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XCOM 2 (WotC) - Cosmetic MODs
This is a collection of cosmetic MODs for War of the Chosen that I think are cool and add immersion to the game.
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Lady Mechanika Squadmate WotC
Created by |scv|
Hi Guys!

This mod is for War Of The Chosen DLC.
If you want to play it with original XCOM 2 game subscribe to this one:

The mod was created for fun.
This character is t...
XXL Tattoo - War of the Chosen
Created by Mantid
A collection of 50+ tattoos, ranging from the small and silly to large and elaborate.

Base XCOM2 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723546573...
WOTC Even More Backstories
Created by Cato
Did you know the base game has only 9 vanilla soldier backstories? This mod changes that.

WOTC Even More Backstories, aims to increase personal attachment and role-play within your XCOM campaigns with 479 new character backgrounds, with male and female ...
Immersive Names WotC
Created by DaggaRoosta

IMMERSIVE NAMES replaces character names in XCOM2 with namelists that are considerably more robust, accurate, and proportionate than the ones that ship with the game. This mod expands every default characte...
More Nations and Names WotC
Created by DaggaRoosta

Integration of More Nations Mod 1.0 by Astograph and Immersive Names 1.4 by DaggaRoosta.

War of the Chosen version. Vanilla/LW2 version can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=9...
[WOTC] Invisible Parts For Hero Units
Created by nekoworkshop
Latest Update: 29 Jun @ 9:39pm

Fixed the broken invisible shins for male skirmishers. Oops!

What is this mod?

A utility mod that allows you to hide accessories of the hero units to make full body c...
WotC Additional Invisible parts for hero units
Created by Aphrenedge
Created this fix to add a few additional options for invisible parts. For use with my LAO mods but I'm sure others may find other uses.

-invisible shins added on templars and skirmishers
-invisible legs/arms added on templars, skirmishers and reapers
[WotC] Expanded Callsigns and Nicknames
Created by Lyrae
This mod adds over 800 carefully curated new entries to the pools used to generate callsigns for your XCOM operatives when they reach the rank of Sergeant or above.

One of my favourite parts of XCOM has always been the procedural storytelling and this ...
[WotC] Military Camouflage Patterns
Created by Bistritean
Vanilla XCOM 2 version here


Note: the images are there for reference only, as colors are much brighter in WotC and ...
Expanded Mission Names (WotC)
Created by I_Burner
Ever feel like there just isn't enough variety in the mission names churned out during your campaign? I sure did after being offered "Operation Spider Killer" in three consecutive campaigns. So I decided to do something about that. 

This mod adds over ...
[WOTC] Faster Reload Animations
Created by -bg-
Significantly increases reload animation speed so you don't have to wait for them before performing the next action.

Overwrites BuildVisualisation function of 'Reload' ability...
Created by Destroyer1101
Finally finished consolidating all my hairs into a single pack, please take plenty of pictures I want to see all your awesome girls kicking alien butt.

If you like the Hair styles that I made here be sure to give me a
Thumbs UP!
[WOTC] Impact FX Lite Version
Link to the standard Version found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1148304893

This mod aims to provide increased immersion by adding and modifying the scarring to the map that occurs during engagements with Advent

Wear Armour on the Avenger (for WotC)
Created by RealityMachina
Forces soldiers to wear armour on the Avenger. Does this through a IsSoldier check to catch all soldiers that could be used in game....
Empty WOTC Deco Slots for XCOM Soldiers (+ Some other empty things)
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
13/Sept/2017: Fixed Alien Hunter's empty WOTC slot implementaion x2

12/Sept/2017: I've made this to fix some issues with alien hunters armour and added the empty legs shoulder...
SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC
Created by Mertius
Second Wave Remastered: Full Crew Avenger (Updated V.2.1)

Ever notice that the Avenger doesn't seem to have as much crew walking the halls as before?
Well, now you can have back your Avenger teeming with Activity!

***Notes***While this works with V...
Add Part Names
Created by robojumper
Mod authors: This mod is soft-deprecated. Please migrate to the Highlander feature for this:


The Highlander way is more compatible with Unrestricted Customiza
Sorted Character Pool
Created by laughingman
A simple mod to sort the Character Pool list.


Makes use of ModConfigMenu if the user has it enabled, if not you will need to create the ini yourself...
WotC: robojumper's Squad Select
Created by robojumper
My personal take on a Squad Select Screen! Completely built from the ground up!

