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[WOTC] Original High Hit Dodge Behaviour
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Sep 8, 2017 @ 1:42am
Jan 25, 2018 @ 6:15am
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[WOTC] Original High Hit Dodge Behaviour

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Mr. Nice's Workshop - War of the Chosen
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This is the War of the Chosen version of this mod. The non-WotC version is here:

[Non-WOTC] Original High Hit Dodge Behaviour

This mod restores the original game behaviour, whereby having a hit over 100 gradually eliminated dodge. A patch back in spring 2016 made a "balance change" where if hit is 100 or more, then dodge/graze is eliminated. This creates a step change between 99 hit and 100 hit.

This Mod was originally known as "Stop Excess Hit eating into Criticals", and implemented the bug fix in the patch which stopped having a hit over 100 reducing critical chance (once it was high enough to elminate graze hits if neccessary). However while my mod left the interaction with grazing unchanged, the patch as already mentioned instead immediately eliminated grazing at 100 hit, harsh! So the mod lives on with a more suitable name.

This mod overrides the following classes:
  • X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardAim
  • X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardMelee
Other mods which also change how hits are rolled or results calculated will probably clash, not least because they are probably overriding X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardAim if nothing else.

Other Mods by me
  • WOTC Compatible (non-WOTC versions also exist if appropriate)
    • Cinematic Rapid Fire, which gives Rapid Fire and Chain Shot their cinematic camera back which was removed in the patch ages ago. Also gives the Reaper Banish ability the same improved look.
    • Variant Power Armour Arms, which unlocks some variant Wraith and Warden armour arms parts which were hidden by Firaxis.
    • Less Overwatch Lock Ups!, which attempts to fix the visualization lockups during complex Overwatch/Reaction fire situations.
    • Better Armory Item Stats, which tweaks the stats display of weapons, utility items and upgrades in the Armoury, including displaying Critical Damage, Armor Pierce and Shred for all appropriate weapons.
    • Peter's Grenades (and other TLP Fixes), which fixes some loadout, ability progression and UI issues with Legacy Operations.
    • Better Demolishing!, which gives range, weapon and upgrade based aim buffs to the 'Demolition' ability.
    • Better Grappling!, fixes issues with Grappling targeting in certain world geometry.
    • Shaken Scars are Back! The name says it all, but to those who weren't around for the first couple of months of XCom2, a feature was bugged out in a patch and never fixed, which randomly scarred shaken soldiers. This now means some, but not all, gravely wounded soldiers, not the "new" WotC shaken fatigue status.
    • Trainable Sparks (and other Buffs) WotC was one step forward, two steps back for SPARKs. As well as allowing training, also gives them access to breakthroughs for their weapons, an ammo pocket (ammunition only utility slot), and some hack progression.
    • Train from Armoury allows normal soldiers to jump straight to training from the armoury, just as faction soldiers can. The Training Center is still required to be built first of course!
    • Ability Interaction Fixes, which fixes up "Death from Above" and "Serial" not proccing from second shot kills of "Chain Fire"/"Rapid Fire" and some other ability interaction issues.
    • In conjuction wtih sebkulu,WOTC - Extended Information!, an enhanced, rewritten version of Perfect Information. Includes full list of enemy abilities as well as a stat list, as well as the classic features of the "shot bar" and stats in flyovers.
  • Non-WOTC Only

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Guy Oct 16, 2018 @ 7:38am 
@Mr. Nice
Thanks for the clarification! And, again, for the mods :)
Mr. Nice  [author] Oct 16, 2018 @ 5:18am 
@Guy: Ah some love for my very first mod... Yes Extended Information's shot bar does accuratly show the difference, one of the advantages of being involved with both mods! It's a bit technical, but the Extended Information "Shot Bar" assumes that the "shot breakdown" will be used as per the usual game mechanics, but doesn't care about how it was constructed. This mod adjusts how the "shot breakdown" is derived. Compare "EU Aim Rolls", which changes how the shot breakdown is actually used, hence the "Shot Bar" in accurate for it.
Guy Oct 16, 2018 @ 5:14am 
Is it properly compatible with Extended Information i.e. will the Shot Bar or whatever it's called properly represent what's happening with this mod enabled?
Mr. Nice  [author] May 7, 2018 @ 6:03am 
(cont.) Crucially, the majority of abilities which have a HitCalc using X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardAim, use the property SimpleStandardAim, which is defined in the DefaultProperties block of X2Ability.
Which is ultimately, why you have to do a loop to fixup ability templates. Well, that would appear to be the neatest method anyway, if you check the change notes, you'll see I used to use a fixed list of abilities to fixup. Notice how I check the class property, not using IsA() or cast/none check, since I don't want to change abilities which use X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardAim itself, not a derived class.
Mr. Nice  [author] May 7, 2018 @ 6:01am 
@neoe: You may notice that this mod (non-WotC version) was first released even before the very first patch (when it was more purely a bugfix for crit/hit interaction, it's just that Firaxis took a different approach to fixing the bug, which drastically changed dodge behaviour), even before OnPostTemplates() even existed!
So although there may now before more comprehensive guides out there now about how Overrides work, and therefore their limitations, I was there there for what you might call the "first wave" of mods when we just had to find out by trial and error!
Anway, briefly, Overrides can only change class references which are resolved at run time, not class references resoved at compile time. In practice, this means anywhere you see something like class'X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardAim' in code, and crucially nothing In DefaultProperties block, since that is not "code" in the sense of code that runs, and is fully resolved during compilation.
[n]eoe May 6, 2018 @ 10:09pm 
Hi, Mr Nice. I'm also making a mod (you can found in my profile, named 'Lucky Hit'). I override X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardAim but not work, it seems not get overrided, since I failed to enable debug log files I cannot see what actually happened. Until add things like your OnPostTemplates(), it works. Can I ask where did you find such overriding approaches, any reference URLs? Thank you.
Mr. Nice  [author] Feb 3, 2018 @ 7:50pm 
This mod isn't "fresh out", it dates back to Feb '16 taking into account the non-WotC version!. In fact, if you read the descriptin, this mod was originally a pure "bugfix" mod. "EU Aim Rolls" is fundamentally different, but of course in compatible. Taking the current game as a base line, this mod just stops graze results being wiped out at 100% to hit, but has it more gradually become wiped out, as was true in XCom2 as first released. EU Aim rolls, since it seperates out the rolls, hs the most obvious impact of scaling crit% to hit %, but by using seperate rolls, it has rather larger fundamental impacts on interactions between crit % and dodge.
pauloel7 Feb 3, 2018 @ 7:37pm 
Dear Mr. Nice, this mod should be incompatible with [WOTC] EU Aim Rolls, right? As yours is fresh out, you must have included all [WOTC] EU Aim Rolls considerations here, right? Pardon the question, as this is a particular complex mechanic to follow into its intricacies (graze/crit/dodge/tohit)... How different are these mods? I'd be better of with yours, I believe? I'm really asking for your clarification and advice as I start a new campaign. Thank you so much for another awesome mod btw!
Mr. Nice  [author] Jan 28, 2018 @ 5:06pm 
Can't agree sorry, since I did a variant of this mod, which changes the simplestandardaim users in OnPostTemplates(). I even made sure to disable EI first, which doesn't call the .GetHitChance() method of X2AbilityToHitCalc_StandardAim (or its subcasses).
Mr. Nice  [author] Jan 28, 2018 @ 5:04pm 
Can't agree sorry, since I did a variant of this mod, which changes the simplestandardaim users in OnPostTemplates().