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Teammates, Ubercharges, and YOU: A Guide to the Medic
By 。◕‿◕。
An essential guide for an essential class! This guide will see frequent updates and some revisions whenever possible!
Foreward + To- Do list
Hello, and welcome to my guide! This is a repost of my original guide from SPUF, which you can find right here and I'm taking the opportunity to move it to a much nicer posting place. If you want to know what plans I may have in the future for this guide, please feel free to check this space!

Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to all my friends on my friends list, The Medic Militia, and Ze Medic Cartel for making TF2 an awesome experience for me!

To Do List (As of 1/19/2014) :
  • Update info on the Quick Fix
  • Add MvM Guide
  • Of Sentries and Ubercharges
So, what's my job as a Medic?
The Medic is the primary healing class of Team Fortress 2. He's centered around healing and most importantly, communication and teamwork. To survive, he has to be all over the place, yet nowhere at the same time. He doesn't worry about having to kill enemies or aiming. Be sure to stay alive, heal your teammates, build an Ubercharge, and watch your surroundings. A medic who knows what he's doing can help hold up a team's defense or offense by replenishing his teammates' health and even Ubercharging for a potentially game changing push.

If you're new, I give you my warm welcome to Team Fortress 2!
Basic settings for total newbies
If this is your first time ever playing Team Fortress 2, or you're relatively new to it and haven't done this yet, on the Main Menu press "Advanced Options" and under "Class Specific Options and select these settings:

  • Medic: Medigun continues healing without holding down fire button. This is mainly for convenience purposes. Although its faster to click and hold down the button manually, it may get irritating to hold it down for long periods of time for some players.
  • If you wish to, turn on "Medic: Display a marker over the people who you are healing". You may want to experiment with this and see if you want this feature or not.
  • Also, you will need to select "Medic: Injured teammates automatically call out". Make sure your autocall health percentage is set to at least 50% to 75% minimum.

  • Under HUD Options, keep your viewmodel FOV at 70.
  • Finally, go to Options (the button next to Advanced Options)> Video> Advanced> Field of View. Be sure that it is set to 90, so you can get a better view of your environment. 75 FOV will look really cramped.
  • When you play, change your mouse settings when you can. Experiment with sensitivity and/or raw input. Find out what is more comfortable for you.

Also, if you want to go even more in- depth, read this guide on settings.
Medic's HUD
If you already know about the HUD, feel free to skip this, and if not here's a nice rundown on the Medic's HUD for the Medigun. It's really simple. On your bottom right is your Ubercharge meter. When it reaches 100%, you have an Uber ready to pop! See that white around the little cross on the left? That's the Overheal. Right now, this little Pyro has his or her Overheal maxed. To your bottom left of your HP. Like the Pyro's health meter in the center, when you're overhealed, you'll also see a large white border. The more overheal you have, the larger it will be! To the top is the timer. To your top right will be the kill icon display. If the background for it is a cream color, that means it involves you with something. Either the occasional kill, or a kill assist. If you get a kill assist as any class it will say:
[Killer]+[Your Username here] > [Your Unfortunate Victim] on the top right of your screen.

If you're a lefty like I am, you may feel more comfortable flipping viewmodels like I did. You might be a lefty and still want to keep the viewmodel right or vice- versa. It's all up to you!

Weaponry: Primaries
The Medic has a nice little variety of primaries to choose from, depending on your unique playstyle. For more in- depth informaiton on each weapon that's discussed, I've provided a link to the Official TF2 Wiki[].

They're mainly used as a last resort for self- defense. Unlike other classes, he doesn't rely on his own offensive abilities, but he makes up for it in folds with his other capabilities. His large clip is meant to be taken advantage of and he can fire around 10 needles per second. They fire in an arc, so don't rely on your crosshair entirely. You'll find yourself having to aim slightly above your intended target to successfully land all those needles.

  • The Syringe Gun[]: This is the standard stock primary which the Medic gets. When having this equipped, you get the full +3 HP per second regeneration rate. Its good if you can rely on your teammates to help you stay alive.

