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Assassin Grade Hats
These are some hats that I think would fit with the Assassin quality applied.
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Punk Giana Wig
Created by Black Forest Games
Nothing says “rebel” like bright red and purple hair – especially if it comes from someone else’s head! Uh, we mean to say that this was manufactured. With machines. Yeah.

Themed after Giana Sisters: Twiste...
The Elite Ops
Created by ŕﻉd Viקèŕ گ
A combat helmet with horns...


*made the horns look more beefy...
The Graduate
Send in the clowns!

(What did you think he had a PHD in?)

Part of 'The College Comedian' set:

'The Last laugh' -Shotgun
'The Constructive criticism' -Pistol
'The Brotherly Glove -Mele...
Singed Apron
Created by malayu
For when things get hot and you don't wanna make a mess.

I made this cause I really don't like the way Scorched Skirt looks.

Will add an actual skirt once I figure out how the Medic's collisionjoints work

- Replaces Grenades
- Team colours
- 2 ...
The Holo Head
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
New from Mann. Co: The Holo-Head™ ! "Does your job cause you too have a higher risk of death? are you constantly exposed too hazardous enviornments? is your wife aware you're cheating on her? well fear no more! With the Mann co. Holo-Head™, you can downloa...
The Bushman
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Sexy. Stylish. Fearsome. And only at the cost of a good, trusty shirt.

Download from
The Leather Lurker
Created by Colteh
I'm not like other spies.[/img][/url]...
The Freedom Sweater - Light Style
Created by QuestionablyInsane

- 3 LODs
- Team colored sweater and gloves
- Paintable patches on the elbows and shoulder
The Pony Expression
Created by Sleeper
Why the long face?

512^2 diffuse and bumpmap, 2 LODs that fit within the fancy in-game workshop importer's criteria for all of the classes. Not paintable.

Alternate names - (Thank you to whoever suggested some of these):
Horsie Headie
Horsie Hotlin...
The Snowmann
Created by crazy-g
You know whats better than Organized Crime gangs? Holiday-Themed Organized Crime Gangs! Be part of the Frosty Syndicate with The Snowmann!

Model/texture: crazy-g
Concept: Mr. Gibbly...
Poseidon's Partner
Created by TauVee
We're really not sure how this happened. Includes state-of-the-art animated fish.

Please check out my other items as well. =)
The Master Builder
Created by Quin
Who are you calling a pinhead?

Model and Texture - Quin

SFM promo material - Dilly Dong

Re-submitted for Halloween 2015!...
Fancy Bandit
Created by Svdl
Open jacket, paintable vest and a large holster.

See also the rest of the set!...
Tropical Survivor
Created by Texman
Mean, Green, killing machine

Check out the full set here!
Faux Pecs
Created by boomsta
Looking for a little more action to add to your figure? This lead-painted chestpiece will keep your favorite toy going and going - and as long as you inhale the noxious paint fumes, it'll keep you going, going, gone....
Torontonian Overcoat
Created by donhonk
In the harsh winters of the Great White North, it's you and this coat versus the world.
The Slaughter Smock
Created by Ertz™
People say to Borski "Dress for job you want". Borski say "That is stupid, Borski get blood on him from tiny baby men he kills everyday, so he dress for job he have"

-team colors...
Twenty Karat Tunic
Created by Sky
Redefine the gold standard.

Concept & Materials - Void
Models - Sky
Promos - Retro
Sculpts - Donhonk

Mod release here[]...
The Endoskeleton
Created by Constructor


Paintable wires!
Jiggleboned jaw.
Spooky as hell

CDJO: promo renders, video
Constructor: model, texture, whatever else...
Multi-Track Tracksuit
Created by Big Bob
Concept by Extra Ram
Model by Big Bob
Texture by Metabolic
Promos by Duckdog

Check out the rest of the set!
*dosimeter is paintable
has sound for dosimetr
The Hydro
Created by Vartose
Mod Files:

Professional Without Standards
Created by Sky
List of things that didn't survive the collapse of civilisation:
- Shirts in your size
- People who know how to make shirts

Magma Armour
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Team Colou...
Popovich Protection
Created by goldenjohnson
"Deflects cold and bullets"

Serious_Greg - Concept, SFM
GoLDeN - Implementation...
The Dropout's Do
Created by Rozzy
Pfft, shooting people is getting boring. Lets just chill, homie.

Beanie is paintable.

Q: Where'd the joint go?

