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[WotC] I'm the Commander here
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[WotC] I'm the Commander here

Pure frustration over your beginning soldiers getting the worst Trainingcenter ability combinations while some random dude you got as a reward from a Councilmission has all the good ones?

Don't worry no more, as you are the Commander this mod will let you choose any eligable ability for your soldiers to your likings for a little amount of AP of course after you build the Trainingcenter.

Extension Mod
This mod [WotC] I'm the Commander here extension will add more choices for herosoldiers as well as remove some unbalanced ones.
Check the mod-page for more details. (Note: This feature was earlier incorporated into this mod, but I decided to move it to a seperate mod keeping this mods functions cleaner.)

Mod config files

Main-config file for this mod, see the config itself for further explonations on what the settings do.

I included this to enable Sparks having Trainingcenter abilities and remove some abilities which are nonsense from the selection choice like Deep Cover. Also introduced AP to Sparks on promotion.

You can adjust the number of how many TC abilities any soldier gets. Defaultsetting is still 4 and setting it 7 or above will break this mod and your game.


Gamepad support
  • to "click" the respec button he must be visible and then you open the console and type: ClickRespecButtonByConsole
  • DPAD: UP+DOWN will let you cycle through the left side choosing the ability you wanna respec (purple/psionic colored)
  • DPAD: LEFT+RIGHT OR R1+R2 will let you cycle through the middlescreen choosing the new ability (yellow colored)
  • A for XBOX OR X for PS4 Controller will accept the choice, B or O will close the screen
  • No Scrolling support for Gamepad as of now.

Same Mod for other iterations of the game

  • Everything works midcampagin.
  • if you find yourself only being able to respec the first ability plz read what I wrote under gamepad support as it describes how this mod works
  • See the change notes for what is new and has changed.

Before making a comment about a "bug" or a "feature" not working ask yourself:
  • Did I read the description of this mod?
  • Did I look at the pictures of this mod?
  • Has my question recently been answered in the comment section?
  • If you make a comment about a bug be as detailed as you can. Sentences like "it's not working" won't enable me to solve any problem.
  • If you need extenisve support feel free to contact me on discord: Clyde#7185

  • Robojumper
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Dare  [author] Nov 14 @ 6:26am 
me neither
Malidictus Nov 14 @ 5:31am 
Field Medic is not cross-class by default. I don't see an issue with making it cross-class, but I haven't actually tried it.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Nov 14 @ 4:42am 
Probably a lame question but, is "Field Medic" a cross class ability? And would it be safe to add it in as an ability option for this mod?
Revenant Nov 13 @ 11:45am 
Ah thanks!
Dare  [author] Nov 12 @ 11:35pm 
you gave him the wrong bladestorm. give templarbladestorm not the one for rangers.
Revenant Nov 12 @ 10:03pm 
So I respeced my templar and gave him bladestorm in place of a pistol ability, and instead of working like it should, he just takes a reaction shot with his pistol at any enemy that moves (which sucks because Templar's aim is shit). Any idea what's going on here and how I can make it so bladestorm works normally?
Malidictus Oct 29 @ 5:09am 
Yeah, I would avoid mixing skills like that, myself :) Your game is unlikely to crash, but it can cause some pretty doofy behaviour. Usually results in skills just plain not working. I'll see about adding an XComClassData.ini to the Extension mod when I have time, though. Give players a bit more control over their own experience, if they want to chance it.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Oct 28 @ 11:47pm 
I guess seeing as these were restrictions on the abilities the Developers imposed themselves I'll just leave 'em be :)
Malidictus Oct 28 @ 6:15pm 
The XComClassData.ini which came with your mod. You can add entries for the other soldier classes in there by inserting the correct header. There already is one for the Grenadier - [Grenadier X2SoldierClassTemplate], with the line below that excluding Shredder for use by Grenadiers.

Also, I just checked - Vanilla Grenadiers are prevented from getting Shadow Step, Specialists are prevented rom getting Shadow Step, Deep Cover and Phantom. Firaxis themselves have listed reasons as to why. Deep Cover conflicts with Ever Vigilant while Phantom conflicts with certain Gremlin skills. Shadow Step and Lightning Reflexes are a design choice - every class has access to one or the other, never both.

It's 4 AM right now, so I'm going to bed. If you're determined to do this anyway, let me know and I'll write up more specific instructions.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Oct 28 @ 4:31pm 
Did you mean the XComClassData.ini that came with this mod? If so here's what's in it...

[Spark X2SoldierClassTemplate]

[Grenadier X2SoldierClassTemplate]

If you meant the one in My Documents, then I do see entries there where the Grenadier excludes Shadows step in favor of Lightning Reflexes and Specialists exclude Phantom and shadowstep as well.