  • The Blutsauger[]: Exactly what it says on the tin: Blood Sucker. For the cost of losing 2 HP per second in health regeneration, when your needles successfully hit an enemy, you gain +3 HP. Its good if you have unreliable teammates who are prone to dying a lot and you need to make an escape by retaliating.

  • The Overdose[]: This syringe gun provides a huge upside for a tiny upside of 1 damage less per needle (though the damage loss can add up over time). It boosts your speed to up to 117% speed with a full ubercharge which is 10% more. This is great for Medics who prefer to evade rather than face their enemies. The effect is not passive though. You have to have the weapon out for it.

  • The Crusader's Crossbow[]: This primary is more assist oriented rather than defense oriented and just like his other primaries which fire syringes, this one does something different: It fires one giant syringe. Not only can you harm enemies (farther you are the more damage you do), but you can use the bolts to heal teammates. Its not the best for self defense since it has a slow reload time although it's passive, just like the Pyro's flareguns. Be sure you can trust your teammates well enough.
Weaponry: Mediguns
Even though these weapons are often called "Secondaries" and are classified that way, they're really the equipment which you will be using the most. These will be what you heal your teammates with. Keep in mind that you can't heal or overheal yourself with them, but if you have a second Medic you can receive their heals. If not, you will have to rely on your health regeneration, or medkits which are scattered throughout various maps. Try to communicate with your team so you can get priorities to the medkits. When you're ready to pop that Uber get your best teammate, press your right mouse button and have your patient tear through your enemies!

Remember that all all of these Medi Guns can stretch and bend with your patient or your movements so it doesn't matter if you need to move around or look behind yourself, because you can do that without worrying about aiming.

  • The Medi Gun[]: This is the stock Medi Gun and it charges at the minimum of 24 HP per second and goes up to 72. It charges at the standard charge rate. It can take anywhere between 40 to 80 seconds to charge if you are continuously healing. It can't charge any faster, and other factors can cause your Uber- building to slow down. The Uber it provides is invulnerability and it lasts for 8 seconds. It is a good all- around versatile Ubercharge and it is great especially against Sentries. It doesn't mean that you are untouchable. You're vulnerable to airblasts from the Pyro and you can still take knockback from sources such as Sticky Grenades and Sentries.

  • The Kritzkrieg[]: This Medi Gun doesn't provide invulnerability as an Ubercharge, but it provides 100% chances of critical damage for 8 seconds. Just like the Medi Gun, it heals at a minimum of 24 HP per second at maxes out at 72. It's fastest charge rate is 32 seconds compared to the stock Medi Gun's 40. The Kritzkrieg isn't good at taking out sentries or Engineer buildings since Engineer buildings can't give random criticals or take criticals. Its great as an anti- personnel weapon used with a Demoman with sticky grenades, a Soldier, or a Heavy.

  • The Quick- Fix[]: This Medi Gun is quite different from the other two. It has the same charge rate as the Kritzkrieg, but it can heal allies faster . Instead of healing at a minimum of 24 HP per second, you heal at around 34 HP per second, but you sacrifice half your Overheal and your Ubercharge isn't as effective. Instead of criticals or full invulnerability from damage, you have a "Megaheal" of 300 HP per second for 8 seconds. Most users recommend only using this when you're not the only Medic on your team.

  • The Vaccinator[]: Its healing rate is the same as the Medi Gun and the Kritz Krieg, however its Ubercharge rate is 50% slower than the stock Medi Gun and the eight seconds of Uber you get is split into four parts which are 2 seconds long each. While Ubered, you and your heal target will have a 75% damage reduction and 25% of that damage will come back as healing. Plus, with the Ubercharge any Critical Hit bonus damage is negated. It's overheal rate is also 66% slower than the stock Medi Gun. Press R on your keyboard to cycle through resistances (Bullet, Fire and Explosive) and each resistance is 10% of the type you pick, and you will see an icon for the resistance type. Huntsman and Crusader Crossbow arrows and anything that is a generic form of damage is treated as bullet damage by the Vaccinator.
Weaponry: Melees
Medic is quite decent compared to the other classes at Melee combat and he has a lot of really great weapons to choose from.