Ghostly Grin
Created by ToxicWeasel
Heavy: 'OH NO!.. My mouth! It is speaking to me!! HELP NOW!'

All Class

Mod found here:
The Covert Covers
Created by Wowza
A winter ski mask, beanie, and hood for the Spy.

-Facial flexes

Mod download:

If you liked this item, follow the creators!
The Deadlier Catch
Created by The Ronin
on a steel horse i ride...

View my other works here:
Tide Rider
Created by stegarootbeer
Everybody's gone sufin'

Map shown is koth_stalone, available for download here:
Full Metal Punk
Created by Araragi-kun
Some punks like to kill, some soldiers like strange hairstyles......
Sci Fi police helmet
Created by Karma^Pt
Team colored Sci Fi police helmet for Heavy, based on the 5th Element movie...
Rudy's Prescription
Created by mr apple
"A hat a day keeps the doctor away"...
Hyperborian Headband
Created by The Ronin
What is the best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their medics.

You can see more of my works here:
Vase Guardian
Created by ka-punn
Demoman found vase in tomb!!
My first TF2 hat model.
This is paintable hat!

Thumbnail changed.
changed correct color tint setting.
Added color list.

Pretty Princess
Created by Rurouni Sonic
Being this pretty is scary.

3 lods
jigglebone tassles
all class

A princess hat for every class...
Burner's Bouffant
Created by Cap'n Bill
Knock 'em dead with this Maltshop Classic....
Renaissance Princess
Created by goldenjohnson
"Totally not girly!"

You can download it as a mod at
Melchior's Dome
Created by nano393
Build with a radar inside so you don't lose track of stars this christmas.

3 LODs and paintable...
Steam Rollers
Created by Voodoo
Use these Stylish Steam Rollers to contain the Mane.

3 Lod's, Paintable Hair, Team Colors (Hair and Rollers).

6 Classes, will try and make all class before Halloween.

The Curse of Wadjet
Created by JPRAS
An all class cobra "hat" based on Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris's snake boss.

Features all class usability, paints and jigglebones!

Like our work? Join our official group for exclusive c...
Pharmacist Pschent
Created by Orko
"One part Hedjet and one part Deshret can turn a lowly Medic into a GOD KING!"
"Prepare for your mummification!"

An ancient Egyptian double crown for the Medic.
The Chimney Creep
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Not exactly the caretaker you ordered, but he's headed your way whether you like it or not.

Actually......... not part of the pack, but please support the "Aristocratic Assassin" pack :)

The Charred Bard
Created by QuestionablyInsane
To Mmph or not to Mmph...

Yeah I just tried my hand at the Source Film Maker for composing a preview pic... I don't think it's too shabby.

Noticed that the Pyro and the engineer seem to not have as much workshop love so I thought that the Pyro needed a ...
The Merciless Mistletoe
Created by Lowly
You have your mistletoe with you, but not your desired partner.
So stab your way through, and soon you will find her.

Updated :

- Edited Textures

Updated ( V2.5 ) :

- Changed textures
- Fixed some bug.

Updated ( V2.6 ) :

- Adjusted m...
The Scrapper's Safeguard
Created by Problem
The Engineer's fashioned himself a knight's armor from an old motorbike helmet.

-2 LODs
-Jiggleboned Antenna
-Team Colored...
The UnAustralian Catch
Created by mr apple
Valve said to unwrap it like a bear rug, so I did.

Karova Boy
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
The ladies can't resist the musk

Based on Larson Conway...
Majestic Maharajah
Created by Sid
Respected Mr. Jane,

I sincerely hope that you would accept this humble gift (and spare my life) as a token of apology for accidentally consuming your last can of tomato soup from the team refrigerator.


Mr. Reddy
Assistant to Saxton Hale
The Fortuner's Folds
Created by Munchy
I look into my Crystal Ball, and I see nothing! This godforsaken headwrap has blinded me!...
Mask of Baphommph
Created by Sky
Glowing eyes, works super well with paints, compatible with most pyro masks....
Fido the Fire Dog
Created by heinous
From the latest official comic[]
Gold Star Certified
Head rigged to partially point toward direction of travel
Jiggleboned head, jaw, butt, and tail
3 LOD's at maximum tris
The Robotomy
Created by Sparkwire
squish squish HRK WHEEZE squish squish BZZZ

Pyro unmasked

Brain and goggles share paint colors, example:
The Unknown Crusader
Created by Texman
Check out the MOD!

