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[WotC] Resistance Firearms - Main Module
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Sep 10, 2017 @ 8:24pm
Nov 10, 2017 @ 1:22pm
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[WotC] Resistance Firearms - Main Module

In 1 collection by ∑3245
E3245's Master Mod Collection for War of the Chosen
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IMPORTANT: This is the entire data module to the Resistance Firearms mod. The assets for the weapons can be found here. Subscribing to this is very important, since it contains all of the assets.

War of the Chosen version!

This mod is pretty much a weapon module (meaning that it's simply adds the weapons and nothing more), so you can run this with other mods like A Better Advent, and so forth.

If you have issues with this mod or spotted a bug, please report it in the Bug Report Thread. If you want to provide feedback, whether its good or bad, then post in the General Feedback Thread.
If you are thinking of downvoting this mod, please provide feedback first, so I know what I should improve on/did wrong.

  • 60 weapons! 29 returing weapons, 5 previously released weapons that now have new models, and 27 new weapons (Some of them are a surprise!).
  • Redone from scratch! (Corrected textures, better vertex normals and smoothing)
  • Weapon animations! (Check the pistols, MWR LMGs and M14 rifle!)
  • More modular weapons!
  • Remastered weapon firing sounds!
  • Modular templates system, which you can edit all aspects of any weapon.


  • None so far.


  • Krakah for creating the inital framework for this mod.
  • Musashi and robojumper for helping me troubleshoot.
  • E3245 for the additional codework and testing.

Spirit Guide:
  • Beaglerush for testing this and advising me throughout the development of this mod. Watch his streams here![www.twitch.tv].

  • tr0ll for the Russian translation.


You are free to utilize the assets from this mod for your own gameplay/balance mods. If you do decide to use the assets, please credit the above authors/companies.
However, You are NOT allowed to do the following:
  • Upload this elsewhere without my permission.
  • Steal and/or take credit (Code/Assets/Misc).
  • Make any sort of profit off of this.
  • Port to another game (Only applies to Millenia's weapons, the others are fine).


Release Version 1.100:
  • Russian localization for this mod is now available, thanks to tr0ll.
  • Fixed a bug where the EBR-800 Sights were missing after attaching an scope upgrade.
  • Fixed the AUGs referencing the U.S.A instead of Austria.
  • Split the Global_Attachment.ini into several pieces. Each subfolder of each weapon, including faction weapons, now contains the attachments only for that category.
  • Added Debug Mode for advanced troubleshooting. Enable it in XCom_DownloadableContentInfo_RF_WotC.ini
  • Changed the Custom case for _StatSelectMode to CUSTOM.
  • Adjusted attachments on certain weapons.
  • Disabled certain T1/T2 templates that aren't supposed to show up at all.

Release Version 1.020:
  • Added support for Grimy's Loot mod [WotC]

Release Version 1.018:
  • Fixed some localization text for the AKS-74U.

Release Version 1.017:
  • Added missing localization text for the Militia AK.

Release Version 1.016:
  • New Template with Militia Rifle stats for the Militia AKs.

Release Version 1.015:
  • FREE AK-47s... FOR EVERYONE!!! Gives the Milita AK-47s instead of the vanilla Assault Rifle.

Release Version 1.014:
  • Fixed a bug where the crit damage for T3 assault rifles was lower than T2.

Release Version 1.013*: Modbuddy Broke my ♥♥♥♥ yet again edition!
  • Uploaded the missing *.u file, which was essential for this mod to even function.

Release Version 1.013
  • Fixed a bug where weapon wouldn't show up on an existing save, hopefully this works.

Release Version 1.012
  • Fixed a bug where the upgraded snipers for Reapers didn't show up after buying the Vektor Rifle Mag upgrade.

Release Version 1.011
  • The game now preload all of the weapons during or right after loading.

Release Version 1.010
  • This mod should now detect which schematic upgrade was bought and add the appropriate weapon category into the HQ inventory.
  • Changed the number of upgrade slots from 3 to 2 for T3 weapons.

Release Version 1.001
  • Fixed the Crit Chance for shotguns.

Release Version 1.000
  • Initial Release.
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Morgc Jul 20 @ 7:28pm 
The mod gives you the mag weapons for free, is there a way to change this so they must be manufactured instead?
Tsort142 Jul 8 @ 2:53am 
Hey there, awesome mod, I have a small request though: new weapons become the default guns for soldiers. Is it possible to tweak the mod so that base game weapons remain the default weapon? And maybe stay at the top of the list too? It may have to do with alphabetical order, I don't know. If that's something you can do, I'd appreciate it.
JohnTheGreat Jun 28 @ 11:50am 
I was hoping for Resistance Fall Of Man weapons lol.
Armyguy227 Jun 17 @ 5:43pm 
how do you change the default weapon color? i dont like the weapons showing up as tan
The_Hermannator Jun 9 @ 9:32pm 
The FAL will not show up?
LGear Jun 8 @ 8:02am 
Just encountered a very, very annoying problem with this mod:

In my campaign, I had a sharpshooter with the WA2000 equipped with an advanced scope. However, when I upgraded to mag weapons, not only did her weapon get replaced with the L86, but the advanced scope got attached to the L86 as well. This also happened to a few of my soldiers as well, and it's quite irritating.
Cloak and Dagger May 24 @ 8:21am 
There appears to be some small conflicts with the Chosen's weapons. The Assassin's shotgun was replaced with a Jackhammer. The effects are still working, but the model and name were replaced and the description is two descrittions overlapping each other. This only happened after running a mission with the gun equipped.
Serapheil May 20 @ 6:26pm 
@scoobasteve I do use the RPG mod, so this was indeed my issue. Thanks for your help.
scoobasteve May 19 @ 5:50pm 
@Serapheil @Hayate_Kanzaki

It could be if you use Musashi's RPG Overhaul or any mod that makes the Reaper, Skirmisher, or Templar variants of the guns available to regular XCOM troops it will look like duplicates, as the guns aren't named differently.

One solution would be to go into this mod's localization files and rename the faction-specific guns so you can tell them apart in the loadout menu. (The author of the Titanfall weapons mod added an SKM or RP after his faction-specific variants).

Alternatively, you could remove the version of the gun you don't want in the mod's .ini files, which the FAQ should have more info on. (Just be aware the faction versions have different skills and stats).

If you aren't using mods that change the available weapons then I'm not sure what's going on, but making the above changes worked for me. Hope that helps!
Johau May 15 @ 10:31am 
Is it possible that the Oni is the reason my game keeps crashing? Ever since I equipped it my game has been fucked