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Rideable Otter Mod
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Sep 8, 2017 @ 1:24pm
Sep 8, 2017 @ 3:07pm
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Rideable Otter Mod

Added a rideable Otter to the game.

Mod ID: 1130811411

  • Added an rideable King Otter
  • Added an invisible King Otter Saddle, engram learned at lvl 10 for 10 points, crafted in inventory, requires 290 Hide, 180 Fiber and 40 Silica Pearls
  • Naturally spawns on The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok
  • Gives an insulation buff when riding
  • Tamed like a normal Otter
  • Breeding possible
  • Right click attack triggers show pearl animation in water
  • Balanced stats, no OP dino!

Planned Features:
  • King Otter being followed by vanilla Otters similar to Basilo + Manta & Ichty

Spawn Command:
admincheat spawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/1130811411/King_Otter/King_Otter_Character_BP.King_Otter_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120

Spawn Command King Otter Saddle:
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/1130811411/King_Otter/PrimalItemArmor_King_OtterSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_King_OtterSaddle''" 1 0 0

Clean and stackable!

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Rutabaga da koala Aug 23 @ 10:03pm 
so cute!
benai Mar 24 @ 5:42am 
Also the swimming is kinda "broken". You cant dive easily on the King Otter you need to swim circles to get on the ground. Needs to be fixed also with the stat problems.
benai Mar 24 @ 5:39am 
The Mod doesnt seem to be correct. After the restart it will reset the King Otter life to nearly death (also the baby king otters will be set to a king otter stat after restarting before it it will have normal otter stats). So it will lose one time after taiming or fully growing all life and after that its ok.

Without an update to this behavior the creature will only correctly work after a restart of the server ot the singleplayer modus
lfeworthliving Mar 4 @ 5:15pm 
We just installed the mod on our servers. On rag was the first server to tame them an we have 2 there. Over the day both nearly died of low health. Both had food so it was not that. Anyone help?
Kekvit Irae Jan 31 @ 2:57pm 
Any news on an update? Baby king otters have the stats of regular otters, which means bred king otters are absolutely, completely worthless.
eastern executioner Jan 18 @ 2:27pm 
any word on a bundle of all your mods?
meaka183 Jan 11 @ 2:55pm 
hey, can you make a rideable onycs? please its a forgotten flyer...
electro599 Dec 18, 2017 @ 12:04am 
whats saddle for i can ride it without?
Problematiq Nov 29, 2017 @ 6:55pm 
you misspelled Awwwwter. :)
Amarant Nov 29, 2017 @ 8:57am 
Well, I love the mod but I have a problem and that is that my otter loses his life to death and has the food to the fullest and fish inside, the map in which game is ragnarok. Could you tell me why he dies? .Thanks in advance