ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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CentricLegends ARK Mod Collection
These are the mods used on the ARK PvE Cluster w/ Omega

Battlemetrics Server Status/Players/Rank:

Server #1 - RAGNAROK

Server #2 - MULTIMAP
This server cycles maps on a regular basis, as determined by the admins and/or community vote. Bases are saved between map switches.
Items (23)
Ark Omega
Created by HexenLord
MOD ID: 2447186973

"The MMO of ARK"
More content than ANY other mod.
More dinos, more things to do. More progression. More of everything.

Ascension4All **Remake**
Created by Osedax
Remake of my old mod. It now uses Consumable items instead. The items cost the same as it does to get into the Tek Cave for that difficulty.


MOD ID: 1156018523
Auto Engrams!
Created by Chris

Automatically unlocks Engrams as you level up. Nothing to learn or do. Just Works!

- No screen spam
- Ignores points requirements
- Unlocks regardless of DLC restrictions
- Works with mods added before and after installing
- Does not unlock En...
Awesome SpyGlass!
Created by Chris

Like a regular SpyGlass, except Awesomer!

Works on...
- Dinos
- Players
- Structures
- Eggs
- Loot
- Supply Drops
- And more

- Shows a bunch of relevant information for the current target (see pics)
- Has lots of player customi...
Awesome Teleporters!
Created by Chris

This mod adds 3 new items to the game.


- Place these around the map and Teleport between them (after a short delay) by bringing up the Teleport UI (E).
- Only friendly Teleporters or ones that have been set to "Pub...
Best Eggs!
Created by Kozenomenon
MOD ID: 1931415003

UPDATE - 6/25/2021
  • Fix for Gen2 breaking dino scans
  • Gestater Egg titles fixed (retroactive)
  • Egg Gender is now
Crazy's Crazy Potions
Created by CrazyDemonicWolf
Mod ID = 1793080683

[img] [/img]


Plus Much Much More! So much to help you through the struggles of ARK!
Creature Finder Deluxe
Created by Grebog
Creature Finder Deluxe
If you run a single player game, read carefully the mod description!
All comments about "not finding any creature" will be deleted.

Easily find your lost pets or find a high level tameable
Death Inventory Keeper
Created by joyr
Keep your items when you die: Automatically recover your items and folders when you respawn after death.

Survivor default items are not kept, they are left in the death bag (to avoid cluttering your inventory with duplicates of them).

Fully stackab...
Dino Storage v2
Created by Lethal
MOD ID: 1609138312⠀⠀⠀[img][/img]
  • This mod is clean and stackable. It has no list priority whatsoever
  • No game content is remapped or altered. I only add 5 of my own items to the game
  • This mod should a
Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source
Created by Don Camillo

Sponsored by:
You search a serverhost with the freedom of a dedicated server without the hassle to manage everything yourself? GameServerApp offers you the best of two worlds. For more informations cl...
FrogMacs Kibble Station
Created by prome
Mod ID: 1764189171
This mod is no longer being worked upon, it's abandoned and will no longer receive updates nor support of any kind from me. Source files[] is available if you want to m...
HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V316 [Open Source]
Created by [HG]Hulk
Stacking mod increases +5.000 (Ammo and Kibble +500) and -90% weight reduction
Items stack properly when you destroy structures.
Slingshot, fishing rod and Jerky wor...
Items+ Companion
Created by Lethal
Items+ Companion...
Lethals Reusables
Created by Lethal
MOD ID: 1967741708
  • This mod is clean and stackable. It has no list priority whatsoever
  • No game content is remapped or altered. I only add 36 of my own items to the game
  • Engram level requ
MX-E Ark Shop UI
Created by MyrcX シ
MOD ID: 2693727499
Clean & Stackable

MX-E Ark Shop UI
This mod implements an easy to use interface for the most popular and free sh...
Meat Spoiler
Created by YMD
This meat spoiler will spoil all your meat quickly over time. Yucks!
Clean and stackable with other mods.

Put all your meat inside, switch on, and they will turn into spoiled meat over time. Small and simple.
No Stacking problems. Also comes with a ca...
RR-Floating Platforms
Created by ɳαɳҽყα


Platforms that can be placed everywhere in the World and build your new Home on it!


Mod works with all Ark DLC´s.

Ragnarok Plus [Discontinued]
Created by Tesseract
MOD ID: 2007020947
Ragnarok Plus adds DLC content to Ragnarok map, Discontinued but still works


* Custom Aberration cave biome
* Aberration Resources (Green/Blue/Red Gems, Fungal Wood, Metals, Element Ore, Mush...
Simple Spawners
Created by darklore
Mod Id: 1295978823
Mod is clean and stackable.

Spawn creatures, harvestable resources, loot crates, or nests anywhere!
Make your own biomes! Customize ANY map however you want to!

This mod:
- Adds creature spawners that spa...
Structures Plus (S+)
Created by orionsun
Building Features:

- Continuous structure placement (structures queue without having to press your hotbar)
- Stackable foundations
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations
- Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- Sloped walls can snap to t...
Upgrade Station v1.8i
Created by Ghazlawl
Mod ID: 821530042

Allows you to upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, tools, and saddles from primitive all the way to ascendant. Even works with items from other mods! Can also salvage items for resources.

This mod doesn't change any core...
Zytharian Critters
Created by Zythara

Zytharian Critters is a collection of creatures balanced around Vanilla Stats and gameplay.

Support with Patreon[]
Support with p[]...