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Video Walkthrough
By Mavi
Mavi's Video Walkthrough of all the levels in Obulis.

If you have problems viewing this guide, or if you don't want to wait for every video to load, you can always check my Walkthrough thread on old Steam forums: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=833517 where you can search just the level you are looking for.

There are annotations on every start of the video, so if you want to find just the level you want as quick as possible, turn on annotations in the video (the gear icon on the bottom right of each video window, annotation settings will show there after you start the video)

If you find any flaws in the guide (like bad linked video or something) be sure to leave me a message!
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Have fun playing this awesome game,

Chapter I
Obulis Chapter 1 Sky City I-VII:

Obulis Chapter 1 Pond I-VI:

Obulis Chapter 1 Desert I-VI:

Obulis Chapter 1 Windmill I-VII:

Obulis Chapter 1 Waterfall I-VI:

Obulis Chapter 1 Garden I-V:

Obulis Chapter 1 Dungeon I-VI:

Obulis Chapter 1 Inner Sanctum I-III:

Obulis Chapter 1 Windmill I ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 1 Pond III ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 1 Dungeon V ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 1 Garden V ULTRA:
Chapter II
Obulis Chapter 2 Dark Forest I-VII:

Obulis Chapter 2 Antiquity I-VI:

Obulis Chapter 2 Gnarly Vines I-V:

Obulis Chapter 2 Waterfall VII-XIII:

Obulis Chapter 2 Pharoh's Tomb I-VI:

Obulis Chapter 2 Pond VII-XII:

Obulis Chapter 2 Clock Tower I-VI:

Obulis Chapter 2 Inner Sanctum IV-VI:

Obulis Chapter 2 Dark Forest III ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 2 Gnarly Vines V ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 2 Waterfall XI ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 2 Pharoh's Tomb I ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 2 Pond X ULTRA:
Chapter III
Obulis Chapter 3 Clock Tower VII-XI:

Obulis Chapter 3 Garden VI-XI:

Obulis Chapter 3 Dark Forest VII-XII:

Obulis Chapter 3 Desert VII-XII:

Obulis Chapter 3 Pond XIII-XIV:

Obulis Chapter 3 Pharoh's Tomb VII-XII:

Obulis Chapter 3 Antiquity VII-XII:

Obulis Chapter 3 Dungeon VII-XII:

Obulis Chapter 3 Inner Sanctum VII-IX:

Obulis Chapter 3 Desert VIII ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 3 Clock Tower VIII ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 3 Pharoh's Tomb VII ULTRA:

Obulis Chapter 3 Antiquity XI ULTRA:
I. Running Obulis

Start > Programs > Obulis > Play Obulis


Execute 'obulis.exe' from within the installation folder - ie. C:\Program Files\IonFx\Obulis\obulis.exe)

II. Screen Resolution

Obulis will run at the resolution of your Window's desktop. To change the resolution Obulis runs at, simply change your desktop resolution in Windows.

If you are experiencing slow or choppy gameplay, try reducing your Window's Desktop resolution by doing following...

In Vista...

1. Exit Obulis
2. Right-Click on an empty spot on the Desktop.
3. Click 'Personalization'
4. Click 'Display Settings'
5. Locate the Slider labeled 'Resolution:'
6. Move the slider to a lower resolution. Try 800x600 for maximum performance.
7. Fonts and Icons may appear very large. This is normal.
8. Run Obulis again
9. When you are finished playing, return the 'Resolution:' slider to its original position.

In XP, 2000 and older...

1. Exit Obulis.
2. Right-Click on an empty spot on the Desktop.
3. Click 'Properties'.
4. A dialog box will appear. Click the 'Settings' tab.
5. Locate the Slider for changing resolution.
6. Move the slider to a lower resolution. Try 800x600 for maximum performance.
7. Fonts and Icons may appear very large. This is normal.
8. Run Obulis again
9. When you are finished playing, return the 'Resolution:' slider to its original position.

III About Obulis

Obulis is a physics based action/puzzle game that contains 151 levels. The goal of each level is to drop all of the colored spheres into their like-colored pots. This is done by cutting the ropes/chains that suspend the spheres throughout the playfield. Obulis uses real-world physics, so spheres will behave in a natural manner. For example, gravity will pull spheres towards the ground. Spheres will collide and interact with one another and the playfield in a realistic fashion.

IV. Controls

To cut a rope/chain, you must first select it using the left mouse button. When you are ready to cut the rope/chain, you can either click the right mouse button or press the space bar.

You can restart a level by clicking the 'retry' option in the upper left corner of the screen or by pressing the 'r' key.

V. Map

The Map screen is where you select a level to play. Levels are represented as tiles. At first, only 1 level is available on each map. As you complete a level, new levels will become available. To play a level, simply click on the tile.

VI. Winning

To win the game, you must acquire 6 medallions. Medallions are awarded after completing specific levels. An icon of each medallion can be seen on each map.

VII. Bonus Tiles

Completing certain levels will award the player with pieces of a bonus tile. Once the player finds all of the pieces of a given bonus tile, several new levels will become available in the game.

VIII. Credits

Obulis was developed by Joe & Bob Johnson.
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Mavi  [author] Nov 29, 2014 @ 9:35am 
@Kutar FOX: Thanks a lot! I am glad I could help you! :3
Kutar FOX Nov 29, 2014 @ 9:33am 
Well done!
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Very nice walkthrough. Thanks.
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Oh I see, I forgot that one :) Thanks for telling me. I fixed it right now :)
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Mavi  [author] Mar 17, 2013 @ 6:23am 
Thanks a lot for the comment Fireinthelol :) It encouraged me to work on this walkthrough more. I'll add clickable annotations to every video that will lead right to the levels so it's even easier to find the level you want :)

edit: DONE! Whoah, it took way longer than I expected.
Fireinthelol Mar 17, 2013 @ 3:07am 
this is an excellent guide that is easily accessible in-game. thank you so much!