  • User Interface for more than 6 soldiers. How many? There's no limit! Scroll or Drag&Drop.
  • More intuitive with built-in overview!
  • Mo
Eldritch Facepaints v1.2 - WOTC compatible
Created by [RQ] StuballZ
A series of facepaints to enrich your XCOM 2 experience, by [RQ]StuballZ / eldritch68. This pack works as is in WOTC, it is just marked as incompatible in the launcher. Don't believe the Advent propaganda -- the pack works exactly as intended in WOTC!

Show More Buff Details
Created by -bg-
No more guessing when is your effect going to end, shows more details about when each non-permanent effect is going to end.

Also show the stat bonuses granted by each buffs/perks

Overwrites UITacticalHUD_BuffsTooltip, UITacticalHUD_Perk...
[WOTC] Advent Flashlights
As seen in many of Xcom 2's cutscenes Advent have Flashlights on their weapons, the game does not reflect this in missions, this mod aims to fix that. As well, it adds a few minor graphical additions related to light sources listed below.


[WOTC] Shaken Scars are Back!
Created by Mr. Nice
This is the War of the Chosen version, the non-WotC compatible version is here:
[Non-WOTC] Shaken Scars are Back!

Shaken Scars are Back!

Yes, the little feature wh...
[WOTC] GrimStyle Armor
Created by Yoshiluv90
No further updates planned
I've pretty much lost interest in both modding and Xcom so thanks to all who helped me and everyone who said nice things even if my work wasn't great. Sorry I never got around to many characters I wanted to do. F...
WOTC Nice Mission Debriefing
Created by atamize
A follow-up to Mission Award Variety, Nice Mission Debriefing for War of the Chosen shows extended stats and awards for your soldiers at the end of a mission.

Ink And Paint
Created by Maddox
Adds 25 new Arm Tattoos and 4 Face Paints to the game.

As with any other mod, you should back up your save before installing.

*Latest Update*
Face Paint - Hand x2
Face Tattoo - Hex , Hex Full
- Reordered all tattoos alphabeticaly....
Fixed scrollbar (row-based scroll speed) - Wotc
Created by Toxic Frog
Makes scrolling lists much easier :
- When pointer is on the list : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one row.
- When pointer is on the scrollbar itself : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one page.
(Alternativly you can click on the tiny scrollbar's up...
View Locked Skills - Wotc
Created by Toxic Frog
Makes skills / perks / aptitudes from higher ranks visibles.

By default, XCOM random skills remains hidden (a button allows to show them if you want to).

Depends on "[WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default" mod.

No class overriden....
Created by RealityMachina
Everybody personalizes as the Commander tells them to, no more.

In other words, normal, non-hero soldiers (+ any alien soldiers that use human cosmetics), upon equipping kevlar, plated, spider, whatever armours, will now auto default t...
[WOTC] Ranks That Somewhat Make Sense
Created by MrShadowCX
Just a quick easy mod for a friend. All this mod does is change the rank names of the 4 main XCom classes and the 3 faction hero classes. More of a personal mod but was asked to release it to the public as well.

If you want to use this mod to change th...
[WOTC] Cost-Based Ability Colors
Created by shiremct
[WOTC] Cost-Based Ability Colors

This is an updated version of Cost-Based Ability Colors for WOTC. All credit for the original mod and concept goes to [b...
Post Process Status Effects
Created by robojumper
Adds post-process visual effects for when a soldier is affected by Fire, Acid, Poison or Disorientation so you immediately notice that.

Tip: Look at the screen edges....
Invisible Heads
Created by SliWhist
Adds an invisible head to each of the default races. (Eyes and teeth are still visible.)

They will generate on random soldiers, but should not generate on civilians.

I'm not sure why/if anyone would/will use this, but there it is....
[WOTC] Mec Micro Missile Launcher Color Fix
This mod corrects a few cosmetic errors to the Mec Micro Missile Launchers


-The Advent Mec now has a white matching launcher

-The Heavy Advent Mec now has a launcher that is in the same shade of red as it's body

Compatibility shou...
Birthdates [WOTC]
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Increases the range of birthdates soldiers can get, and sets reasonable age ranges for specific backstories or soldier classes. Skirmishers are no longer born well before the invasion.

The default age range is changed from 25-35 to 18-50. Backstory-spec...
WOTC Female Hair Pack
Created by Kexx
Release #33
Mod ID: 1471399748

UPDATE 1: The GREEN Update
Added 27 new Hairstyles:
3 Short
6 Medium
6 Long
8 Ponytail
2 Braid
[WotC] Armory Camera Tweak
Created by ∑3245
This mod simply makes some tweaks to the camera in the armory, making larger characters fit better without blocking the UI as much. This mod is only useful if you have large characters like the SPARKS or some of the large aliens if you have a playable alie...
[WOTC] Carry Unit Fix
Created by dotvhs
Have you ever got into situation, where your unit went into Bleeding Out state and you could not carry him for some reason? Did you lose a soldier or was about to lose a soldier, because you could not bring him into evac point?

