Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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TCS Kingdom of Jerusalem
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Mod: AI, Gameplay
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Sep 14, 2017 @ 10:01am
Mar 2 @ 1:35pm
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TCS Kingdom of Jerusalem

This mod adds in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem as a new civilization, led by Baldwin IV, otherwise known as the Leper King.
Civilization Ability: Deus Vult
Cities you capture convert to your religion. Holy Site districts gain an additional Major Faith adjacency bonus from Encampment districts, and each Holy Site building provides bonus Production when producing units.
Unique Building: Chapter Commandery
A building unique to Jerusalem, replacing both the Barracks and the Stable. +25% combat experience for all land units trained in this city. Increases city Strength and grants a free melee unit when built. May be bought with Faith.
Unique Unit: Crusader
Jerusalemite unique Medieval era unit that replaces the Knight. +10 Combat Strength when fighting against civilizations who follow a different Religion. May be bought with Faith.

Baldwin IV
Leader Ability: Cross of Montgisarde
Cities with a Chapter Commandery gain 25% of the Production cost back as Faith when training military units. When within four tiles of a Holy Site, military units suffer no Combat Strength reduction from being injured and heal up to 25 hit points when eliminating a unit.
Leader Agenda: The Leper King
Likes civilizations who follow the same Religion and who are Declared Friends. Hates civilizations who have founded a different Religion.
Supports Vanilla and Rise and Fall
Supports YNAMP
Compatible with all TCS City-State Packs
No known conflicts
Alternate download available here[].
Concept & Design: thecrazyscotsman, Enigma
Code: thecrazyscotsman (SQL), LeeS (Lua)
Art: ChimpanG (Leader, Background, Icons), Deliverator (Unit Models), thecrazyscotsman (Icons, Commandery Model), Antagonise (Strategic View Icons), sukritact (Varanasi city-state Icon), p0kiehl (Artdefines)
Text: thecrazyscotsman
Special Thanks: sukritact, DarthKyofu
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Cuso Aug 10 @ 11:29pm 
Hey @thecrazyscotsman, I noticed the unique unit upgrades to tanks and not cuirassier. Is this by desing?
truiz024 Jul 3 @ 11:59pm 
I noticed there were no Jersey colors for this Civ when I opened it in Gathering Storm. Do you think you could fix this?
Ser Leoritch Jul 2 @ 8:23pm 
Great Mod Deus Vult indeed
skaz88 Jun 27 @ 6:17pm 
For some reason this is clashing with the Precinct of Amun Ra mod and creating a "Building Obelisk" error.
Ser Leoritch Jun 16 @ 11:27am 
Klaus Mar 16 @ 11:41am 
deus vult

Overlich Mar 3 @ 3:20am 
Thank you good Sir for updating. May the Crusade begin!
yuxella Mar 2 @ 7:42pm 
hello, it crashes after saving once and trying to reload from autosave or manual save. except the first autosave which works but not the rest. :( using it in GS
ThatVaultie Mar 2 @ 3:26pm 
thecrazyscotsman  [author] Mar 2 @ 1:38pm 
Updated with compatibility for Gathering Storm.