Let the glorious light of capitalism guide us!

check out the rest of the set!
Brass Bucket
Created by Texman
We will all move the payload!

check out the rest of the set!
Created by mя. 3nygma
Swear revenge to bruise or just go on a cruise. That's upto you !

But there is no denying that, this Halloween, all roads will lead to hell !!

So, make sure to get your ride booked in advance !...
Machine Head
Created by GetGrenade
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster."
Paintable, Face-Flexed....
Fish Face
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Glug.. glug.. Blrrrp!'

Team Colours
Hog Head
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Now thats what ya call a Snout!'...
Chilly Chilli
Created by ToxicWeasel
Wear this and add some spice to your holidays !

Team Colours
Cursed Evil Stump
Created by P!RO
Who would have thought that the accidentally released spell of Merasmus would fall into this stump. And what is the result? Now he's cursed and evil!...
Engineer's Extremities
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Professor Hexapus strikes again!

*Facial-flexed claws

*Available for mod download[]...
Heist Disguise
Created by goldenjohnson
A heist disquise for disgusting faces...
Created by Colteh
Sorcerer's Sorting Hat
Created by Sky
"Heads up. We're running dangerously low on Eye of Newt."

Concept by Metabolic
Model/Textures by Sky
Promos by Hot Pocket and Psyke...
Miss Miranda
Created by SQUEEZIT
Wear this and dance yourself into a glamorous Brazilian stardom!

Made for the GameBanana "Rain, Hail, or Shine" Skinning Contest:
Tech Trench V4 (FIXED)
Created by Ryuga_knight
(I never planned to make a 4th version, but due to a big error I found in the old Tech's Trench v3 I was forced to resubmit, sorry for the inconvince)

Whether you lost your Sentry to a Sapper or you own arm in a horrible freak accident, show you never l...
Pocket Yeti
Created by Fruit
Previously feared by Tibetan monks, senselessly massacred by Saxton Hale, now available as an accessory! Each Adorable Snowmann is masterfully manufactured with 100% real* yeti fur! Now you can have a primate partner in the palm of your pocket. Saxton intr...
Searer's Sidekick
Created by Nidhogg - STREAMING
"One man's trash is another man's adopted imaginary friend.
He's a little worn around the edges but still has plenty of love to share."

Like the Kindler's Ashen Set, this is a revision of the original Searer's Sidekick from 2015 with an ...
Created by Dewzie
Nothing says dapper festive comfort like a wreath stabbing you in the neck....
Sledder's Sidekick
Created by donhonk
Features: All-Class and Jiggleboned Tail for maximum tail wagging ACTION!!...
The Snug Snow Leopard [2017]
Keep your mercenary's head warm by letting an (artificial) Snow Leopard eat it up. An all-class hat cosmetic based loosely on a Snow Leopard. Doubles as a hat and earmuffs!

• 2 LODs
• Team Coloured
• 2 512 x 512 Textures
• All-Cla...
Vision of the Future
Created by Kaymon95
It is the distant future, the year 2000...

These high-tech visor glasses are top-of-the-line future-fashion available today! Fool your friends into thinking you're a spaceship engineer! Fool your enemies into thinking you're a laser-shooting mutant! The...
Two-Dimensional Topper
Created by Colteh
When you're on a melancholy hill, sometimes you have to dare to feel good....
Astro Helm
Created by EmperorFaiz.vmt

The exotic new conversation piece styled to fit any mood, any mayhem in battlefield and all disarray establishments.

Basically ...
Captain Atmosphere
Created by Strno8
When the skybox is the limit, strafe towards the battlefield like your supposed to! What? Did you think this was going to be an inspirational quote? Get back to work!

Concept - Overlord Lettuce
Model/Texturing - Strno8
SFM poster/thumbnail - DJB2401...
Punk's Pomp
Created by drew
All I need is some fightin' spirit and it'll all work out.

model - drew
sculpt - Big Bob
concept and texture edits - Metabolic
promotional art - HotPockette...
Wildland Helmet
Created by Strno8
Only you can cause jungle infernos!

Pie_Savvy - Model, textures
Strno8 - Highpoly
Overlord Lettuce - Concept
DJB2401 - SFM art...
The Manic Jacket
Created by Awan™
Only a mad man would wear this jacket.

Concept Art - OverlordLettuce
Modelling/Texturing - Awan
Rigging - Strno8

Thanks to Hotrod McCoolguy for the promos!
Created by Strno8
If you are out to hunt a bunch of sharks, do you need a bigger boat or just a bunch of smaller vessels?

