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[WOTC] ADVENT Reinforcements (Includes ABA Support)
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Sep 12, 2017 @ 2:05pm
Jan 20 @ 4:53am
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[WOTC] ADVENT Reinforcements (Includes ABA Support)

A stand-alone mod for WOTC that enables advent officers to call in reinforcements. By default, the officer will call in reinforcements if they are the only remaining 'discovered' unit left alive. Reinforcements will consist of 1 'special' advent unit (Stun Lancer, Shieldbearer, MEC, Priest, Purifier), accompanied by Advent Troopers. The number of troopers will increase as the force level increases.

-- Credits --

The reinforcement script was originally created by Rayman! and updated for WOTC by Farkyrie for his Advent Commander mod - full credits goes to them.

Rayman!'s mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=626617018
Farkyrie's mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129580287

-- Custom / Settings --

The encounter group and distance can be configured in the config ini file. New/custom enemies can be given the ability in the same config file. The 'TryCallReinforcements' AI behavior will need to be added to the custom enemies AI routines. If you need any help with this, just send me a comment!

The new conditional checks for 'revealed' allies. If you want to have the old 'visible' allies check, set 'ReinforcementsUseLOS' to true.
The number of uses, the (local and global) cooldown between uses and the requirements for calling in reinforcements can all be changed in the config ini file.

Please note: If you increase the max allies and/or the number of charges, I strongly recommend that you have the global cooldown set to atleast 1!

-- Changes --

v1 - The advent officer now has audio dialogue when requesting reinforcements.

v2 - The ability uses custom reinforcements encounter list, removing officers and focusing on more numbers of Advent troops.

v3 - Added ABA support.

v4 - Corrected offsite positioning. New AI conditional for call-in requirements.

v5 - Added German Translation, thanks to Nor Dogroth. Added config values to increase customisation options, including cooldowns, charges and max allies/min enemies allowed.
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Wilko  [author] Apr 8 @ 11:43am 
Behaviors=(BehaviorName=GroupSize1, NodeType=StatCondition, Param[0]=GroupSize, Param[1]="<=", Param[2]=1)
Wilko  [author] Apr 8 @ 11:43am 
You might want to use the 'GroupSize' parameter for that - The Chryssalids use it to check if they're on their own in a pod... at least I think that's what it does!
Bernard Lowe Apr 7 @ 2:45pm 
Alright, thank you again so much for the support :)

EDIT: For the training officers to call in reinforcements when they lost a pod member, I could probs use the "ReinforcementsMaxAllyCount" for those as training officers usually dont have pods larger than 3, I'll let you know in the discussions once I cooked something up!
Wilko  [author] Apr 7 @ 12:43pm 
As for giving the ability to the training officers, you'll need to find their names/ID and add them to the config file - then create a copy of their AI behaviours, adding in the 'TryCallReinforcements' behaviour in there. I've created a discussion that might help you with this.

Adding the behaviour to make it so they call in troops when they've lost a pod member is an interesting one - I'm not aware of an existing behaviour that you could use, so it'd need to be a custom behaviour script.
Bernard Lowe Apr 7 @ 12:41pm 
Thank you very much!
Wilko  [author] Apr 7 @ 12:23pm 
Adding the ability to the General should be easy enough - they seem to use the same AI behaviour as the Captains - so you'll just need to add 'AdvGeneralM1', 'AdvGeneralM2', 'AdvGeneralM3' to the 'XComWOTCAdventReinforcements.ini' Character Templates list.
Bernard Lowe Apr 7 @ 6:47am 
This mod looks awesome. I was wondering, are ADVENT Generals able to call reinforcements too, to slow down the XCOM operatives while they try to get to the EVAC point?

Also, would it be possible to give this ability to Training Officers from the Advent Field Training mod too, but only calling in reinforcements as soon as one of their rookie troopers is killed by XCOM? If it's as easy as a few ini file edits, point me in the right direction and I'd love to add these myself ofcourse.
looplick Mar 22 @ 4:16pm 
Awesome mod! A must have.

My recommended settings are to set ReinforcementsMaxAllyCount=4 or more so that the captain calls in reinforcements immediately when given the chance. It's pretty cool.

Also, added the ABB Skirmisher and Advent General to the list of enemies that can call down reinforcements. Bad ass!
ScrmblesThDethDealr Feb 22 @ 4:43pm 
What?? Sounds good in theory but I always go for them first....then again, I have had a few instances where there is an officer left alive out of a pod because of positioning/missed shots/etc....sounds like an awesome mod.
Alyfox Feb 16 @ 2:52am 
Alright, thanks!