This mod is a workaround ...
Ketaros - Scars Package v2.0
Created by Ketaros
This package contains 15 brand new face Scars. My focused on this first release was to create brand new scars while learning the process. Along the collection I tryed to cover different styles. Hope you guys and girls enjoy.

Even the picures above only ...
Alien Hunters DLC Icon, Name Support and Empty Arms and Legs [WOTC] [Unsupported]
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
25/09/2021: Not actually sure what this was created for back in 2017; but seeing the bug reports, I've commented out the torso sections, whether this breaks something it was designed for I don't know. No further support for this.

13/09/2017: Well that w...
New Countries
Created by Sgt. Nutcracker
This mod, as all mods will affect your save games; once you have installed this mod and you create a new saved game / save over your old save, that save becomes dependent on this mod (as far as I understand).
Also there are currentl...
Full Character Customization From Start
Created by Dukhat
Howdy great peeps,

This mod unlocks full character customization at all ranks.

So in short, no longer do you need to level up your characters to a certain rank in order
to fully customize them (such as their attitudes, several h...
Arms and Shoulders
Created by Spart117MC
This mod is recommended over Individual Arms which is no longer supported.

What is this mod?
Consider this mod Individual Arms 2: Electric Boogaloo[/...
More hair colors - WOTC Compatible
Created by carmau
This mod allows you to select all the colors from the armor tints palette + some of my own colors

Added 5 new teal / cyan colors

Hit the subscribe button

Sometimes the game does not remove conf...
Custom Face Paints
Created by Replika
A package of custom, handmade facepaints.

Fully compatible with WotC.

Currently contains 20 custom facepaints for your XCOM Soldiers (found under Props/Facepaint), including a "Collar" Option for Helmets.

Eyeliner B and C made by Phn...
Additional Tattoos and Facepaints - Asian
Created by Locust
Adds numerous tattoos and facepaints with an East Asian vibe, perfect for soldiers from Korea, China and Japan, or for your ranger who likes playing with katanas and watching girl cartoons too much!...
Mafia Tattoos
Created by mafia_corporation
Mafia Tattoos - - if you like it please rate it, thanks

this mod will be updated with more tattoos

This mod, as all mods will affect your save games; once you have installed this mod and you create a new saved ga...
WotC Limitless Armor Options 2
Created by Aphrenedge
Allows you to equip any armor skins excluding reaper and templar thighs.

I've updated the mod to include:
-Slider added for rookies
-civilians added
-jane/shen/tygan/central added
-names added for all items

For resistance warrior skins:
[WOTC] Skirmisher Head Fix
Created by User 190
Fixes Skirmisher heads so they're seamless with bare torso cosmetics.

This is only relevant if you use mods that give Anarchy's Children cosmetics to Skirms or use other customization mods that have uncovered torsos....
Calmer Colors - Eyes (WotC compatible)
Created by Beaker
After using a mod that randomized the look of rookies, I noticed that too many of them reminded me of deranged cartoon characters. In an effort to tone things down a bit, I made changes to the color palettes related to hair, eyes, and armor for my own game...
Calmer Colors Hair (WoTC Compatible)
Created by Beaker
After using a mod that randomized the look of rookies, I noticed that too many of them reminded me of deranged cartoon characters. In an effort to tone things down a bit, I made changes to the color palettes related to hair, eyes, and armor for my own game...
Calmer Colors - Armor (WoTC Compatible)
Created by Beaker
After using a mod that randomized the look of rookies, I noticed that too many of them reminded me of deranged cartoon characters. In an effort to tone things down a bit, I made changes to the color palettes related to hair, eyes, and armor for my own game...
CX SquadMate - Duke Nukem
Created by ObelixDk
-- CX Squadmate – Duke Nukem --
-- Mod by ObelixDk --
-- Blender, SDK, Modbuddy, Retextures : ObelixDk --

Hail to the king baby

This is a purly cosmetic mod that brings in Duke Nukem to the game, not much else to say about this

[WOTC] Hero Bare Arms
Created by User 190
Adds hero bare arm variants that will be seamless with bare torso pieces. This does NOT replace the default bare hero arms.

  • bare Templar gauntlets for both genders
  • bare Skirmisher claws for both genders, gloved and unglo
WotC: More Photobooth Options
Created by robojumper
Adds 6 new Filters, 4 new Effects, and 2 new Background options to the Photobooth in War of the Chosen.

