.
- Optimizations on Dino Preferred Foods function.
- Added abreviations for numbers stats: M = million, B = Billion..
- Changed Default Key for Dino Foods to 'G' (DragBody Key).
- Rollback Dino Points Key to 'N'.

This is a Part 1 of a Big Update:
- Rewritten the entire code of the Mod.
- Fixed the Dino Status Interface getting stuck on the screen.
- Fixed bug when targering not ignoring mounted dinos.
- Fixed GamePad Keys not working normally.
- Fixed Radar and Night Vision bug when wearing TEK helmet.
- Added new Dino Preferred Foods column for taming. (Toggle Map ('G' Key) to show)
- Added INI settings for PvP servers.
- Added configuration to allow no need to Aim Targeting to show Dino Status.
- Added configuration for those who want all columns always open.
- Added six news INI Config: DisableDinoFoods, PreventEnemyStats, PreventEnemyDinoPoints, AlwaysShowPointsColumn, AlwaysShowFoodsColumn and NoAimTargeting
- Added the type of taming, if it can be tamed, and which type, Knockout or Passive.
- Added 3 color status for Health Bar: Full (Blue), Middle(Yellow) and Low (Red).

Thanks to JB for made this beautiful Image Preview!

If you like this mod give it an up-vote and a favorite! Thank you! ★

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nojkastula Apr 22 @ 1:01pm 
у меня он тупо не хочет скачиваться лол
Steven_DS Apr 9 @ 4:45pm 
Hey Bitou2k. Will this mod be transferred to ASA?
Ascendancer Apr 5 @ 12:16am 
Is it possible to increase the range that ESP works?
noil Jan 30 @ 10:48pm 
Works fine on our server running Fjordur
LongShoresy4Life Nov 17, 2022 @ 6:46pm 
how long does it take for this mod to install?
Tru Glömt Miles Nov 3, 2022 @ 2:55am 
under the level points can we have a tally for each column so with out counting you can see if there's a mutation / what the base level before taming was etc.
tchu_2000 Aug 3, 2022 @ 3:01am 
This one is better than the Super_Spyglass IMH. Tiny and neat.
g920913 Jul 16, 2022 @ 9:27am 
Same here, the engram level cannot be adjusted.
Daeminos Jul 9, 2022 @ 1:26am 
how do you change the engram level and cost? I put this into the ini and its not working

Buck Jul 1, 2022 @ 6:38am 
How can I change the keybinds? Have a conflict with another mod. (SS)