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Tac Terror - Public Gear
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Sep 15, 2017 @ 6:16pm
Jan 13 @ 10:21pm
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Tac Terror - Public Gear

[Credit to Adacas and the RHS Team for the models these textures are applied to.]

A collection of Vanilla, RHS and MGP uniforms and gear used by the guys of Tactical Terror in patterns and colours not provided in the original modifications.

Equipment Retextured:
- G3 Combat Uniform (RHS Version)
- Fleece soft shell jacket with G3 Field All Weather Pants
- PCU hard shell jacket with G3 Field All Weather Pants
- Eagle Industries Multi Mission Assault Carrier
- Eagle Induestrie CIRAS Maritime
- Crye Jumpable Plate Carrier
- OpsCore FAST (Covered and uncovered)
- MICH 2000 (Covered and uncovered)
- Crye Airframe
- Boonie Hat
- Baseball Caps
- Compact Assault Pack
- Tactical Kitbag
- Carryall Backpack
- Three Day Patrol Pack
- Five Day Bergen Pack
- MGP's Back Panels (Hydration, Pointman, Breacher and Tomahawk)

Patterns Featured:
- Ranger Green, Tan, Black, Grey solid colour uniforms and top options.
- US M81 Woodland and Tri-Colour Desert/Desert Combat Uniform
- Australian DPCU (Woodland) and DPDU (Desert)
- Tiger Stripe Woodland and Desert
- Multicam (Regular, Tropic, Arid, Black, Alpine)
- ATACS Family (Foilage Green, Arid Urban, Intermediate Extreme, Law Enforcement, IX-Arctic)
- ExTP Digital Arctic
- Kryptek Yeti
- Finnish M05L Winter
- Swedish M90A Winter
- MARPAT Disruptive Overwhite Uniform (Snowdrift)
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Jan 14 @ 4:50pm
Radio Bags
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Pix  [author] Mar 22 @ 5:06pm 
@Blitzkrieg762 - I am planning on a fix soon to reflect the correct storage capacity. I also have a few more patterns in the pipeline, but this pack is a passion project of mine and I don't necessarily have the time to really get back into content updates. And as for ILBE radios: I have an offline test variant for the radios in progress, but I cannot for the life of me get the antenna switching function working properly.
Blitzkrieg762 Mar 22 @ 2:02pm 
ILBE radios would also be a great addition to your comms pack.
Blitzkrieg762 Mar 22 @ 1:58pm 
Also any chance you could add more black, multicam black, and grey retextures for the MilGP gear?
Blitzkrieg762 Mar 22 @ 1:49pm 
The storage on the uniforms are not equal to their original mod counterparts. They store about half the supplies. Any fix for this in the future?
Pix  [author] Mar 10 @ 12:22am 
@THUNDERSQUID - That is an M4A1 Block II from RHS, in the tan paint scheme.
THUNDERSQUID Mar 9 @ 6:52pm 
what mod is the ar style rifle in the main mod pic. not the images but the mod image. dude in the mil gear pack medic vest holding the tan ar style rifle.
Fox Feb 26 @ 10:25am 
@Pix Hello, Could i get a copy of the .psd file with your template of the MILGP vests? I'm looking at making some variants for the group i play Arma with.
TehFocus Jan 18 @ 8:37am 
Okay, took a look at this now.

I really like it, especially the winter gear as you already now. Sadly there is a lot of assets we do not really have use for. I would like to voice my interest in an only winter version of this, regardless of the MGP dependency. You would help us out quite a lot with this.

Also, it works just fine with the Beta version of TFAR.
Sentinel Jan 14 @ 4:22pm 
Could you maybe do a separate mod for the radio bags then? Because I know the majority of my friends and fellow players of Arma use this mod specifically for those bags.
Pix  [author] Jan 13 @ 2:14pm 
Chief, as far as I am aware, there are no physical backpack radios for ACRE2, so all you would need to do is just stow a radio in the backpack of your choosing.

I am looking at plans to seperate the radios from everything else for those who just want the gear without comms.