  • The Bonesaw[]: This is the stock melee. It does it's job well, but there are many other better melees to choose from which would be better sidegrades or upgrades to this weapon. The Frying Pan L4D promo, the Saxxy, the Memory Maker and the Conscientious Objbector are all reskins of it.
  • The Ubersaw[]: Arguably, the best melee the Medic has. This one can be obtained through drops or getting 22 Medic achievements. Its considered the best melee since if you hit an enemy you'll get 25% uber charged for every hit. However, if you do this, its extremely risky since you have a high chance of dying. The upside of 25% uber on hit extremely outweighs the -20% swing speed. I highly recommend that you equip this. Your melees should also only be used sparingly for self- defense. Just don't be a battle medic and just charge in with a saw. Uberchains are also really fun when paired with another Medic. Just watch out for those airblasting Pyros!
  • The Vita- Saw[]: For a small downside of having 140 base HP instead of 150, you can store 20% Ubercharge upon death. This is highly recommended if your team is not reliable enough for you to stay alive. Just don't let it become a crutch or it will hinder your skills.
  • The Solemn Vow[]: This weapon has a very useful ability: seeing enemy health. Its really useful if you have a mic and have a team who are willing to listen to you so you can coordinate picks on weaker enemies or know whether or not you should attack the enemy if he's weak or just flee. It also reveals that Medic's conscience may or may not be functioning properly.
  • The Amputator[]: When taunting with this weapon, you can heal all your teammates except for active Equalizer Soldiers and disguised Spies in your vicinity. Be careful though, being out there taunting leaves you extremely vulnerable for 4 seconds. Be sure to have some cover in a safe spot before you can taunt to heal. If you want the +3 HP/s healing bonus, you just have to have the Amputator out. With this you can entirely negate afterburn from a Pyro, however it also deals 20% less damage than the Bonesaw. The biggest downside is that while you're increasing your regeneration, you're also not building uber faster. Its still a good choice if your team isn't aiding you with Sandviches, Dispensers, or are stealing healthpacks often.
Core Mechanics
Now you know what your weapons are capable of, you should know about the various basics abilities which the Medic has. If you want to know about Ubercharges, just go take a look at the the "Weaponry: Mediguns" section in this guide.

When using your Medi Gun or Kritzkrieg, "Overheal" is when your teammate's heal is at an extra 50% above the maximum. For example an Overhealed Hevy will be at 450 HP instead of the standard 300, or a Pyro whose health will be at 260. It takes 20 seconds for overheal to decay which means they will be set back to their normal health. No matter which class is overhealed, they will all decay at the same rate. Also- always keep your fellow Medics healed and overhealed up when you can. If you're under heavy fire, give them some priority.

"Health Regeneration" is a hugely important mechanic which can help you stay as close to the front line as possible. It doesn't make you invincible and it isn't always reliable. Ask your team if they can try to not take the medkits which lie around scattered through the maps since you don't have any other way to heal yourself. Your regen is a standard 3 HP per second mid combat and 6 out of combat. With the Blutsauger equipped it is 1 HP per second mid combat and 4 out of combat. With the Crusader's Crossbow and Amputator you will have 4 mid combat and 7 out of combat.
Basic Strategies
As playing as the Medic, you heal, make a push with your ubercharge, and watch your surroundings. Because everyone is constantly taking damage, you fill an important role as being one of the keys to victory. Because you can't heal yourself, be sure that you know where the nearest medkits or Dispensers are. Gaining points and having a KDR isn't a priority for a Medic to have. The Medic's goal is to be a force multiplier and take a decent team and make them as godly as they can be!