Overrides: None.
Epilepsy Warning for the "Glitch" Effect.

Anyone who has trouble getting their Photobooth content into the game has permission t...
Photobooth Quotes
Created by Cato
A major expansion to the selection of quotes generated within Photobooth, drawing inspiration from cult sci-fi, internet culture and historical propaganda. 1,345 new entries total.

Pack Contents

- 327 solo operative quotes
- 271 deadly duo ...
Propaganda Poster Pack (14 new backgrounds)
Created by dotvhs
This little pack contains currently 14 hand-made backgrounds for your photobooth. Most of them are based on already existing propaganda posters. Enjoy.

I'll probably add more in the future.

Main code was originally written by robojumper.
[WotC] A Better Advent: Enemy Reskinner
Created by Lago
UPDATE 13/05/2018: Added chryssalids to the reskinning options! Also fixed a couple of issues with the default settings.

Ever wanted to make the Muton Prime look like Muton Elite from LW2? Now you can.

A Better Advent: Enemy Reskinner is a mod for A ...
Ketaros Makeups Package
Created by Ketaros
This package contains 20 brand new Face Paints applied with makeup ideas. My focused on this second release was to update and get the colors closer to reality. Along the collection I tryed to cover different styles. Hope you guys and girls enjoy.

[WOTC] Riddick Squadmate
Created by Yoshiluv90
No further updates planned
I've pretty much lost interest in both modding and Xcom so thanks to all who helped me and everyone who said nice things even if my work wasn't great. Sorry I never got around to updating this one, it was definit...
Savage Cam Cream (Works with WOTC)
Created by Hudson Savage
===Savage Cam Cream===
Your one stop shop for Hunting/military inspired face paint! Like your p...
More armor colors
Created by carmau
This mod adds all the primary armor colors to the secondary ones.

Now features several new teal / cyan colors
Now features all secondary armor colors for primary armors + weapons


Sometimes the...
[WOTC] Seamless Character Heads
Created by User 190
Adds character heads (Shen, Tygan, Central) that will be seamless with bare torso cosmetics.

This mod is standalone, but only includes the heads. To get Bradford's hair, Tygan's glasses, etc. you will need to use another mod....
Soundtrack Restoration - WotC + TLE
Created by Krzyzyk
Reuses soundtracks added with XCOM UFO Defense (TLE), XCOM Enemy Unknown, Shen's Gift, Alien Hunters, Lost and Abandoned missions in addition to few others from the base game that are rarely used. By default this mod makes all these soundtracks play random...
Lipstick Pack (Facepaint)
Created by Kazzerk
This is my first mod. This mod add for now a 19 lipsticks for facepaint, but in the next days you can see more lipsticks.

Any bug/problem or suggestion, please comment ^^

-Lipsticks for now 6/40:
Red and Violet. (first lipstick 10/02/2016)
Red 1. (...
(WOTC) Zip Mode Combat Protocol Camera Fix
Created by PZ
A tiny mod to fix a tiny (but annoying) problem.

If you're using zip mode, the default camera for Combat Protocol shows a close-up of your Specialist, but by the time the camera cuts away, the Gremlin is already at the target, and the whole thing just l...
Dropship Propaganda Variety
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Most of the announcements that can play in the Skyranger were specific to a handful of fairly rare mission types added by WOTC, while all base game missions use the same set of generic announcements. This mod enables the unique dialogue for other mission t...
Mirror's Edge Faith Tattoo Set
Created by Fareang
UPDATE: Fixed the naming issue, and it's working well again. If it isn't working for you, just unsubscribe and subscribe again so the mod file name is updated to what it should be.


UPDATE (13/02/2...
Resistance Tattoos [WOTC]
Created by n00bermensch
Adds 39 new Resistance-themed tattoos for your soldiers to wear! All tattoos featuring text have both right and left arm versions. From the MEC Trooper crest and the EXALT logo, to a Viper King arm wrap and "X C O M" written across one's knuckles, this mod...
[WOTC] Cinematic Rapid Fire (and other abilities)
Created by Mr. Nice
This is the War of the Chosen version of this mod. The non-WotC version is here:

[Non-WOTC] Cinematic Rapid Fire

Gives Rapid Fire, and it's ugly sister Chain Shot, their cine...
Mass Effect - 9 Tattoos
Created by Platoon
This mod adds 9 tattoos based on logos from the Mass Effect universe.

Check out my collection for more tattoos!...
Modular Legacy Armors
Created by Spart117MC
What is this mod?
Modular Legacy Armors is a mod that proceeds to cut up and kitbash the armors from the Tactical Legacy Pack and make them avaialble as cosmetic options for base game armors.