Friends, please consider that this is meant to be main model and other shorks are style for this one. It is up to valve to choose styles, if they add...
The Aegis of Empire
Created by heinous
Happy Lunar New Year! Get in the Chinese celebrating spirit with this suit of ancient Chinese Mountain Pattern armor. The interlocking scales are said to be sturdier and more flexible than conventional scale armor. How on earth did Pyro obtain the only sur...
The Dynasty War Wear
Created by heinous
Happy Lunar New Year! Get in the Chinese celebrating spirit with this suit of ancient Chinese Mountain Pattern helmet. The interlocking scales are said to be sturdier and more flexible than conventional scales. There forehead protector is decorated with a ...
Vengeful King
Created by Pie_Savvy
For when you need to rule your country with an iron fist, a good head of hair & poor depth perception.

Mod link here:
Wealthy Boyar
Created by Dan
What can you do so others know you're rich? Well, buy a fancy hat, of course! This 18th-19th century hat will basically yell "I'M RICH!", without the need for expensive cars, houses or gold ingots. Less weight on your head too.
Includes 3LODs, is paintable...
On the frontlines there are many fresh corpses to rummage around in, so it would only seem fitting for Archimedes to join the fight!

To-Do List (takes into account community feedback):
-Make the helmet darker.
-Add a little bit more detail.
The Title Bout
Created by Vap
"My barber didn't know when to quit, do you?"

- Models & Textures: Vap
- Facial Morphs: DatGmann
- Concept: Rev
- SFM Promos: Hotrod...
Steam Brainchine
Created by ᛁᛋᛅᚾᛏ
IMPORTANT: There was a small modification to the hat, I had to make a small rework so it could work better and have at least a better quality with the lod 2, Hopefully you won't notice it.

Item description: Engineer is thinking so hard that he ne...
Cold Blooded Apron
Created by EmperorFaiz.vmt

Chopping few meats and attending a BBQ grill simultaneously would be far less messy now.

- Paintable

Steam Time Machine (V2 All-Class)
Created by ᛁᛋᛅᚾᛏ
Item Desc: A Steam hat made by Mann Co. they said that if you think harder you may end up back in time.

IMPORTANT: I have updated the model of the hat to a better quality.

If you think I should make the leather Paintable instead of Team b...
Stylized Sideflick
Created by Pie_Savvy
Weaponising headbutts since 1952.

Mod link:
Commander's Chest Piece
Created by drew
Strong Mann, Fight Babies.
Sun Tzu Do
Created by FiveEyes
Official item for Journey to the East!

When times are tough on the battle field and you don't know what to do, just ask yourself "What would Sun Tuz do?"

FiveEyes: Model/Textu...
The Watchful Condor
Created by Pie_Savvy
For when carrots aren't enough.

Mod Link:
Lord Croaque
Created by EmperorFaiz.vmt

Get your not-so-little, slimy friend a good place to rest.

  • All class
  • Paintable
  • Two styles av
The Brain Freezer
Created by A pack of badgers
With this new device you can keep your head cool and have the Holiday spirit on your mind all the time!

LOD0: 1047 tris
LOD1: 485 tris

Original concept and modelling - Jecalux90
Additional modelling, texturing and testing - A pack of ba...
The Spinal Extension 2014
Created by C8
I have a deep tingly feeling in my spine that this will be an excellent cosmetic to scare off those pesky spies!...
The Awesome Adventurer
Created by M^tt
Not for oxymorons, this algebraic hat assists in righteous quests, defeating evil and giving bro-knuckles....
Created by A_Guardian
It's a hood.
Its paintable, but the tool for making paint charts is broken, so you've got to take my word on it.
Mod :
Dawn of Industry
Created by Swaggernaut
Marvel at your own increddible inventions through the lens of innovation!...
The Camper's Kiwi (2018)
Created by Vap
Friend deployed, everyone gather here!

A remake of an older item, you might remember him. He is paintable and has jiggle bones.

Models/textures/rigging: Vap
SFM promos: Hotrod McCoolguy...
Lucky Cat Hat
Created by Pie_Savvy
You've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do nyaa, merc?
Wise Whiskers
Created by Psyke
Move well, study well, play well, eat well, and rest well..

That is the Turtle Master way!

Misc / Hat Compatable!
Comes Complete with Facial Flexes!
Fierce Eyebrows!