Unless you are defending yourself or catching up with your teammates, you must always be building an Ubercharge or healing. Even if your teammate already has full overheal, follow him to where the rest of your teammates are. Its dangerous to go alone since you are the biggest target of your enemy team. Any smart player will shoot the Medic first. Many are even willing to use suicide tactics even if it means taking you down for a moment, since you have the ability to erase any damage they have done to your team. Without a constant stream of health, your team becomes vulnerable. Be sure to use your Medi Gun's ability to bend and stretch a distance so you can take the opportunity to hide behind walls or corners, and keep a safe distance when you can so the enemy doesn't get you as easily. Crouching can occasionally help you by making you a smaller target. Watch your back for Spies and other ambushers, too. What contrasts playing Medic from playing Medic well is the ability to avoid taking spam and damage as much as you can while being close to the front lines while knowing your priorities.

Don't only heal one teammate teammate exclusively unless you absolutely have to. Exclusively healing one person only is detrimental to your team since you're not focusing on your most of your teammates. In a competitive setting, such as Highlander or 6v6, a "Pocket" is someone who's primary job is to protect their team's Medic. How will you gain points? For every 600 HP healed, you get 1 point, so there's no need to latch on to one decent teammate to gain points. What matters is that you spread the heals and overheals!

You have to know that you can't heal all of your teammates. You need to sometimes pick who might live and who might die. If you're stuck in a tight spot and you have to pick one person between two people, assuming they're both equally skilled, you'd rather give the Soldier priority over the Sniper. Your healing orders are always changing due to the scenario. When you can, be sure to heal all your teammates and if possible, have someone who can escort you around the map so you can provide aid to your teammates as much as possible. If you can't have one of your teammates protect you, avoid trying to run all the way across the map, but . Your chances of dying will increase significantly and although you may respawn, your Ubercharge won't.

A good Medic will always know where his teammates are located, and since they're always going to take damage, your Medic auto call should be set at around at least 85% health. Also everyone spamming and mashing the E button might get annoying, but in the end this will help you since you're able to know where you can run to in a tight situation. If you're able to, remember to communicate with your team so you know where they are.

Be sure to also Spycheck. The easiest way to do that is to walk into a teammate (which is not recommended), fire needles, or hit them with your say. If you can just walk through them, they're on your side! If you can't walk through them, well... that person is a Spy. Try to get your teammates to kill them, if their hands are too full, you can try to kill them yourself, but be careful since being in their melee range can be dangerous! Spies can facestab you due to lag compensation, or sometimes they can land a successful backstab. Even though it can fill your Ubercharge when they're undisguised, its risky to Melee them. Use your syringe gun when you can. Remember that you must always check for Spies, find out if they're using a Dead Ringer, and make sure they're killed as quickly as possible. Any decent Spy will attempt to kill you first no matter what, even though it may cause their possible death.

The only real effective way to deal with a Sniper is to avoid being in his line of sight. That's when its time to get your teammates to have to say where the Sniper is. You can also identify where he's exactly looking at from the team colored dot his rifle has when he's zoomed in. Stay indoors when you can and hide behind buildings and use your environment to your advantage and duck and dance around. When it comes to dodging and survival, you will learn how to do that over time from game play.

Remember: There is always a Sniper with a scope zoomed in on you or a Spy ready to stab your back. You must also be ready to make snap decisions and judgements. Have your priorities ready, and be organized!

While you're pushing a cart or trying to capture a point, you don't always have to be right on it. You're better off trying to keep distance from your teammates if you can't use them as a meatshield. If there is no enemy threat, feel free to get on the point, but be careful!

You are fully charged! Now what?
Before you can just make a push with your Ubercharge, you need to make sure that your team is as overhealed and topped off as possible. Your team needs a health advantage before you make a push. A team with players who only have half their HP won't be that useful to make a move against the opposing team. Sometimes, there will still be times where you can't prepare and you have to push with what you've got. Share and juggle Ubers between your Uber targets. Remember that when you switch targets while Ubered, you'll lose a couple seconds per switch, so do this wisely.