  • Three tors
One Million Colours Plugin For WOTC
Created by -bg-
REQUIRES ORIGINAL MOD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091135816

Plugin to make One million colours works with WOTC photobooth.

This mod will also allow such colour customiztion on hero soldiers.

No Overwrites...
One Million Colours
Created by -bg-
ALSO ENABLE THIS IF YOU ARE USING WOTC: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/1133948141

ENABLE THIS IF YOU USE IT WITH SPARKS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/1134598754

Adds one million colours to props customization (...
Unrestricted Customization - Wotc
Created by Toxic Frog
This mod is no longer maintained, for newer version, see RustyDios' UC Redux

- Allows to set any voice for any soldier.
- Allows to use any body parts f...
WOTC - Configurable Headshots
Created by LeaderEnemyBoss
This small mod generates visually more pleasing soldier portrait photos.

For some strange reason Firaxis tinkered with the way soldier portrait photos ("headshots") are shot in WOTC. The camera got moved way up close, and the FOV ...
Created by Honeymonstis
Faces for Xcom operatives

- 7 face textures for female XCOM soldiers
- 63 face combinations
- The faces only show for race 0

This mod does not alter vanilla XCOM or change existing faces. So very lore friendly.

As this is a purely texture mod do...
Asymmetrical SPARK Arms
Created by SentySent
This cosmetic mod adds 10 customizable arm options for the SPARKs.

Ketaros Combo Pack 1.0
Created by Ketaros
Yes, I know, this community is amazing.
Yes, I am also with a 200+ mods installed... then I realized that somehow I also contributing to it.
So, I guess this helps a bit. :)

If you have install this you REALLY can uninstall/unsubscribe from my other 4...
[WOTC] Clean Soldier Generation
Created by Iridar
This mod makes it so soldiers' randomly generated appearance does not include any of the mod-added body parts. In other words, soldiers with random appearance will look like you have no cosmetic mods installed.

You can still use any body parts when cust...

Inspired by Astery's Miya and Leona Customization Pack and User 190's Kim Ji-Yun's Wetsuit Outfit From Sudden Attack 2. Check their mods out if you haven't already.


Inspired by Astery's Miya and Leona Customization Pack and User 190's Kim Ji-Yun's Wetsuit Outfit From Sudden Attack 2. Check their mods out if you haven't already.

WOTC Male Hair Pack
Created by Kexx
Release #35
Mod ID: 1733669574

Get your hair dryers and mustache combs ready, commanders. My effort to expand the Hair variety
continues. Tip your hats, folks; as Astery has returned to my crusade, this time with 18 offeri...
Ketaros Cyborg Scars
Created by Ketaros
This package contains 8 brand new Face Scars following the idea of Cyborgs. Along the collection I tried to cover different styles. Hope you guys and girls enjoy.

Comments, Ideas and Requests

They are all very welcome, I can add more ...
Mass Effect Armor & Camo Pack
Created by Seth Norris
*Ads 3 New Camos and 2 New Armor Options [M/F] for Plated Armor with N7 Deco.

Mass Effect Camo Pattern Pack. This is made for educational purposes and mod testing. Mass Effect, original textures and such are property of their respective owners.

Invisible Female limb fix for Invisible Parts For Hero Units
Created by Deadput
Mod Information:
So I needed a quick low effort mod to add as my 12'th upload because I have an irrational dislike of the number 12...I couldn't tell you why but I just hate that number.

So this is a very basic ini edit to another existing ...
Faction Torso Gears for all
Created by Deadput
So I made this mod for those who wanted to use Faction Torso Gears on other Soldiers without needing to use a mod like Unrestricted Customization which might be more then what their asking for.

There isn't much to the mod itself, this contains Torso Dec...
[WotC] UI - Colored Ammo Bar
Created by ∑3245

Normally, to figure out what ammo a soldier has, you'd have to hover over the weapon icon t...
WOTC New Heads Pack
Created by Kexx
Release #37
Mod ID: 1835888336

UPDATE July 31st, 2021
Added 3 New Heads under the Latin Race:
- Human versions of Liara, Aria, and Samara fr...
Vindictus Female Hairstyles Re:DUX [WOTC]

Inspired by kexx & Astery's Female Hairstyles & Destroyer1101's Female Hair Mod

Please Read Desc for more info!


[X2] Military Camouflage Patterns
Created by Bistritean
War of the Chosen version here

This pack contains 69 (heh) real-life camouflage patterns:

-Australian AUSCAM
-Belgian Brush
-Belgian Jigsaw
-Brazilian Bicolor ...
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