Concept By Extra Ram
Model/Flexes By Derosaj & Neodement
Texture By Psyke...
The Scaled Sorcerer
Created by nuggetboi
The kind of snake that won't go behind your back and spread lies about you. This little guy has a heart of gold.

My first item. Go easy on me....
Cap of Covertness
Created by Svdl
Get all covert with a cap.

Jiggleboned, paintable.

See also the rest of the set!...
Cape of Concealment
Created by Svdl
Conceal yourself under a cape.


See also the rest of the set!...
Pole Position
Created by Strno8
Good communication is key to victory, with this headgear you can stear your team in the good direction and infinitely mock them when they drive of the track.

Strno8 - Highpoly, Base lowpoly
Pie_Savvy - Texturing, Tweaking Lowpoly, BP icons
DJB2401 - S...
The Sluggish Cephalopod
Created by nuggetboi
He looks like he's trying to swallow your brain from your scalp but he's just really really tired and your cranium looks ideal. It's okay.

Took some critique and made this one all-class, and skinned for both teams. I really like this one....
Yogi Bear
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Journey to the East...
The Bow Taker
Created by Ducksink
always lift your head up and never look them in the eye, thats what 20 years in the business teach ya

2 styles(cig/no cig), paintable...
Toad Floater
Created by EmperorFaiz.vmt

When floating is the best way to catch those flies that fly slightly higher than usual. Inspired by a certain movie about a certai...
DeGroot Suit
Created by Vap
Comes with 2 styles.

SFM Art: HotPockette
Concept: Square...
Bright Idea
Created by /FSnC\ Forte ∅
It can get boring tending to sentries all day. Put that extra brainpower to use!...
Oceania Overcoat
Created by boomsta
boomsta - models, materials
Metabolic - concept
HotPockette - promos
Pint-Sized Peril
Created by Psyke
There's no need to worry

Our good friend Mr S.Thompson has reassured us that these bats are infact very friendly. and are in no-way at all the byproduct of substance abuse.

Comes with lods!
Pyroland assister!
Team colo...
The Headgourd
Created by Gadget
The Headgourd

o Soldier Hat
o Paintable
o 3 LODs

Just a pumpkin helmet for Halloween.

Check out the other items from the collection...
The Warmest Scarf
Created by comfy blanket
Nothing quite warmer than 4 explosives dangling from your chest!
(Dynamite and wick are jiggleboned)...
Stuntman O' Scotland
Created by Midnight™
Add some flair to your death-defying sticky jumps with a jacket that just screams "I hope I don't break my legs again!"

Paintable, jiggleboned frills. 3 LODs.

Promo renders done by Bloodfart....
Panda Hat style2
Created by T_Vidotto
A cross game workshop submission joining Dota2 and Teamfortress2

This is a hat for my favorite character, the Heavy Weapons Guy, based on a Dota2 courier called Captain Bamboo.
The hat called "the exPandable" comes in 2 styles, one using the googles to p...
The Coyote Hat
Created by Peka
Bar fighters and sheriffs will point their guns at your moldy spaghetti smelling hat,
thinking you're just an yapping, troublesome coyote...

Too bad for them they don't know what you're really made of!
Enchanter's Essentials
Created by KaLS
These witchcraft robes are the finest option for any magician seeking quality wear.


• Paintability
• 3 LODs...
Indian Hair
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Halloween Indian Costume for Sniper

* Paintable headband

* Will update with new thumbnail soon...
mr Snuggles
Created by Bapaul
A long trip to the Russian mountains breaks a man, his heart turns cold.
Alone, the metal of Sasha burns his face in the cold.
In the distance he sees a wolf, covered with warming fur. He leaves Sasha, and charges at it barehandedly.
The rest is histor...
The valkyrie
Created by A_Guardian
Its an old thing, but not old anymore.
or whatever.

Paintable, 1 lod, medieval, named after winged female warriors.
It has it all folks.

Updated with a better paint color, texture, and for demo-ness....
Aimbot Assistant
Created by FiveEyes
"For all your auto aiming needs on the go, a few quick twists and he's ready to kill!"

- Paintable
- Jiggleboned key
- 2 Styles

FiveEyes: Model, Jigglebones
Pie_Savy: Texture,UV
Hotrod: Promos
Overlord Lettuce: Concept...
Joystick Jockey
Created by Kowalo
Model/Texture: Kowalo
Concept: Extra Ram
Promos: Hex...
The Heavy Duty Apron V2
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Wear this brilliant apron to keep the blood mayo off of your clothes!

Download mod
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