What else you need to know is to keep the pressure on the enemy team by keeping your team healed and alive as long as you can. You can't keep them alive forever, so some will have to go through respawn. You just need to stave it off as much as humanly possible. Don't forgive any mistakes your enemy makes and punish them has harshly as you can for doing so.

Be aggressive, but don't overextend that. It's needed by everyone to win, but know when to fall back and make a retreat. Running and gunning never works, so attack with a strategy. No matter what class you play, your mind is the most dangerous weapon of all. Use it to its full advantage.
So... Who should I Uber?
A word on prioritizing your heals...
This is one of the strategies that anyone who wants to improve at Medic will have to keep in mind at all times along with staying alive and building an Uber and this can't be stressed enough. When you are prioritizing, it is you (and your pocket if s/he's got the knowledge) who has the first say in what to do, and where to spread heals, not the fully healed Spy or Heavy smashing the E button repeatedly. Snap judgments are always being made, and even though they're quick they also have to be as sound as possible.

An example is like this: There's two people and one of them is calling for a Medic. You have a Soldier out of combat with full health and no Overheal, but you have a Scout who is taking damage and needs help. Who do you pick to heal? That's up for you to decide. Especially since there's so many variables to be dealt with, such as who is the better player? Would letting a good player die be detrimental to your team? Do we really need the Scout or Soldier to get ahead in case one of them has to go through respawn? Priorities and healing orders are always changing, and you need to be able to keep up.

Smarter players will never rush face first into a battle without being healed. Pay attention to those first, since they're the ones who will most likely be able to become Overhealed by you and will benefit most from your healing. Also, if they're desperate for health, they'll also tend to stick by you longer before dashing off which is great to deter enemies from trying to come too close to you. Remember: Healing is not a suicide pact. If someone chooses to run headfirst while you're healing, you aren't obligated to follow them. If they get mad because of their bad judgement call, its not your fault.

Need An Autocall Script?
If you're interested, you can get a Medic radar script. This would go into your tf/cfg/medic.cfg file. The script is bound to Mouse 3, but you can change it to put it on any other button or key you like. (Credit goes to Nocturnal on SPUF for finding the exact commands)
alias "autocall_default" "hud_medicautocallersthreshold "75"" alias "autocall_all" "hud_medicautocallersthreshold "300"" alias "+radar" "autocall_all" alias "-radar" "autocall_default" bind mouse3 "+radar"
What separates a good Medic from an awesome Medic is his or her ability to talk to their teams. You're playing TEAM Fortress 2, so expect to interact with people, cause you're not playing Solitaire. Every class has to tell their team what's going on in order to work together as efficiently as possible in order to claim victory. Especially the Medic. Its hard to go in depth on this one especially since the way we all communicate from team to team varies, if they plan to do something like that at all.

However, be sure to be ready to call things out on all times and never not have a microphone. Did you see a Spy nearby? Call it out. Did you see a Demoman laying a trap? Call that out. Did you hear the enemy Medic yelling that he's charged? Call that out! Make sure your team knows what's going on because you have some of the best views of the battlefield, and more often than not, the other classes are busy tackling other enemies which can distract them.

One thing which can be used to trick an enemy are fake uber calls. Good players will be waiting for you to say "I'm fully charged!" so they can know when to pop their uber to partially nullify yours, or take you down so you can drop your uber. What fake uber calls can do is trick the enemy by giving false information about your actual uber percentage. Chances are they'll consider it and they may pop their uber before yours, which can give you an advantage if you use it sparingly. If its used too many times, you won't fool the enemy that much.

One other thing you can do to troll the enemy is to mask uber calls. You can make masking scripts to cover up by saying "Spy!" or "Dispenser goes here!" instead of saying "I am charged!". You can find scripts for this from various sites, such as The uber call script is within the .cfg file. It's clearly labeled inside. You can find various configs, but the one the Ubercall and masks are in are in the Medic Config files.

This is a list of player terms from the Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki.[]

There will be the time where some moron will get jarateed off at you for using your Mic, or someone will get angry because of your age or gender. Sometimes the entire team will treat you like a door mat or will insult you since they think you're the team, for a lack of a more appropriate term, healer on a leash. The best thing you should do is either switch classes, or leave the server and find somewhere else to play. You're playing for fun, not to be shoved around. Its also a great bonus if you can find a friend you can stick with when you're playing, especially since you can trust them more than anyone else.
A word about the Quick- Fix
The Quick- Fix itself is a weapon that stirs up a lot of controvery between Medic players. But for what reason? Mainly because some people view it as an underpowered (or even useless) and some view it as a viable choice.

However (in my opinion), the Quick- Fix has its own niche role which it fulfills. It's not meant to be used for offensive or defensive pushes as its Ubercharge can't handle doing those kinds of things. The Medic's primary role is to overheal and use his Ubercharge to break down an offense or defense with his healing target. However, when using the Quick- Fix, his role makes a shift from that to someone who patches up teammates and sends them out back to the front lines with full standard health and a little health boost. It's best used when you have another primary Medic who can do a full Overheal and use a proper Ubercharge to ensure your team can make a push when necessary. If that primary Medic is overwhelmed and has too many injured teammates, the Quick- Fix's quick healing rate can patch teammates up with some speed and the Medic with a Medi Gun or Kritzkrieg can provide extra overheal and send them back to the front lines, and the Mega Heal can be used to patch up multiple teammates quickly and it can be used and spent liberally instead of always waiting for the right moment to pop it.

Another strategy the Quick- Fix can be used for is grabbing the intelligence due to its Mirror Jumping ability. In CTF maps such as Double Cross, you can use Mega Heal on a Demoman or Soldier with a Sticky Jumper or Rocke Jumper. You can capture and complete objectives when using Mega Heals. Just make sure you have someone take out any Engineer nests first.

The Quick- Fix is also good in cases where you have to heal or use Mega Heal while on the capture point, since no one can capture while using the stock Ubercharge.

If you're the only Medic on the team, you can use the Quick- Fix, however personally, I don't recommend it due to its lack of pushing abilities. Yet it can be good for holding a defense since you can spread healing to a lot of your teammates.

The End... For now. :3
This is it for now, and thanks for reading all of this! If you're interested come back here. This guide will get frequent updates whenever possible.
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KaiThePhaux Jan 21, 2013 @ 11:11am 
For competitive play, the Quick-Fix can be used as a great holding weapon because if used correctly, can completely nullify a regular Uber. Because the Medic can latch onto a Scout or Soldier, he can kite the regular Uber if the other Medic wants them dead. Also because it has movement-inhibiting Ubers, a Pyro can't cancel any kind of hold they have with airblasting.
Cogito Ergo Tsun Jan 20, 2013 @ 10:33pm 
indeed,but it's a needed read,they're the best medics.
Wilson Jan 10, 2013 @ 2:37pm 
holy shit thats long
。◕‿◕。  [author] Jan 5, 2013 @ 3:25am 
@KaiThePhaux: I am planning to add those strategies soon once I get time to write it down. I see that there's a lot of work to be done!
KaiThePhaux Jan 5, 2013 @ 2:53am 
I just skimmed it a bit, and need to go to bed shortly, but I feel that you should talk about uber advantage, counting uber, adding damage, maincalling, micro-managing, survival tactics, the different mediguns, the difference between defensive and offensive Medic, the differences between HL and 6s Medic, and then provide some examples of good Medics, their streams, helpful videos, and explain why those Medics are good. -- if you don't already cover those things already.

Will read in the morning.
KaiThePhaux Jan 5, 2013 @ 2:43am 
I like guides. I'll have to read through this thoroughly tomorrow, but my first suggestion is, for your pictures, not to edit them in MS Paint, and if you are to edit them in Paint, don't use a 'fuzzy' brush. Use a defined brush and make things look appropriate and professional. =)
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Amazing guide thus far!